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June 22, 2016



Wow! So beautiful! I want some! I want LOTS!!!

I like your almost-neutral choices, both of them, as well as Heather's choice, and also a bunch of others.

I'd pick Heather's choice for a Red Scarf Project, though.

Holly Beam

All of them! 💖


I agree with you, Allison! Stunning colors. All of them are lovely but I LOVE Peacock with Sea Dragon. But Dryad with Dark Roast comes close. In fact I love the Peacock & Dark Roast all by themselves. If there's a paler blue, I might pair it with the Dark Roast.


Dark Roast with House Elf and a little Peacock for me, please. I love seeing the color combos others choose as I tend to pick my handful of faves. Thanks Allison for a fantastic 11 years -may you have many more!


Do Dark Roast, Peacock, & Dryad look as good together as I think? Would like to know before I order them. It seems to me they'd look great in Colot Affection. But I'd hate to buy them & find out they don't look good together.


How about Carnival and Azalea. Or SSYC with True Blood or Azaels


Donna, yes! Those three would be perfect. In fact, after posting, I though "I should have suggested those three too!" Great minds....


Oh, I'd choose the Dryad and Murky Depths, although I love the Peacock with Sea Dragon.


Really hard to make a choice. Love Dryad with both Murky Depths and Dark Roast.

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