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November 30, 2016


Pam Hunter

I wish I were rich; I would order them all!!!


I love the new color-ways & the springiness of their yarn. But I wish they'd come out with a true fingering weight yarn. I have narrow feet & have trouble coming up with a correct number of stitches for my feet. Plus I just like the feel of thinner socks. I may still get a couple of skeins anyway.


Donna, I hear you! I haven't knit socks out of STR LT myself yet for similar reasons- I know my "recipe" and I'd have to adjust it a little bit for the slightly heavier weight. Kind of out of laziness, but also I just like it for hats and other accessories so I just haven't adjusted my own sock pattern yet to accommodate the thicker weight.
Also, I have wide feet and have a hard enough time fitting them into shoes with hand knit socks. I think this may be worth addressing in a blog post!


I remember subscribing to you all years ago and just couldn't imagine every using fingering yarn or making socks. But now I always have socks on the needles and am glad to see this post. I've been looking for some really great christmas-y yarn and you all are the perfect resource!

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