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August 18, 2016


Nancy DeMere

I cannot believe how tall James is. Wow. I missed the part about moving. You are not going "away" are you. I am worried!


Not going away, just moving from "the country" to "the city." Raising kids has proved to be very difficult logistically where we live and moving back to the city will allow more school offerings, extracurricular activities and just and easier life. Can't wait for the move to be done with and our new routine to start!


Good luck with your move. I was lucky enough to have 2 girls but I also have 2 grandsons so I know what you mean about boy stuff. We are trying to get rid of stuff so we can get the house ready to be sold. It's a lot harder to do at our ages than it was 30 years ago when we moved in. And both of us have a lot of books (he more so) &, of course, CDs, DVDs, vinyl (he more so), &, of course, enough yarn to start a LYS. I just came across several Pokemon patterns which I may try to make for the kids for Christmas if I can manage (I have 2 Wonderful Wallabies & a ear flap hat followed by 2 cabled vests (for partner & self). And partner just said my Simply Socks package is here which musty mean the first installment of the club. Gotta go open it.


I love the colors in the yarn!


THIRD grade??? So crazy! Also so you are moving into town? If you live anyplace near the shop then we could playdate sometime (since you know I live near the shop. haha)


Good luck with the mood. I find knitting to be my relaxing and reset mind time of day too

Nancy DeMere

Oh, I can certainly see how being closer to the store and having the boys in town would make the logistics sooooo much easier. Good luck with your move--I know it is no fun!

Anne R.

Moving is the pits but worth it in the end for the quality-of-life improvements. Best of luck! I used my box of yarn as "nest" for some fragile items when packing. Worked like a charm!

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