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September 22, 2016


Jeanette Macon

I put leftover balls of yarn or other knitting knick knacks in mine and put them on shelves around the house. If you also ave a collection of buttons, they can be used as well.


I would use some for buttons. And I would wind left over yarn into small balls & fill the rest with those. I have a couple large plastic barrels jars (from the Container Store) that I've filled with left over sock yarn.


I have used mine,sans lids, on my dining table in the summer, lined up on a white runner, with a little sand and a tealight in each one. It makes a pretty and peaceful display and I have received compliments on it.


They need lights. Everything is better with some twinkle.

Short of that fill them once a year as time capsules. Bits of your family every year. It might seem small to start but down the road it would really be remorable.

Sara Lee Albright

I would open the tops and put some yarn in there - mason jars are just perfect to display that color(s) speaking to your soul !

amy g

What a cool thing! I use mine for storage of a lot of things - you could use one or two at the register with grab and go items (bent-tip needles). And don't forget flowers! Have fun!


I wind all my leftover yarn into mini-balls and put them in Ball jars while they wait to get added to my sock-scrap blanket.


seed containers and empty seed packets..I don't think I have ever thrown am empty seed packet..does enyone else save them?


Those jars are wonderful for storing dry beans of all kinds: lentils, chickpeas, kidney, cannellini...chocolate-covered coffee...

Patty McDonald

I'd put clear pebbles or rocks (from Michaels or another craft store) in them, add 2 or 3 (or whatever works) skeins of yarn upright in them, add a dowel (or 3) with seasonal items on them and put them in the store to show them off. They would be fun to play with and easily changeable to reflect the time of the year, holiday, event, knitting notions, etc.

Leigh Ann Brown

I have some from my in-laws and filled them with dried flowers.


This is something I saw in a book. They had placed short strands of battery-operated clear Xmas-type lights in each one and used them for lighting for an evening picnic.

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