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November 08, 2016



I put in a vote for a good old Clapotis. I've knit it in both fingering and worsted weight, and it's great both ways. There's a reason why there are over 22K of them on Ravelry.


I recently made Lisa's 'The Colourist' shawl with two skeins of Rios. That might make an FO a little smaller than you need/want, but you could easily continue with a third skein to make it larger. It's a fantastic pattern for Malabrigo's variegated colorways.

I'm in California, and I'm wondering if my Colourist shawl will be too warm for the climate!


So pretty! I think I might try this, maybe in autumn colors.


I made the Campside shawl by Alicia Plummer in worsted weight yarn. It's an easy pattern that you can make in one color or several... and it stays on your shoulders when you wear it. I use mine almost every evening.


I hate futzing with shawls and am contemplating knitting a mini poncho as it will stay on my shoulders and free my hands. Just an idea!


I've been thinking about making a heavier shawl too. I like this one a lot. Or as Bonnie suggested a Clapotis. I knit one in Silk Garden & like it BUT I get a rash on my neck from it. I've had problems with dark dyes before on socks but it's gone away after a few washings (which is what makes me think it's the dye). Other than the rash, I really like the Clapotis because you can spread it out like a small throw if needed or scrunch it up so its more like a scarf. And after a few repeats it's almost mindless knitting - definitely good tv knitting. I've also thought I'd like a shawl like the one Emma on Lark Rise to Candleford wears sometimes - a slightly curved garter stitch shawl with very long tails you cross, wrap around & tie in back.


I wear my Color Affection all the time when I read in bed. But a Reyna or Light and Up work well too.

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