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October 14, 2016



Fall begins for me when the days start getting shorter, the weather is cooler, and the leaves start to change color. I love being able to wear my hand knit socks without worrying about my feet sweating.


Fall arrives for me when blanket, boots, and hoodie weather arrives. Nothing better than a cool fall day wearing some of my favorite clothes and not sweating my butt off!! The cooler weather also means bigger, heavier knitting and crochet projects!


I live in NC, so fall begins for me when I no longer have the air conditioner on all the time! It's finally cool enough to have the windows open and start breaking into the handknits! I love it!


I look for signs of autumn all summer, but it's officially here when the maple leaves start turning color, and the squirrels are busily burying nuts, and everything comes in pumpkin spice flavor. =)


Fall is official when we get the chimney cleaned, bring up an armload of nice, dry wood, and light the first fire of the year. Leading up to this are days of shivering, because it isn't really cold enough yet ... From here on, every late afternoon will see a fire lit, so cosy warm evenings are spent protected from the rain and wind outside. It's comforting to know that we will still be warm and can still cook (and make coffee!!) through the inevitable power outages.

Kate L

For me the start of fall is marked by the turning leaves, the nip in the air, the return of cloudy rainy days. I always feel a bit wistful about fall, because my love of cozy sweater weather amd Halloween is tempered by my sadness at the disappearing daylight. I try to balance it by sharing the fun parts of fall with my kiddo. We love to take him to the local pumpkin patches, and this year he got to pick apples and help grandma make applesauce. We've been baking and making soup and roasting winter squash, and just trying to get into the spirit of the season.

Linda L

Fall begins for me when the days start getting shorter, the nights get cooler and the leaves start to change. And when I see pumpkin spice everything start to appear! Fall is my favorite time of year, I wish it could be Fall all year long!


Fall starts here with the leaves. Even before the first frost, the Sassafras will start to go scarlet, the sky is a deeper blue. And as the colors deepen and go gold, and russet and brilliant orange, I begin going through the hand-knits waiting for those cool days for cuddly cozy wearing, then dreaming of more yarn in those fabulous fall colors.

Linda Byrn

When my burning bush gets red, then it is fall for meπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚


I know it's fall when there is a chill in the air... and it is cool enough at night to sleep under the covers...


To me, Fall means throwing open the windows and using multiple blankets at night and just snuggling in with the pups at bed time

Mary Anne

My birthday and anniversary are in the first week in October and that tells me Fall is here. My husband and I always took a trip to Vermont during that week to enjoy the Fall colors and to take part in the activities in the Middlebury area. Love being able to wear all my hand knit socks too!!!πŸŽƒ


Fall begins for me when the local apples arrive in all the farm stands and markets. I live in NH and apple trees are everywhere. We watch them bloom and form fruit, and when the apple crates begin to appear in the orchards, we know fall is here. I get my favorite Hitchhiker scarf and Ferry Boat fingerless mitts and go apple picking! Then we. Have apple crisp and applesauce aromas throughout the house!


Growing up in Vermont, Fall has always meant bright red sugar maples. We don't have that many where I live now, but each one I see reminds me of Fall in VT.


Fall in California can be a little more elusive. The trees at my house have yet to change or drop any leaves, but we saw rain this morning in the Bay Area for the first time in months! In the past few years it's really been the rain arriving and turning everything from a thirsty brown to a deep vibrant green that signals the season changing.


Sleeping with the windows open (no AC!) and the start of football is when fall begins for me.

Vickie Litterell

Fall is officially here when the leaves and the burning bush starts changing colors. And when riding my trike I have to start wearing heavier gear. The fire pits get lit. The mosquitoes go away, and it becomes very pleasant to sit in my little serene area and watch the fish in the pond while knitting. And most of all...its not sooo miserable having hot flashes, or what I call "power surges".


Fall means breaking out the sweaters and boots and ttee planting time

Abby N

Fall is here when it gets all crisp and blustery out and you need a jacket. The leaves blowing around is also a good indicator of fall. Also of course, the arrival of my birthday!


Football season, leaves changing color, crisp frosty mornings turning to warm afternoons, and no more heavy humidity... I LOVE fall!


Autumn arrives when I can no longer spot my Golden Retriever in & amongst the fallen leaves! Dog incognito πŸ˜€

Linda barni

The beautiful cooler weather!


For us it's many things. The first day back to school in September, the ripened pumpkins ready to be cut and saved for jack-o-lanterns; but mostly the beautiful color change of the leaves and dip in tempreatures. This year Fall is especially beautiful despite our summer of drought!!!

Mary L.

I know it's officially fall when the cows come back into the barnyard from their summer pasture, the male goldfinches turn back to their winter olive color, the hummingbirds leave, and pumpkin spice flavor is everywhere!!


It's that first day that I can smell the icy tinge of frost in the air.

Connie C

I'm in western Michigan, and fall to me is the snow fences going in on our wonderful beaches, color tours "up north"', using the electric blanket, and thinking that soon I will have to put away the sandals. And lots of cozy winter knitting sessions with friends!

Tabitha Burks

To me, it seems that fall has finally arrived when I go outside and the air is just crisp and cool enough to wear a sweater or scarf. Fall also starts in my book when the leaves change from green to beautiful variations of red, yellow, and orange. Also, pumpkins are a must.

Sandy Cadh

Fall begins when everything turns into pumpkin spice flavor. But living in the northeast I most enjoy the crisp night, warm days and changing leaves. The prettiest ones look just like the flushed yarn color. My favorite!


Fall in FL means that maybe, just maybe, we can turn off the AC and open the windows - and that hurricane season will soon be over!

Rachel R.

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of fall - mostly because it heralds colder temperatures (which I strongly dislike) and winter (which I loathe). But - the things that make fall all right are all the pumpkin things (I admit it, I love them all!), being able to take a vigorous walk with the dogs without turning into a sweaty puddle, and of course, being able to break out the knitted goodies again!


Fall is open windows, college football, leaves changing colors, sweaters, boots, and snuggling under multiple quilts.

Kate s.

Fall begins for me when I can finally leave the house without melting into a pool of humidity! Finally get to wear socks and scarves!

Linda Sutherland

In South Central Texas fall is a date on the calendar, as heat and humidity are still present. I take clues from store displays and the presence of pumpkin flavored goodies to get me thinking fall.


Fall begins when the leaves finally begin to change color and sweaters and/or scarves are required. Love the sound of leaves when walking the dogs through them.


I know Fall is here when the Great Change happens in our veggie garden. Plants start to brown and wither. Flowers are scarcer. Leave fall. Our chickens grow even more demanding of treats. On that first morning when the grass begins to crunch, I know that autumn has truly arrived in Mid-Michigan. We strip the garden of anything worth eating, and cover a few lettuce plants in the hopes of an extended salad season.

And we're starting new fall traditions, too! I've made nearly a dozen grapevine wreaths this week. My 2 year old is helping me to make other holiday gifts and decorations. I'm a long-time crocheter and a newbie knitter with two finished projects under my belt. I've just begun my first pair of socks. I LOVE IT! I can already tell that sock-making is my newest fall tradition. I can't wait to make some for my husband and children! My helpful hubby has already suggested that we add angora livestock to our little hobby farm, and a spinning wheel for me... :D

Liz Cook

First thing is my birthday on Oct 21st. Then a trip to the pumpkin patch! Those two things alone make it fall!


I love the cold nights that falls brings to Southern California. Nothing says fall to me more than sleeping with the window open and the air conditioner off.


It's not fall until the air is crisp and cool.

Anne Marie

The lighting of the wood burning stove in the living room is a sure sign that fall is here.


The leaves have started to turn and there is a crispness to the air that I love!


Fall means home baked bread, homemade soup, good football, and a pair of socks on the needles.


To me Fall arrives when I want to start wearing my knitted socks. It's so exciting to get out my old favorite pairs and start wearing new ones that were knitted since last Winter. Today I wore my Forest Goblins for the first time...
All though my children are grown one of my favorite activities I look forward to is passing out Halloween candy. Seeing the children in costumes and the excitement the trick or treaters get when the put some candy in their bag... it feels like the start of a great time...

Shirley Svoboda

The fireweed blooms are done and their "cotton" appears. The sky is a different blue and the leaves begin to change.

Kristyn Zarn

To me it feels like Fall time when it starts getting dark earlier in the evening.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love fall. I love the trees changing colors. I love the cool temperatures so I can curl up with a blanket, knit, and drink hot beverages. (drink hot all year long actually) We do a big family Halloween get together on the 31st and we have chili for the 1st time of the season whether it is 90 degrees or 20 degrees.


Fall is the leaves turning and the sky a beautiful shade of blue

Mary Sommerfeld

Living in Houston Texas I associate fall with the change of daylight (going to and from work in increasing darkness), running the A/C a little less, and getting out my crackpot for cooking up chili.

Sandra Ridgely

Autumn is here when the air gets crisper and the leaves start turning. College football games, hot apple cider, and fires in the fireplace.


Working at a University, it feels like fall when the students come back (we begin in late September) and then even more when the leaves start to turn. And, of course, when I switch from sandals to boots. Do other shoes exist?


I'm in southern Arizona and fall to me is when the daytime high temps finally dip below 90 and the night time temps reach the mid 50s. That means I can open up the house after the sun sets and let the breezes blow through all night. Ahhhhh fall.

Nancy Griswold

For me here in Oregon, fall has arrived when our vegetable garden starts winding down. The corn is done and we are harvesting tomatoes. The pumpkins are ready to pick (and give away). It's time to clean up the garden!

As the air feels cooler and the days get shorter I start thinking about knitting a sweater. (I knit socks and other small projects all year long.). Cooler weather means it's time for holding a big, warm WIP in my lap again.

Judi S

For me fall starts when the sandals are put away and the first meatloaf of the season goes into the oven.

Lynn Nicholson

This morning there was a little fog here in
Southern California and it's been cool enough lately to sleep under the comforter after all the summer heat. Finally Fall is here! This is my favorite season. Fall colors are my favorite colors. And having my birthday around
Thanksgiving (this year it's ON Thanksgiving) makes the season extra special.


I realized recently that I've come to recognize the start of fall by my need for warm, handknit socks! We relented and turned the heat on a few days ago but the cold feet preceded it. That doesn't sound nearly as delightful as leaves turning or hot cocoa, but it's the truth. 😜


Fall is when wearing long pants doesn't seem like an utterly ridiculous concept. (Handknit accessory season arrives roughly at the same time.)

JB Pierce

Settling into the school year and its routines, switching linemen for flannel sheets, drinking latte instead of cold brewed coffee as the days grow cooler and shorter. There's a series of incremental changes that add up to a new season, including what one knits.


Fall for me is the crisp air I feel when I go outside to run in the early (dark) morning. A more positive side of fall is the turning of the leaves in the beautiful, wooded area of NJ where I live.

Lugarda Cappetta

To me, fall arrives when the leaves start turning and falling so I can start seeing the main road again from my 4th floor balcony.


Fall is time to wear my wool socks!


Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!! The biggest perk about living in New England is that the very next day after summer is over means that the air is crisp and the leaves start changing colors! It looks like a scene from a fairy tale outside lately but I start celebrating fall as soon as I've had my first pumpkin spice latte!


Someone once said there's fall and waiting for fall. Here in New England the leaves start to change mid to late August and the mornings are cool enough for a nice wool pair of socks and that's close enough for me. I start dragging out the decorations!

Jamie Everhart

For me fall has arrived when the sun is bright yet the air is crisp, perfect weather for an oversized sweatshirt that covers your hands. I also love the vibrant colors and the smell of an outdoor fire with some burning leaves! This is my absolute favorite time of year, the reason why our first born is named Autumn!

Emily Chandler

Fall starts with me when the leaves change, the air gets a little crisper, and I switch over to my warmer clothes. This is also about the time I make a trip down from Indy to Nashville, Indiana to visit the shops and see the fall gorgeousness of Southern indiana!

Sue Boisvert

Fall is schoolbusses, football games and hot apple cider. Time to get out the fleece and wool socks. No more high heels, acorns in the driveway are hazardous! No more watermelons and nectarines in the grocery store - they have been replaced by pumpkins and lots of different kinds of apples. Beef stew in the crockpot makes the house smell nice. Leaf peeping with all the people from away (as we call tourists in Maine).
And lots and lots of Christmas knitting!
Why is there no emoji for knitting,or yarn?


Crisp air, sunny days which illuminate the changing colors of the leaves and wearing a favorite scarf or hat.

Sue N

Fall arrives when I go picking apples at the local apple farm, enjoy a cup of hot cider and start wearing hand knit socks again! Love the crisp air and crunchy apples.


To me, fall means a few things:the changing colors of the trees, amazing sunsets, cool nights, the smell and crunch of leaves as you walk over them, boots, and football.


Fall begins for me when I start to see the sugar beet trucks rolling down the street. I know it sounds weird, but we make Michigan sugar here in Bay City. We know not to get too close in case one falls off the truck because those beets are so big they can do some serious damage to the hood of your car or your windshield. When the beet trucks get moving and downtown Bay City smells like coffe and bacon and cool, clear mornings, that is when I get in the full fall mood and head out to one of the many apple farms for some fresh apple cider and donuts. I love fall!

Teri Kepner

A sure sign for me that Fall has arrived is when my sinuses start getting clogged! I've had to visit the doctor every Fall for years due to the inevitable sinus infection!

Pat HIll

Other than the fact that classes start (I teach at a community college), when I walk the dog in the morning before work in the dark :( and the crunching of leaves as I walk her. Apples! Making applesauce and apple butter.


I love when the days get shorter and it starts getting dark around dinner time. That to me signals fall, and I get excited by the prospect of colder (not really cold here in CA) weather approaching.


The change in the color of light at twilight means fall is here. It sometimes occurs before changes in temperature but the light just before sunset in fall is amazing. It is the BEST light for taking photos especially of the colors of fall. Ordinary scenes take on the look of paintings. Shortly after that comes the change in the air. There's a certain crispness & an almost spicy scent in fall air. And crisp newly picked apples are the final sign that fall is truly here.


For me it is the change of the leaves of the trees and the cooler weather. I love the crispness in the air as I go for a walk and then am able to have a mug of tea or some soup.
I also love the fact that I can begin to wear sweaters too. It is just a cozy time.

Bonnie Wright

I live in North Carolina, so fall is when the temperature is below 80, the windows are open, and I have to start wearing a lite jacket at nite.


Fall feels like it's really started the first day I want to wear a sweater.


Fall begins when I can pull out my coziest handmade sweater and wool socks and take long walks in the park with my 3 dogs. The leaves are changing into gold, red, and yellow hues. That nip is in the air as we all sit in the park while I have a warm cup of coffee watching the leaves float by.


I live in south Florida, so we don't really have seasons here! For my kids, it's all about when I start decorating for Halloween and buying apple cider. We go to the pumpkin patch and everyone gets to pick out a pumpkin, and of course, my kids know it's fall when I bake their favorite pumpkin cake!


Fall is when the mums and pansies show up at the nursery and so many front porches have potted mums and pumpkins displayed. My mom used to wear a mum corsage to her homecoming football game. So pretty!


Fall is fog delays for school, changing leaf colors, spider webs everywhere, starting a fire in the wood burner to take the chill off, getting out mitts and scarves, farmers taking off the crops, raking and burning leaves and of course, more time for knitting and breaking out the bigger projects!

Abby M

It's fall when I can't drag my butt out of bed anymore. There's a chill in the morning air, the morning is still dark like a thunderstorm grey. It's time to toss the winter quilt on the bed & hibernate.


It's fall when the wool socks and sweaters make an appearance. Hmmmm, cozy warm. All the better to rake 40 trees worth of leaves!

Karla Hartzell

For me fall begins when I choose the perfectly smooth, fresh orange skin of the first home grown pumpkin in the garden and I carry it to my front porch. The feel of that smooth happy pumpkin in my hands, the weight of it, the bright fresh earthy smell of it and the lightness my heart feels because it makes me almost as happy as Yarn. Amazing because pumpkins largely aren't variegated, why do they make me so very, very happy? I'm not entirely sure but that's when Fall begins!


Fall is when my leaves start to change color and drop. I do love it but we also seem to have really wet weather then so it's sometimes hard to enjoy leaf color.

Our family tradition happens the 3rd weekend in October. We gather together and press apple cider. Yes, that's where I am right now:Apple Day is tomorrow! I don't know if we will beat our total of 178 gallons from last year but we can try.

Heidi Hackett

Something about the light changing going into evening. So calm and beautiful. Like a peaceful sky.

Teresa C

It is fall when I can scuff through fallen leaves on my dog walks.


Hmm, I think it is when the air is colder during the day as well as at night, and when I'm having to rake leaves instead of mow over them because there are so many.

Our usual fall thing is to go to the mountains - it seems the trees are usually done with their pretty colors, but it is nice to have a fire and watch the stars at night, away from the town lights.


Cool weather at night = great sleeping! Driving to work in the dark. So there you have it---- the good and the bad.


Fall is when going outside means bright sunny days, blue skies, a breeze and the smell of fall. I love how the woods smell in October!

Caitlin A

Fall has arrived when you walk outside to go to the fair, and it's not so humid you can barely breathe, and the air carries the smell of bonfires.


It's fall when the mice start moving in.


Cider donuts at the farm stand, the colors here in the northeast, early morning landscape after a hard frost and finally realizing it's just too cold to keep wearing my sandals :(


When pumpkin spice *everything* shows up!!


For me, fall hasn't arrived until we've had a killing frost, one that turns the tomato vines black. My granddaughter's and my birthdays are in October, but cake doesn't say FALL like fresh apple pie does.


The first tints of red on the maple trees in my backyard and the urge to knit more socks, along with the crisp morning air when I take my walk all signal fall to me.


The SMELL!! I love the smell of cooler air, leaves on the ground and the changing winds.

Karen M

The leaves changing colors and having to scrape frost off my car windows.


It is fall to me when I look out the back window and see the maple tree is starting to turn color!!!


Fall is sweater weather! It's turned chilly here in Ohio as well and the last few days I've had a wonderful time deciding which sweater to wear.


When the weather finally stays cool enough for long enough! We've been having major temp swings lately, and it's just not fall until it stays cool for good. Then I can actually enjoy my pumpkin coffee! Also, NaNoWriMo prep also sort of ushers in fall for me as well.


It's the changing colours of the leaves on the trees, that first indicates to me that fall has arrived. I love it!

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