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December 22, 2016


JoAnne B

I love Opal sock yarn. Regia comes in second. I made one pair of socks with each this year. Socks are my comfort projects. Two at a time. I cast on and slip into Zen mode. It's time for me to start a pair.

Brandi Hoesing

I made a pair of socks with Julia Vesper's self striping sock yarn. I LOVE the thickness of the yarn. Makes a cozy & very pretty pair of socks!


I'm almost finished with a pair of socks using Wisdom North Pole in Gingerbread Man for a Christmas KAL. I finished 3 pairs usin ONLine, 2 pairs using Regia and 1 pair each out of Opal and String Theory Colorworks. Yes, I love to knit socks! I love Opal yarns of any weight but haven't been knitting as much this year so I haven't used as much yarn as nornal. I usually use the self-striping/patterning for socks since I seldom knit scarves or hats. My shawls are a bit more subdued than my socks!


I love Tau! I always use self striping yarn for socks. I think they make the best looking socks and the yarn is always fun to knit with.


Yes, I used the Opal Happy with sparkles to make rainbow sock head hats for me and my daughter!


Yes, I have knit socks this year. I enjoy the process. Opal is my go to sock yarn. I tried regia this year, because I loved the Arne and Carlos colorway.

amy g

I love self patterning yarn! My nephew and father each appreciate the socks I make and the self pattern yarn is great for them. I have some that I will try for a shawl, but I can't decide on a pattern!

Annette Poole

I knit a sock head hat this year using Poste yarn

Alecia Helton

It will be hard to choose between 9222 and 9223. I have knit several pairs of self striping socks this year. Currently Must Stash is my favorite.

Joyce McCartney

I have a chevron scarf out of Danxia's Landform on the needles, and have for quite a while. Right now, I'm knitting snowman socks out of Abi Grasso picture yarn and am LOVING them (


I haven't knitted anything with self- striping yarn in a while. Other projects got in the way. Of Opal's new collection, I love the 9220 color combo!

Melissa Loback

I have never tried a self pattern Yarn but would love to. I love the colorway Tau! It looks like summer!


I knit a Sockhead hat from Poste Jollyville for my daughter. She is the recipient of most of the self-striping yarn I buy.

My favorite of the new Opal collection is Winterschlaf.


I did not knit a self striping yarn this year, but if I had to stripe from this selection I would choose Schneegestober. Love the color combination and it looks so soft!


Oh yes - 12 pair of socks from self patterning yarn. I like all the Regia and Opal patterns the best. Have tried about five brands. Also made hats from left over yarn, a shawlette, and a zick zack scarf.

Rhonda Atkinson

I have not knitted with self-patterning yarns this year. I have done self-stripping as my daughters get to select what they want and they like the stripes. But if I had the chance I think I'd like to knit socks out of Opal Frost 9224 which would be outside my box as I don't like orange but this looks soft and pretty.

Deborah D Jones

I've made two pairs of socks this year; one pair with Opal and one with Regia. Love how they knit up and how well they wear, year after year (with a little TLC!).

Tabitha Burks

I don not recall having made any sort of project out of self-striping yarn this year, but I think I might have done so in the years past. I would choose to knit a project out of the color Frost of Opal Yarn's new light-worsted weight Frost collection.


I've used self-striping yarn in the past, but nothing this year.


I used self-striping yarn this year but I made socks!


I use a lot of self-striping yarn, mostly for socks. My 2 favorites are Opal and Poste. Both are such fun striping colors and both are soft and durable. The Poste socks are my all-time favorite to wear--they get cozier with every wash. I am also in love with the new Poste striping worsted for hats!


I love self striping yarn! The muggles think you worked so hard on their gifts when really the yarn does most of the work. I've knit socks of course, but also hats, mittens and a couple of baby sweaters with self striping yarn.


I used one ball of self striping sock yarn for a pair of socks and another for a baby sweater. Love it! and it makes you want to keep knitting to reach the next stripe doesn't it? I've never used self striping light worsted weight yarn but that 9222 color looks beautiful.

Tricia F

I haven't used self-striping this year, but have in the past.


I have made several pair of self patterning socks this year. My favorite are grey and cream and because they are so neutral I get to wear them a lot! I have made baby sweaters, mittens and hats from self patterning yarn before but not this past year. I really like 9223 from the newest Opal collection!


I love to knit socks. I looked through my rav projects, and I was shocked to see I only knit 1 pair of Opal socks! Usually I knit a few pairs a year; I better knit more in 2017. I love that frost color 9222!

Rose Birchall

I love self patterning/striping yarn. I have only used it for socks. Tau calls to me.


Self-patterning yarns are one of my favorites, and socks are always the project. Opal makes wonderful yarn--pretty, easy care and durable!

Barbara Rude

9220 is my favorite but I have not knit with any Opal yarns before, not sure what I would knit, I don't knit socks but socks maybe my learn to knit for 2017.

Diana Lichvarik

I always seem to use stripping yarn for fingerless mitts, but would love to knit a pair of sox with Eiskristalle.


I have but not with socks with a shawl and a scarf.

Abby M

I knit a couple pairs of socks from TurtlePurl Yarns and KnitCircus for myself. My dad got a pair in Austermann Step too. I made a Cute little dress for my daughter in Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme, it looks like summer. Love it when the yarn does the work for me :)


Have made 5 pairs of self-striping vanilla socks this year - plus one on the needles. Opal, Regia, Trekking, Online, they're all in my stash! That Tau is an amazing combo!


I haven't made any self striping socks this year, but would choose the Frost color. I love blues!

Julie V

Thinking back, I haven't used and patterning or striping yarn! That needs to change soon in 2017.

yolanda v

I have not knit self-patterning or self-striping yarn this year. I'm multi fiber and have crocheted to my hearts content this year and I have a cowl and a shawl to finish knitting. In addition to being a beginner spinner! Also will be crocheting a King Blanket for my daughter who gets married next spring. So...yay UFO's! No guilt here either! I do like colors 9220 and 9223 in this lovely Opal.

Robin Jamerson

Yes I knit several striping socks. Keep in mind I used my stash most of the year. My two favs were Yarntini and Poste Yarn. Socks are my favorite thing to knit so I didn't do any hats or mittens.


I haven't knitted any self stripping or self patterning yarn this year! Maybe it is time to do it!


Yes, I have done mitts and legwarmers in self striping, and socks in self patterning, which I matched perfectly. My Mom doubted that I could.


YES! Love Opal. They are my toughest wearing socks and I adore them!


I knit socks from both self-patterning and self-striping yarn this year but it's hard to pick a favorite. In this collection I would pick the Eiskristalle. Do love knitting with 8-ply yarn.


Oh! I love 9225 colourway. I mostly knit my socks with self striping, they're my faves!


I knit a pair of socks with Fluoromania I bought from you on sale.

Linda Cram

Haven't knitted with self striping yarn yet, but would choose colorway 9222 in Opal yarn.


I tried to use Kaffe Fasset colorway of Schachenmayr Regia for a top-down crescent garter shawl and disliked it intensely. But as a Sockhead, it is fabulous! I paired one of your Poste fingering stripes with one of your Poste solids for a charming Cloud of Bats cowl. And I'm working another self-striping yarn from one of your clubs with another of your solids to make an Aftermath cowl.

Carolyn Frank

I knit Opal Harry Potter for my son who loves to the socks, and I ended getting them, he did not like them....Lucky ME!!!

Kelly H

I knit my very first self striping sock this year and now I'm totally hooked!

Andrea Duran

I haven't knit with self striping yarn this year, but my last completed project in 2015 (finished between Christmas and New Year's Day) was a pair of socks. Love Opal sock yarn, I have used it a number of times. 9222 is my favourite.

Katherine S.

I made a pair of socks using Reggia in an Arne and Carlos self-striping yarn. Love the way things come together using self-striping yarn. My favorite from this Opal collection is Eiskristalle.


I knit some biscotti and cie in their "ladybug" colorway. Made some socks that I love.


I have and gave them as a Christmas present.


I knit socks all the time using self striping yarns. Occasionally I make a matching hat. Right now I have trenchcoat and island of misfit toys on needles.

Louellen Lawson

I have not knit striped socks this year, but the Opal yarn is super cute. I favor, 9223, out of these options.


I haven't knit anything self striping this year, but the Stille is speaking to me...


Yes, at least 3 pairs of self striping socks this year!


Indeed I did use self-striping yarn, Zwerger Garn Opal, to knit a Comfort Vest for my grandson. I used BMFA and Lorna's Laces for mitts and hats for my little grandsons. I also made some ordinary socks with self-striping yarn; I have some on the needles as we speak. Socks are still an intriguing knit, and sock yarn is versatile.

Raquel moncada

I knitted a pair a Regia Pairfect Socks and a pair of self stripping Christmas yarn (don't remember the name) and a pair of Opal rainforest in Helga der detektive!


I have not tried self striping yet I am a little intimidated by it but it is one of my goals for 2017 to try it. I have used self patterning Berroco and Wisdom for socks, but just added to my stash some Opal Talisman and Opal Rainforest that I am anxious to get cast on.

Susan Paine

I only have 1 self striping in my Stash from Must Stash yarns. Love it but haven't CO yet. Maybe Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

Joyce Correia

I made about four scarves this year using self-striping yarn. It's fun to see how they turn out. Always a surprise.

Jennifer Haydon

I've never used self striping or patterning yarn before! I love Frost 😍


I bought some self striping yarn this year, but have yet to knit with it. I love the 9223 colourway!

Sandy C

Opal is one of my go to yarns. If all of your socks are for gifts you have to make sure they can be machine washed and dried. Self striping is the best you never have to look down.


Yes I love self striping yarn for both socks as well as cowls, love Regia and opal yarn.


I bought some self striping yarn this year, but have yet to knit with it. I love the 9223 colourway!

Lisa Cattermole

I love 9223! I've knitted a Hitchhiker shawl with Cascade Heritage which is outside of the sock box and ive also used Prism yarns for socks. Prism is from the UK. I've also used Opal and Regia. Love all types of sock wool😀

Barbara Russo

I've knit lots of self stripe Poste yarn socks this year. Most of the yarn has been from your Holiday kits ! I've also knit a few pair of mitts and one Sockhead hat.

Beth L

I have done so little knitting this year it is sad. I have a few skeins of self-striping in the lineup, though. Probably for socks...

Self-striping sock yarn is what drew me back into knitting :)


I love the Tau colorway! I just finished knitting a first sock out of the opal self striping from the ad vent calendar! I've been reteaching myself to knit over the last year I haven't knitted in 10+ years!

Laverne Loehr

I have knit a hat and socks with Opal self striping yarn. I have several skeins begging to be cast one!


This year I knit a hat, socks and a scarf with self striping yarn.🎄I love it!

Linda Ladwig

My mom loves socks made with self-patterning yarn. I make her a pair each year. This year's was in ONline Supersocke 100.


I love self striping sock yarn!My favorite this year is gingerbread house from Thecozyknitter!

Liz Vos

I made my first pair of socks that actually fit my feet this year! They were make in KP Felici in the Time Traveler colorway. I'm in love with self-striping yarns right now. Eiskristalle would love to come live with me.


I'm addicted to buying and knitting self-striping yarn though I do buy more than I knit. :-) Opal is my favorite. I love the colors, and it is so hard-wearing. This year I've knit a warm double-layer hat and socks out of Opal. I like all of the colors in this new collection but if I had to pick just one, I'd probably go with Schneesgestober for a pair of mittens or fingerless gloves.


I'm working on a pair using Into the Whirled love their colors and it's so fun to see the swirls appear.


Yes and yes! I knitted two pairs of socks with Arne & Carlos specially designed Norwegian inspired yarn, and one pair with CaterpillarGreen yarn, and also one pair with KnitCircus yarn. Four pair of self-striping yarn in all. Opal Uni is my go to yarn and I always have it around.


Yes, I have knit some Arne and Carlos socks which I love!! ❤️❤️

Linda L

I love self striping/patterning yarn, I typically knit socks with it. Oddly enough, this year I did not knit any socks with self striping/patterning yarn this year


I have knit two pairs of socks with self-striping yarn. I've never tried Opal yarn but would love to. I would make more socks!

shoshana silberstein

I love self striping for quick hats and i often use it for gloves as well along with a solid, so the hand is striped but the fingers are solid, or the other way around. Makes it more interesting Thanks Shoshana

Antoinette Overton

I knit one pair of self striping socks this year and I really like them and hope to knit more next year! My favorite from the new collection is eiskristalle.


I bought the Opal 8 ply when it was in the sale section and knit Christmas socks for everyone in the family. My favorite in this new batch is Tau. Love bright colors!


I haven't knit anything with self-striping yarn this year, but several years ago I made my oldest grandson a sweater with Opal yarn and it got handed down to his brother and cousin. It was a success! I love color 9220.


I made a few self-striping projects this year, including a hat and a scarf, I did also start a pair of socks earlier this year from Expression Fiber Arts.

Sandra Sprouse

I haven't used any self-striping yarn this year, but I want to next year!!

chellis evers

Love self-striping yarn...Just can't do I find random other things to do with it. Shawls, gloves, hats...It is awesome to see how it works up!


I have knit a lot of selfstriping socks. Socks is my passion, love knitting and buying sock yarn. I have made 2 blankets with all left over sock yarn. Favorite color will have to be frost 9221. Love them all


I love Turtle Purl and Poste self-striping.


Didn't get around to using any self-striping yarn this year :/ I adore color 9220!


Love the Opal 9220. It seems like I only knit with self-striping yarn and I have made socks and scarves. I don't have a favorite except for Noro when I make entrelac scarves.


Yes , I am fascinated by self-patterning yarns. I tried to knit Smooth Operator socks with Arne & Carlos.... too much planning required, so I switched to Autopilot Sock, my old stand-by! With the 40g left, I'm knitting tge dodecahedron star..... too fun!


Stille seems to be the perfect color for grey winter days

Nancy Griswold

I have knitted four pairs of self-striping socks in 2016. I used Opal Klangwelten for all of them. The first three pairs were made with the Popmusik colorway, which looks very Christmassy in red and green. I bought two skeins of that colorway, and managed to get three pairs of socks out of them by using a solid green for the cuffs, heels, and toes. They made great Christmas socks for people in my family.

The fourth pair of self-striping socks were in Klangwelten Rochnacht. I made some basic ribbed socks with contrasting heels and toes for my daughter's boyfriend with size 14 feet! Using the contrasting colors helped extend the yarn so I could make such big socks.

I would love to try the new Opal Frost collection in the light worsted weight, especially the "Frost" colorway. Those would be some great winter socks!

Susan G

I love self striping yarn and Opal is my favorite yarn

Theresa Devereaux

My Mother purchased as a gift for me Self-Striping Sock Yarn from Nomadicyarns via Etsy. I started knitting a pair of Baby Socks still on the needles. There will be enough Yarn leftover I can knit a pair for me.

Lisa Smith

I can't resist self striping yarns! I made a plain ribbed sock from Biscotte and Cie and I made a pair of Arne and Carlos sock yarn socks for my husband for Christmas.


I love CaterpillarGreens self-striping shawl yarn. I'm coming down to the finish line on my second self-striping shawl. :)

Sarah (3Trees on Rav)

I love Opal and Regia. This year I also knit a few idie self-striping yarns, especially Biscotte and Cie (purchased at SSYC) & Desert Vista Dyeworks.


I love self striping sock yarn. I made three or four pairs this year. I think all were the simple skyp socks pattern. I really like the Eiskristalle 9222 opal color way.

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