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July 02, 2016



Just wanted to say that You guys do a GREAT job at having fun kits and contests and parties and everything! Keep up the amazing work please! Love your store and all of you ladies who work there. xoxo


This kit is sooooo cute!
For those of us on the West Coast, would you consider putting a future kit on sale beginning a little later in the day?
Thanks for all you do.


The kit skein along with the red, green, and orange skeins would be adorable as (currently being stitched by one of the Mason Dixon Knitting ladies).

Happy Anniversary!


I am in awe of how perfectly you and your suppliers coordinate your kits!


I understand that you can offer only a limited number of kits. That's why I pass up the opportunity to get one occasionally. So that others can have a chance at it. Maybe other long time buyers of kits could do the same. Once or twice I missed a kit because I forgot & got to the store after they'd all sold ou. I'm disappointed but how can anyone complain about that. You take your chances - some you win; some you lose.

Leslie Fehr

Over the years, I have been able to "score" when you would offer a special kit. Now, I just look and marvel at the latest really cute kits. I have so many things stashed in project bags and tubs of wonderful yarn that I've bought through the years that I know I won't be able to get it all knitted. So, I open up my tubs to a few knitters that don't have the funds for special yarn but knit so well that they deserve to work with it. Makes my day when my daughter and another lady come to raid my stash!


Thank you so much for your wonderful words, all! We do our best and I'm glad it shows.
Leslie, your kindness is an inspiration! I find that knitters are a special group of people, with generous nature being a hallmark. Knowing that you are providing so many others with happy moments makes me smile.


SSYC and the USPS rock! After my Wednesdsy order, the kit was waiting for me Friday after work. Each part of it is lovely and beautifully made. It should be perfect for my knitting, veggie- gardening daughter. I did have to pat the yarn before wrapping it bsck up, though. Thank you for such terrific service and products.

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