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September 23, 2016



My most satisfying knit this year was a sweater for my DH (a Gramps in Madtosh Vintage). I love how it turned out and how squishy the collar is on it.

Nancy Griswold

My most satisfying knit this year is a pair of socks I designed myself and knit up as a gift for my son. I was inspired by traditional Norwegian motifs, and the project is a wonderful reminder of our family trip to Scandinavia last year. I used Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn. This project turned out great, and I am interested in publishing the pattern on Ravelry. I downloaded some charting software, now I just need to learn how to use it!

My project is called "Remembering Norway" and you can se it here:


My most satisfying knit was a Tanis shawl for my new daughter-in-law. I did it in a off white to match her wedding dress, in case she wanted to wear it that evening. I believe that I used Cascade Ultra pima yarn. Sorry, I belong to Ravelry, but don't have a project page set up.


I've made lots of items I love this year, but the Apple Season Wrap by Beatrice Perron Dahlen is gorgeous. I used The Woolen Rabbit's Dove fingering weight yarn, a combination of merino, yak, and silk. Here's the link:


I knit a rainbow-colored Hitchhiker shawlette that I love in Wandering Wool's North Country Sock, even if I haven't properly photographed it yet. Ravellenic Games-qualifying hurry-up shots here:


I checked Rav and I haven't finished anything this year.. I have ripped out several projects that were stuck so I was happy with that.


Mine was probably Alicia Plummers Raw Honey fingerless gloves in Malabrigo Rios. I had tried the pattern once last year shortly after starting to knit, and it came out terribly. It was really satisfying seeing the difference in ability when I made it for the 2nd time this summer 😀

Renee Anne

My most satisfying knit this year.....aside from my sock design, I'd have to go with the Gex sweater (I've actually made two). It has a creative way to do the yoke, it's a top-down raglan...and it comes sized newborn - 4XL :)


One of my most satisfying knits this year has been the Surge Shawl, made with Tosh sock in Sequoia and Modern Fair Isle. So fast! So easy! So impressive looking!


I learned how to knit socks! I had only been knitting for 9 months when I took the sock plunge and am now addicted. I am sticking with simple and the Vanilla Latte free pattern on Ravelry here I've used all sorts of indie dyed yarns and other great hanks for them!


Hands down my fav and most satisfying FO is my Briochealuscious Shawl by Andrea Mowry. I knit this in the Madelinetosh MCN from SSYC that I can't get enough of!

Annette Poole

I made the Nurmilintu shawl using Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the Firewood colorway. I made it for a friend and took it into work to show people and they went crazy over it. The color had so many shades to it that it seemed to go with everything. Now everyone wants me to make them one.


My only completed eject this year has been a slightly larger than queen size blanket knit in Woolease Thick & Quick - in 3 neutral colors - an oatmeal, a charcoal, & a dark brownish shade with tiny flecks (barely noticeable) of other colors. I used a chevron pattern that insisted of just 2 rows. So it was easy enough to knit while watching TV. and it's super comfy & snuggly. Perhaps not as satisfying in some ways as a more complicated yarn in a nice Madeleinetosh yarn but nonetheless relaxing & a satisfying outcome.


That was supposed to say completed PROJECT. Autocorrect strikes again.


I did a prayer shawl with some Madelinetosh sock for someone who had just lost a family member. It was a comforting color of blues and greens and a bit of lighter of them mixed together.

Joyce McCartney

I just finished the Citadel Hat

And the Baby It's Cowled Outside cowl

For a silent auction. Both out of Mineville Wool project Merino Singles in hibiscus and amber and I am in complete love with them.

Anne Marie

As a distraction to being pregnant with my NINTH, I've started knitting socks. Susan B Anderson's Smooth Operator socks in various colors of Regia self-striping that was gifted to my by a friend. Pure satisfaction. And perfect for labor and delivery socks to keep me smiling!

Becky Myers

My favorite completed project this year is a pair of socks made with Sweet Georgia Yarn and the pattern is Heliotrope by Dana Gervais. I love her sock patterns because they come in 3 different sizes.


I knit mmario's 'frostpine' pi shawl for my sister's birthday gift, beaded, worked in a merino, cashmere, silk blend ... it's gorgeous! my first pi shawl, I chose it for
the pattern style - the panels were like spokes on a wheel, easy to follow! i'm half-way up another of mmario's patterns now; he has so many gorgeous free patterns to choose from!

yolanda v

I made a two color brioche cowl.
It was a Yarnspiration KAL.
I used stash yarn.
It was only the second thing I ever knit.
Don't want to say how many times I ripped it
out! But I learned to read my knitting and so much making this cowl.


My most satisfying knit was a Playground Shawl. I joined a KAL to do this and it really motivates me to keep on knitting. I also learned how to knit an afterthought heel using the Smooth Operator pattern.


Finishing my Elizabeth shawl! It took me all summer, but I'm ready to rock it this fall.

Geraldine Scott

Wow...I need to do a better job journaling my finishes! I know I got side-tracked cross stitching a birth sampler for my newest grand baby.
But I'm finishing up two Swirled Ski Caps for my older grands, and they are adorable! I long to knit some socks!


I usually knit socks but this year I made Baby Girl Top for my two new granddaughters. I used dk weight yarn. The pattern was so easy.
It was so much fun. I want to knit more little sweaters now. Thanks!


My most satisfying knit so far this year was Spring Garden Socks from Nellie's Never Enough Socks Club, using Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine. The yarn and pattern were a gift from my daughter and son-in-law. The yarn was delightful to knit with, the pattern was fun and I made the socks to fit my daughter's feet. What more could you ask for?


My most satisfying knit this year has been my Weigh It Shawl in Miss Babs Yowza DK. I haven't completed it yet, but it's been my go-to project for long car trips this spring and summer:

Penny Mosher

I've made 2 Featherweight cardigans in fingering weight yarn. I love this pattern and love making it with fingering weight yarn - so versatile.


Great question. Had to review my projects.
The most satisfying knit I've done so far this year is the Appia cowl (pattern by by Hilary Smith Callis who also designed the Starshower cowl I saw in SSYC). It is interesting to knit and lovely to wear.

Rachel R.

Oh, gosh, it's so boring, but my most satisfying knit would have to be a bunch of washcloths I knitted up earlier in the year - we just needed them so badly!

Courtney Pierce

I always knit for other people. Sweaters for my daughters, socks for my friends and a hat for my husband. This summer I decided I would knit something for myself. I made a shaw for myself.

Pat HIll

My most satisfying knit was a Rickenbacker Shawl, by Kate Atherly, that I knit for my sister. I hadn't seen her in about 4 years and I was a little nervous about if she would like it. It was knit in Dove Roving, Frolicking Feet, that I had purchased at Stitches Midwest a few years ago.(

Nicole Williams

My most satisfying knit was my Ease sweater that I made for myself. I just started knitting a little over a year ago, and this was my biggest, most complex project thus far. I used Madelinetosh Worsted in Fools Rush In (which is an AMAZING yarn, by the way), which I purchased directly from the Medelinetosh website.


I haven't completed my most satisfying knit yet--a 2-color brioche shawl. Brioche isn't so difficult but why couldn't I get it quickly? I enjoyed making the Comfort Vest by Ekaterina Blanchard for my grandson.

Karen G.

I had fun with this crocheted scarf pattern called Blossomy:
It's made from a sparkly fingering weight yarn, Star Dust from Bittersweet Woolery. A very fun and giftable project, but I'm not giving this one away!


My most satisfying knit this year was a Barley hat knit from a sample skein from Hummingbird Moon. It's gorgeously vibrant yarn, and in a year of excessive complexity and frustration, it was nice to knit a quick, simple project.

Kay L

My finished knitting so far this year has been socks and one shawl. I would have to say that the knit I'm most proud of is the pair of socks I actually finished using leftovers! The yarns included Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, Somoko and Sea Wool plus some Wollmiese, Knit Picks and Cherry Tree Hill. I almost ripped them out several times but did finally set myself down and finish them in August. The friend who now owns (and wears them) said that the colors made her happy. What greater compliment could I receive?


I completed two "new - to - me" pairs of socks, Alda Road and Shifty. Both used Socks That Rock Lightweight.


My most satisfying project this year was a Gap-tastic Cowl I made for one of my DDs. It was made with hand-dyed bulky yarn and she loves it.


Anthyrium was a fun pattern and I liked the yarn and the colors so that was the winner in my projects

Heather Felerski

My most satisfying project was a Reyna shawl I knit because it actually got blocked and worn rather than just languishing in a pile like usual.


I knit a Batad in a solid Magenta Wollmeise and Manos del Uruguay Allegria in Agave. I'm excited to finally wear it this week now that it's going to be in the 70s.


My most satisfying knit this year was a pair of socks for myself. While I have quite a few pair already in my drawer, it had been a long time since I have made any new socks. I had forgotten how much I enjoy knitting socks!

Sara Lee Albright

the project I enjoyed most this year was the KINNICKINNIC BLANKET :

the yarn used was what was called for in the pattern, KAUNI Multicolors, but almost any yarn would do . the instructions were easy to follow and the item turne dout so well I am going to give it to one of my nieces for Christmas !


Mine is a Wispy Cardi by Hannag Fetig that I knit in Knit Picks Shadow Tonal (now discontinued) for my daughter who is starting college in CA. It was a great knit for me, because 1) she likes it 🙂; 2) I practiced (nearly) monogamous knitting while working on it and it went relatively fast; and 3) I'm sweater knitting phobic and this project is helping me get past it. I was all set to block it and decided the fronts aren't hanging right (totally my fault; I messed something up in the pattern) and am going to try some "off road" knitting to fix it.

Lisa B

You're right, Transition and Transition Splatter WOULD look stunning together, just gorgeous.

I'm doing a lot of knitting and then massive frogging because I don't like how it's turning/turned out. However, it is satisfying to give the frogged yarn a bath and ready it to become something better.

Siri Reichelt

The mostsatisfying project that I did is the Mishigos cowl for my cousin, Trina. She just started going to Princeton on a full ride!(you did read that right!)

Kate s.

A shawl designed by a friend called Suffrage. I made mine using various sick yarn scraps. Looking forward to knitting it again with one (or two) colors. Link -


DEFINITELY by far the most satisfying thing I've finished this year is my husband's sweater!!! We still haven't got "official" photos of it yet, but it FITS and he LIKES IT and I am so happy to get it off my WIP list!!!! Pattern: "Bespoken"
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes


My most satisfying knit this year is my current project - Katniss socks in Tanis Fiber Arts Cosmic Blue Label 'Cosmic Night.' The pattern is relaxing without being boring, and the sparkly yarn makes me smile.

Heidi Fenenga

My most satisfying knits so far this year are the two Bonbons that I made for my nieces. They are so knitworthy!. They make me feel so appreciated. They ask for me to make them things, and they always love what I make them.

Connie Kline

My most satisfying knit this year was a bathrobe for an 18 inch doll. I learned top down construction and picking up and knitting stitches in a project that was both quick and fun to complete.

Marjorie Millner

My most satisfying knit so far (my goal is to do a sweater before the end of the year; hope I'll get there!) has been the "Leaves and Branches" hat, it is a hat that looks like the Rose Window at Notre Dame Cathedral! I knit one in Biscotte and Cie Boreale about a year ago, and then in January this year I knit one in Madelinetosh Tosh Mo Light. Photos of both are on my project page here:


My most satisfying knit this year was the two Ribs and Cable Beanies (by Anne Gagnon). One was made in Lion a Brand Cotton Ease as a chemo cap, and the other in Cascade 220 Heathers for Warmth for Warriors

Joyce Gravino

I am currently doing a blanket foe my mother in law called the spice of life and it is coming along beautifully

Julie Vance

Mine was my Foolproof cowl made from handspun.

Jody Laake

Hust a simple knit hat for my son - he's always been a hat junkie and very appreciative of the ones I make him. Or could it have been the birthday socks for my sister in law? Definitely a contender there - plus she's already put her order in for her Christmas pair!


Sand Layers shawl with a Poste Targee tonal and speckeled yarn. I loved how the colors changed this textured pattern and want to make again.


A pair of glitter socks for my daughter's birthday. I love making socks for her because she is so happy and wears them all the time.


So far my best knit is a Westbourne sweater, pattern from Isabell Kraemer. You can find mine here:
The pattern is very well written and I love every seamless sweater construction.


My most satisfying knit of the year was the Hyannis Port Pullover from the Fall 2015 issue of Knitscene. I used Knit Picks Swish worsted in Indigo Heather. It was only my second big project and I actually got it finished in a reasonable amount of time and it actually fits. Very exciting!


My most satisfying project was a pair of Chevron Lace toe-up socks (pattern by Gayle Pounds )in Turtlepurls Rock Paper Scissors.

Emily Chandler

My most satisfying project was the Sophie Cardigan using Anzula Cricket in Blush. It was the most difficult project I had done to date and was very excited how beautiful it turned out!


Five shawls using patterns by Wendy Johnson. A wedding shawl and four bridesmaid shawls all different. Knit with a smooth cotton, yarn bands lost in the madness. Unfortunately no ravelry project page :(


A pair of socks made out of Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn. Very soft to wear! Love the color.


There have been quite a few satisfying projects, but the one that takes the cake is my Dashing Stranded Hat ( knit in Malabrigo Rios from the Transposition Hat pattern on Ravelry ( I had never tried stranded knitting before, so this hat proved to me that I could do the technique.

amy g

I am currently working on the LeStrange Cloak from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Special Issue magazine. I needed to make adjustments for size, but it is an interesting and satisfying pattern. I'm almost finished with the body. Using Knitpicks Gloss because of the cost and quantity I needed - it calls for a lot and when you adjust for a bigger size, you never really know how much more you need. It's knitting up beautifully.


My knit for Christmas girasole blankets. They go way faster than you'd think and turn out beautiful.


Most satisfying? Probably the child-size sweater I just finished. I had it mostly done and realized I wasn't happy with the yoke. So I ripped it back (and had two sleeves and a body separated from one another again), counted and measured, and came up with a plan for something different that I thought would look better. I'm SO much happier with the second try!


This has been a pretty slow knit year, mostly charity projects. The most satisfying knit would have to be a pair of socks, which resulted from a frogging of a different pair of socks, in which the pattern and yarn did not play well together. It's always so hard to rip out a perfectly good knit, even when it's for the best! So, Hermione's Everyday socks, knit in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, colorway Silver Streak.

Lisa Sauer

My most satisfying knit is still a WIP, but I'm loving it! After purchasing and "favoriting" several 2- and 3-color shawl patterns, I finally cast one on. (And I agree, the featured yarns would look lovely together in a shawl.) After a lot of smaller projects (lots of socks), it's nice to take it up a notch (and still use all that sock yarn).


I love the way my circus socks turned out. I really love the bright colorful yarn.


I only made a garter scarf for my boyfriend but I'm very proud of it!


I just love the cardigan I made for my granddaughter, it is a simple lace cotton cardigan but in her favorite color, lavender. She styles it everyday in a different outfit and being made of cotton is easily washable and great for fall too.


I knit a pair of Regan socks in STR Wonderful Goodness. They flew off the needles and I can't wait to wear them.


My most satisfying knit is a pair of socks made with OnLine Supersocke in color Carneval. I used a free pattern form Ravelry called Mini Cable Spiral Socks. 😊😊

Jeanne Bush

I am almost finished with the Miss Grace Shawl by Skeino. I'm using the Skeino yarn for this one but there are so many wonderful color combinations of sock yarn to create my own colors next time. It has been a fun knit. I just have the border to do now. I haven't posted my project on Ravelry but many others have...they are beautiful.


I would say the zig to the zag socks. Here's the link to the free pattern on Ravelry.


It's the project I am finishing up now. My Goblin Forest socks with the coordinating mini skein. I am on my 2nd sock and turning the heel. I can't wait to start wearing them.


I finally made a pair of socks using the Water for the Elephants pattern. I remember seeing the pair of socks the designer knit and hoping she'd release the pattern. I'm not sure why I waited this long to make them, as they were released years ago! But I'm happy with my color choice: dark blue/green and cream.


The Lazurite Scarf I made from a pattern in a copy of The Knitter magazine was satisfying from start to finish. I loved the design of the scarf and blue alpaca/wool yarn seemed to sparkle in the sunlight and have a life of it's own.
When I finished the scarf, it turned out so beautiful, the yarn so luxurious, I couldn't wait to wear it.
I think I would enjoy making another scarf.


I did my first shawl this past year, a Stockinette Haruni. I tried the regular Haruni 6 months after I first started knitting and failed miserably. So this one made me feel like I could continue doing lace work. I have since completed another shawl that was my first mkal.


This year I knit and re-knit many projects, including a shawl, a snood, socks, several toques, and even a squirrel. But the most satisfying was just a basic pair of socks for my sister. The pattern is even called "Badic Socks" by Adrienne Ku. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry. My sister chose a ball of Manos Del Uruguay Alegria from my stash, I don't remember the colour but they're all beautiful.


I knit Sidere ( in a bamboo yarn by a local dyer, Robin Edmundson. It was really satisfying to be able to find a good use for yarn that I bought without a project in mind!

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