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August 20, 2016



I really love your store! Happy 5 years!!!!! You guys are all awesome and def. my favorite LYS. <3

Nancy DeMere

Congratulations! I have been with you every step of the way and couldn't be happier. You can buy yarn many places (although your selection is amazing) but your service and customer support can't be equaled! Here is to many more years--you have two little guys to put through college!


You may be small in the real universe but you're huge I our universes!

Leslie Fehr

I looked forward to each progress post about the "new" shop space. And when there was a chance to get the special yarn that reflected the tile color on the wall, I didn't hesitate. I love my "LYS on the web"! Here's to many more years of wonderful fibers and your great staff and customer service!

Marjorie Millner

Congratulations on five years of bringing. back to life a lovely old post office, and in contributing to your local economy by growing your business. You have the best customer service of any business I have ever ordered from, and you have an operation of love going on--- knitting is filled with love, with every stitch. Yes, there's a big universe out there, but I sure am glad that you created this beautiful happy place in it!

Denise Walsh-horowitz

Hi Allison I can't believe it has bee five years already. All the very best wishes for many more years of selling yarn. You superior products, and the best customer support, and the fastest delivery are superior. Your special kits have saved my husband from "not knowing what to buy me" ! All I can say is Onward!! Denise


How is this possible?? Congrats on such a successful business! Dont you want to go back to the ppl who scoffed at you?? A business of just sock yarn?!?! They had no clue! Congrats again!!

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