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October 26, 2016


Geraldine Scott

Juliet Baroque! Love those jewel tones...

Bonnie Wright

All of the colors are wonderful, but I like the early crocus the best.

Allise Vicens

Supernova! Love the speckles, solid, and contrasting colors. But they are all gorgeous!


Final Frontier! I love the color combo, and the name is perfect 😄


Supernova reminds me of the night sky and the cooler temperatures we are having right now in NYC.


Unicorn Poop!!!! Such a fun color but I'd HAVE to have it for it's name alone!

Alecia Helton

Early Crocus is unbelievably gorgeous.


The Early Crocus is gorgeous. It just screams spring!!

Kierstin Losee

Love the supernova color! I love the colors she chose and love how it has solids and speckles. Perfect combination!

Valerie Arthur

all the skeins are lovely! I am drawn to the two in the middle (supernova) I love the gray/teal combination. would make and lovely shawl or cowl.


They're all beautiful but I'm feeling Shiny Penny due to the season!


I love the Supernova for its combination of solids and speckles and the pops of bright in the darker tones.


Love the Juliet Fable!! But they're all so pretty!!!

Nancy Kuelbs

I have admired Yarn Loves yarn and would love to join in for your giveaway. Supernova is a beautiful combination of colours! Thank you for this generous opportunity


Plum perfect is gorgeous....the perfect blend of beautiful rich colors!!!


Sunny skies, because it is so grey here...and FROG PRINCE!


I'll show off my geek - Final Frontier.

Thanks for the contest!

Joani Feiner

Early crocus evokes tropical scents, lovely sunsets, and passion. Love it!!

Tiffany P.

Love love sunny skies. It is so like spring which I will be wishing for while knitting the winter away.


They are all beautiful, but I love the Moonrise Beach.

Sarah Oster

My favorite is Supernova! I love it's mix of earthiness and color. It's totally far out. 😉

Dari Trout

I would have to go with Final Frontier, such color play! Too fun!


Very hard to choose just one, but I like the Shiny Penny color!


I was just caking up my Yar Love in Jane Austen

Nailya Plaskey

I love Supernova most, my kids are all about space right now :).

Leijette Riopel

Supernova is my favorite - beautiful!


Juliet Fling is so bright and happy! Perfect for the gray winter days to come.


Sparkle Tinkerbell is AMAZING!!!!


I'm going with Supernova!


Annette N.

I love the Supernova - blue, grey and a splash of speckles. Just beautiful!

Annette Poole

They are all beautiful but how can you resist a yarn called Unicorn Poop?


I love the supernova, blues and greys are totally in my wheelhouse! But honestly I've loved all the peeks I've seen!

Angie W.

Pick just one?? But...but...they're all so pretty!! Final Frontier sticks out the most to me! Love it!!

Adele D

Dark Kale (although it doesn't look like any kale I've ever seen!)


Supernova stood out to me instantly because I'm a denim wearing blue jeans type of girl and this colorway is gorgeous!


Dark Kale, it's simply gorgeous.

Janeen Manatt

Baroque is my favorite because it has my favorite colors.

Carol T

Early crocus is my favorite, such beautiful colors.

cynthia parker

All my favorite colors are in Sunny Skies and it makes me think of spring and warmer weather.


I totally want a skein of Vineyard Mist!!!

Trish Szarko

I LOVE supernova - the blue and gray are so subtle and rich, with those little pops of color! Would make such a fun shawl or socks!


Velvet Midnight, because it's quiet.


You mean one favorite per row, right? Honestly, I really like them all. If I must choose only one, Sunny Skies is calling to me on this cloudy rainy day.

Marilyn Hutchebs

Supernova is an awesome color. It reminds me of closet. Dark, winter colors have always been my favorite and this time of year reflects that in my wardrobe. Gorgeous, classy yarn!


Moonrise Beach. I love the name, and it looks like it would be perfect for a pair of socks to go with blue jeans.

Anne Marie

Velvet midnight would make a great pair of socks for my hubby!

Sheila Richardson

Love the Plum Perfect and Fling...checked your shop yesterday and didn't see them in a non-glitter skein...would love to order two of each in fingering if you've got them....and, no matter, thanks for he introduction to this brillant dyer.

Shirl Kennedy

Sparkle 50 Shades of Yay makes my heart sing.


Lots of great ones to choose from, but I think I like Supernova the best. The others one I liked I feel like I already have similar colors from other dyers, but Supernova strikes as both unique and very versatile.

Terry McCurdy

Love the supernova. I like that there are neutral colours with that lovely deep teal accenting them!


Frog Prince, because try as I might I always go green.

Anne Cloward

Early Crocus a scarf made of this would chase away the winter blues.


I think Supernova is my favorite, but Into the Deep is a close second.

Kay Rothman

beautiful color combos!

Vickie Litterell

Those colors are gorgeous!

Deanna Haas

Gorgeous colors! Great giveaway!

Tracy Slattery

Unicorn poop is AWESOME!!!

Elizabeth Kroll

Supernova definitely!! Love the contrasting colors.


So hard to choose but I have to go with Art Deco. I'm a sucker for a deep teal.

Stephanie Risotto

Juliet Early Crocus :) So pretty!


Early Crocus is my favourite - it totally captures the first hints of fresh colour after a long, dreary winter.


Wow! Such gorgeous colors. I think my favorite is "Sunny Skies"... it reminds me of the sun shining on the ocean.


I really like the Supernova above (perhaps even more than my old fav or Frog Prince) because it feels kind of toasty and winter stormy.


Fable - girly, speckle-y goodness. Would make great socks, a pretty shawl or sockhead hat!

Stella Thompson

I really love the crocus the best because I love the sunny bright colors. They make happy socks.

Kate s.

So hard to choose one! I think Fling - such a nice saturated rainbow color way

Doreen Righter

Early Crocus - perfect for after the holidays and getting through those grey days of winter


Final Frontier is incredible!!


Paper flowers for sure magenta and/or purple and lime green are one of my favorite combinations.


Sunny Skies! Love the bright blues and yellows.

MIchelle Johnson

Juliet Gala jumps out at me..feels happy and would definitely grab attention


You are right, it's impossible to choose just one! But being forced into a decision, Dark Kale would be it. Her colors are amazing.


I love the Juliet Fairy Tale the best. All my favorite colors in one, brown pink and yellow.


You are right. It is hard to choose. I love Cranberry because of the beautiful color and the subtle color variation. Have a great day!


Into the Deep. Love that blue!

Joanie Pendy

Of course, Paper Flowes, my favorite colors.

Paddy C

Love the Supernova. The colors remind me of the dark winter nights.


It HAS to be the Unicorn Poop 💩! Every time I look at it I see the Squatty Potty commercial . Now I just have to order it and decide who to give the socks to at Christmas ! ( or maybe, just maybe, I will keep them for myself, which would be a first EVER ) Thank you for the great contest, fingers crossed ! 😊

Joyce Morrow

I really was immediately drawn to the Early Crocus. It would be a truly EARLY crocus if one saw it now. Can it be I am already yearning for spring?

Kelly Mueller

I love the Supernova. The colors remind me of fall, and mom and I have blue eyes, so I think the blue would really look pretty! I would love to knit this in a cowl, either stockinet te or garter- keeping it a simple stitch to showcase the beautiful colors of the yarn. Love this!

JoEllen LaPrade

I love Marie Antoinette--love the sparkles!

Jennifer Peterson

Dark Kale, because PINK!!! This color always grabs my attention when I see it posted on IG. I LOVE PINK!!!


Supernovasupernovasupernova ! It goes with all my clothes .I would love it.

Jody Huey

I love Paper Flowers because it evokes images of lush gardens, warm weather and sunshine; in other words, Summer!

Jane Hepfner

I love color in all my socks. The more different the color is the better. Just watching knit up and the pattern of the yarn is wonderful to watch.
Supernova is the one...

JoEllen L.

Plum Perfect is the PERFECT Juliet sock colorway. It would look beautiful with whatever you wear!


I like Velvet Midnight because it feels appropriate since we're heading into the dark winter.


Unicorn Poop because the name made me LOL! Plus, it would look good in my Penguono project.


Paper Flowers is my favorite - love its vibrancy.

Pat Birthelmer

Sunny Skies because it makes me smile.


I like way too many. super nova, velvet midnight, moonrise beach and sparkle moonrise beach, into the midnight.....

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

50 Shades of Yay is my absolute favorite. I adore speckles! I didn't read _Fifty Shades of Gray_, I have to admit, but I think that your yarn will be far more orgasmic. ;-)


Shiney Penny is alllllll I need!!!

Karen Gartley

I love Juliet Tinkerbell; it's a unique combination of colors that looks like it would knit up so pretty!


I LOVE the Supernova color and would love to snag a skein of that beauty!!


YL Juliet Fairy Tale is my favorite color but, wow, do I love all the names!!

Kerry Reed

Early Crocus is my favorite! Makes me think of cotton candy!!

Cathy G

Goldilocks Unicorn Poop, because I want to tell everyone I'm knitting with unicorn poop!

Debbie Cameron

I love the 50 Shades Yay Sparkle Tinkerbell. It's so awesome!

Roberta Pascuzzi

I love them all but love Supernova as it reminds me of the skies here in Northern Minnesota!

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