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October 10, 2016



Including the mesh bag is a great idea! Wish I'd thought of it. A sample bottle of Soak would be a nice addition to socks that need a little more TLC.


I'd also include Alchemy's Juniper in the super easy care. I knitted socks for one of my grandsons using the beautiful Alchemy Juniper that I got in a sock club or kit several years ago - probably about 10. My grandson wore them for 2 years until they got do ridiculously small that he finally gave up. He walked all over the house in his stocking feet - including a lot of sliding across the hardwood floors. My daughter washed clothes the same way I do mostly - warm water "regular" wash & medium dry. And she had finally convinced my son in law that laundry isn't finished in les time if you use hot water & the hottest dryer setting. But these socks looked like they had just come off the needles - even after he had put his toes through them. I was surprised that such soft yarn held up so well to kid abuse & negligent washing.


I agree. the addition of a mesh bag is a great idea! Most of my sock knitting has been for me. I do love making and gifting two color shawls, hats especially sock head hat and fingerless mitts. The new Sparkle BFMA has me thinking about a Hitchhiker Beyond or Close To You scarf/shawl.

Not a fan of deadline knitting so if projects get done for holidays and if not they get gifted when done. And anything done before the holidays sometimes is gifted when done because I can't wait:)

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