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August 24, 2016



I look at the Projects tab - the higher the number, the more people have made the item. If the number isn't very high, then that "free" pattern may be more headache than it's worth. (Lack of test knitters, knitting technical writing editors etc). I also use the projects tab to look at the completed item in other colors, and read some of the notes people have made, that's helpful too.
I use the "Add to Library" for free patterns and those I've purchased and the "Favorites" for those I like the looks of, but haven't purchased yet. There's probably a better way to keep the 'wants' from being mixed in with the 'haves' but I don't know what it is.
Happy knitting to you!


No questions are considered stupid or wrong. In fact, it's considered stupid to not ask. The only thing that is basically frowned on in the group's are the nasty words. It's really a fun place. Everybody is treated the same so come on over and join in the fun.


I agree with Patty about the nasty words, but would add that being mean is also frowned on. If you don't like someone's project or what they've said, you should only let them know in a personal message, not in the forum. Or, just keep it to yourself and be nice! Nice is ALWAYS appreciated!

Come join us in the fun of Ravelry!

Renee Anne

I spend far too much time in some of the forums (LSG, for example) but you can learn so much, and not just about knitting, crochet, spinning, or weaving...I've learned how to make certain kinds of food, what vegemite actually is (and why people love or hate it), we've asked questions about how to deal with life issues, where to go for help....okay, most of this happens in LSG but there are groups for just about everything. Some are more active than others but that's okay.

My stash is also not's a forever work in progress. I started Ravelry after I started knitting and I've been paying catch-up ever since.

I don't use it for some things that I feel I keeping track of my needles & hooks. It might save a few headaches when I have to wonder if I have a certain size. Almost always the answer is, "duh, of course I do" but is followed by "well, where is it hiding?"

Soooooo........yeah :) And you could start your very own group for your shop.


Couple things I use a lot on Ravelry:
#1 - Project notes!!! I create a project and make a note of the yarn and needle used adding any notes (stitches cast on and any changes). Great to refer to when I reuse the pattern to make another.
* When looking at a pattern check the Projects and use the "Filter these Projects" to look at helpful hints and also look which yarn colors, tonal vs variegated looks best with the pattern
* If you are not familiar with a yarn check out notes on the yarn. Some yarns are notorious for having knots or splitting. If you are forewarned you can prepare to handle those issues.
* On the Patterns page there is a section on the right called "your pattern highlights" which provides suggestions based on what you have saved


Forums are my jam! I love my ladies in my "baby" group, and the local groups for like SSYC or Fort Wayne in general. I mostly use it for keeping track of my projects (gave up on stash) and the formus, and browsing the new patterns. I love mostly browsing the "hot right now" patterns because often you find ones that are free for a limited time, etc! I have way more patterns queued/saved than I will ever get around to knitting. lol

Elizabeth D

I like to go to My Notebook, then click on Friends, then to Friend Activity. I have mine set to show me just those things they've added to their favorites or their queue. I have found so many good things that way.


One feature I wish more people would use is the Wishlist. When you put a pattern in your queue you can click a box that adds it to your Wishlist. You can send a link to your list to family and friends for gift ideas. Plus there is not way of seeing what patterns someone has in their library so it is a good way to know what someone wants when you want to surprise them.

Aimee Croke

I use it for so much! As well as the things you mentioned, when I add a project to my queue, I'll try and add some yarn ideas from my stash so I'm not always buying new yarn. I use the project page to take notes on the project and yarn do that I can go back and check st a later day - what was my gauge? Did I change anything? Etc Ravelry is brilliant for checking out different yarns as well. And finding projets. Oh and KALs. I love the forums, but I especially love the KAL :-) my rav name is ThePeekoCrafter if you want to have a nosy!


There's a lot I love about ravelry, of course, but I have to say one of my favorite things is the library tab. Any time a pattern is updated, corrected or just spruced up a bit, there's a notification and you can update with a click of a button and you know you have the latest version. How cool!


I mostly use Ravelry to keep track of my projects. If I veer off the pattern or am having problems, I make a note. I check to see if others have had similar trouble, sometimes even contacting the designer (although some never respond). When I am ready to blog about the project, I use my Ravelry notes. Much easier than pencil and paper. I also use the pattern search a lot, sometimes just for ideas.


I confess I don't use Ravelry as much as others & probably not as much as I should. I mostly use the patterns for several things. For example, one of my grands said he wanted me to knit him an ear flap hat. So I went to Rsvelry & searched patterns for ear flap hats & found one that is EXACTKY what he had in mind. I also use it to estimate how much yarn I should buy when you have specials from Mineville, & I've purchased several patterns from the talented indie designers.


Tracking projects, browsing patterns, checking 'helpful' notes on any new pattern, and I love being able to search for a match between project and yarn. If I have a skein of yarn A, I love to see what has been made from it, and how it turned out. Or, check to see what yarns have been used for a particular pattern.

Deb Sheets

I love clicking the People tab and looking at the FO radar pictures. I have found it to be a great source of inspiration and have added more patterns to my library than I will have time to knit. And because one click leads to another and another I have remarked more than once that I fell into Ravelry and couldn't get out.


For me the best part about Ravelry was leaving it. I get so much more knitting and crocheting done and enjoy it so much more.

I used to be on the Welcome Wagon, moderated several groups, had project pages, a library and the whole deal.


I wish I knew how to destash through Ravelry. I'm sure there are helpful hints on how to do it, just haven't spent enough time looking yet.

Amy Hesting

I love to visit my favorite groups to see what other people are making and to join KAL's or test knits.I also like to look at the Pattern tab to see what's new and cool. I love to swap yarn with other Ravelers and I LOVE to look at other peoples' project notes and yarn suggestions in patterns I'm interested in. Ravelry is my favorite place to be!

Barbara Eppolite

I put all of the patterns I want to make in the Library. Not sure if that is the right way to use this feature, then I organize it according to the type of item. The best feature is when you find a pattern you like and then see the finished projects others have done! This is very helpful as far as picking the right yarn, and probably has saved me countless of dollars.

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