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June 27, 2016



All are very lovely but I love Volcanic Eruption! And it looks like I am not alone!

Angela Wallace

I'd love to see how Joan of Arc knits up. It would be fun to see how all of those different colors come up as you go.


Sea life. That color is lovely and calming to me. The perfect think to knit after a day at work!


They're all so beautiful. Berlin, though, is probably one of my favorites.


Scrolling through, Berlin made me happy just to look at. I need some of that.


Berlin is a beautiful blend of so many colors-it's my favorite!

Karen G.

Volcanic Eruption would be most wearable for me.


Joan of Arc--just came back from a few weeks in France, and she is still very Big there!

Karen M pretty!


Berlin, because it would make a gorgeous fingering-weight shawl that would go with everything.


My fave has to be Deep Sea Jellyfish. That is some kind of riot of color!


Deep Sea Jelly Fish because I like the flash of hot pink

Teresa C

Deep sea jellyfish because of the name, or Berlin for the colors. Hmmm.


I love Deep Sea Jelly Fish!

Liz Wingler

Sea Life looks cool and refreshing. I

Harmony G.

Oh...they're all so gorgeous but Berlin is fabulous!!

Niki Rogers

I need Sea Life with the heat around here, it looks like it might cool things down!

nikiknits on Ravelry

Jan Ball

Joining the volcanic eruption team with my vote.Thinking a fall cowl would nice in this colorway. Hmm


Oooh, depends if I want to be grown-up or not. My first reaction is Funny Papers as it looks like it has short color repeats so I could make something speckly and fun. On the other hand, my more mature side says Sea Life so I could have light lovely shawl for work.

Carolyn Ensminger

Love the Deep Sea Jellyfish, interesting combination of colors!

Rhonda Atkinson

I think I would chose Sea Life. It looks calming and soft. I think it would show stitches well and currently I'm into lacey patterns. Thank you for the give away.

Heather A.

Joan of Arc looks so intriguing!!!!


Joan of Arc would be my choice. Love the colors

Maxine Linville

I am in love with Berlin. Those deep jewel tones do it for me every time!

Beth w.

Berlin is absolutely stunning, look at that red!

Mary C.

Joan of Arc is the one. I've always had a fascination with her and to combine that with sock yarn - what could be better?


Definitely Joan of Arch!


Tough call. I'd go with Sea Life because it looks peaceful and serenity-inducing, which would be a delightful change from this hectic summer.


Berlin; because is reminds me of the album art of U2s Achtung Baby, which has been in my regular playlist 20+ years.

Joyce McCartney

SeaLife because it is not in my normal color palette

Faye W

Deep Sea Jellyfish is just so much fun!!! Would be pure joy on the needles.


Joan of Arc--reminds me of a summertime sunrise!


All so lovely! I would choose Fang. I love the color and it makes me laugh because my grandaughter's is losing her baby teeth and hoping for fangs.

And I am also very tempted by Whimsical and Livid which would make a really great 2 color shawl like Sand Layers or Twice as Nice


My favorite is volcanic eruption. I love all those gorgeous reds and how well they go together. There's no jarring shock between different colors. Sometimes I like that, but it just depends upon the colors. Gorgeous.

Caitlin A

Volcanic Eruption, because it reminds me of the colors they've found on the walls of the houses in Pompeii and Herculaneum. But that might be just because I'm a weird historian.

Corlene Forde

I would choose Deep Sea Jellyfish. The colors are just FAB-U-LOUS!


It's hard to choose just one but I would pick Volcanic Eruption as it reminds me of the fall colours that I love so much.


Berlin! It looks like I'm in the minority here but this color combo is so unusual that I'd love to see how it looks knit into something. Of course, I love Sea Life also, but it's so safe compared with Berlin.


Deep Sea Jelly Fishfor sure. Why? It has my favourite colour combinations, pinks, purples and tangerine shades. I just looked up deep sea jelly fish and guess what...the yarn is very aptly named! The real jelly fish are beautiful and have these colours. I remember the purple ones from my childhood. We were scared of them.

Kris C

Love them all, but Sea Life is my favorite!

Barbara Russo

Berlin .... The color mix is just gorgeous !!

Judi Kennedy

BERLIN. The colors are fantastic and it looks like it would make up as a yummy pair of socks.


They're all beautiful but I think I would pick Sea Life because I don't normally knit with light colors and I am trying to branch out. I normally gravitate towards dark pinks, reds & purples. This color just feels so calming and I need some peace and calm in my life right now. :-)

Sandy W

Sea life--it's so summery.

Rose Birchall

Volcanic eruption. They are all lovely.

Bev G

Always love the creations of Miss Babs. All are gorgeous but I love the mix of brights and darks in Sea Life. Reminds me or bright fish hiding among the rocks.

Olivia Giuntini

Volcanic eruption. I need to go back to Hawaii, even if it's just in my knitting


Sea Life - reminds me of the many shades of the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea I enjoyed last summer.


Sea life since it's summer and beach time and I'm not at the beach until September!


I would choose sea life, I like how soft and subtle it looks compared to the others.


Deep sea jellyfish - purple is my favorite color. Sea life is a close second and is such a calming colorway. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous colors!


Sealife just like the ocean. Wonderful and relaxing.

Rachel R.

They are all beautiful, but the cool tones of Sea Life are all really appealing to me - probably because we've had several days of 90 degree plus weather!


Deep see jellyfish! Sooooo pretty.

Terri Brinegar

I love blues, so it would have to be sea life!


Volcanic Eruption is gorgeous. A friend' so husband is a volcano expert and this would be a great gift.


Volcanic Eruption would be my choice (today).


Berlin for its vibrant, diverse colors.

Leslie Fehr

It would have to be Sea Life. I have a friend with beautiful silver hair and a shawl in this would look fantastic on her.


Volcanic eruption is very pretty.


Joan of Arc. I love all the different colors, yet it all seems to combine together beautifully!


Love Berlin!


I've been knitting a shawl in a dark color and would love something cool and refreshing like Sea Life to knit for the summer.

Leigh Ann Brown

Sea Life - summertime means the beach - my favorite place to be. I can see it knitted in a shawl


Berlin😃 (but they are all lovely!!!!!!)

Karen machado

Berlin, please! Germany and the yarn are wunderbar! I have deep sea jellyfish and it is so lovely, but this color reminds me of castle hunting, there, in the fall!


Deep Sea Jellyfish! I am a sucker for unusual names, plus I love the magenta and orange combination.

Sandra Dodson

Sea Life - reminds me of being on a beach in Florida


Berlin. I love the colors separately...together they are brilliant!


Deep sea jellyfish - love those bright pinks.

amy g

I think I would have to go with Sea Life - have the perfect shawlette pattern and I need a little blue in my life!

diana foltz

deep sea jellyfish--nice pop!


My favorite is Berlin--I like the richness of the colors. For some reason, I'm needing vibrancy in my knitting life.

Martha Ballew

Berlin or Sea Life. Berlin would make a gorgeous shawlette. I can see Sea Life as a great pair of socks.

Lisa T

Probably the deep sea jellyfish. Love those colors!


I would choose sea life. The colors are so restful, it is like looking at the ocean. I could use some peace in my life lately, as we have been taking care of my in-laws while my father-in-law has been in and out of the hospital for the last five weeks. I could use a "trip away" knitting with these colors.

Beverly Rampe

Sea Life for me. It just looks so calming and soothing.


In love with the beautiful color variation in the Joan of Arc!!!


Love the Sea Life skein because it makes me think of nice cool temperatures and places. Summer has been REALLY warm in Colorado and wish I could find a nice pool and stay there.


Ooooh, such a difficult choice! Team Babs does such lovely work! I'd pick Sea Life (though Deep See Jellyfish is such a close second). Love them all!


I have to say Sea Life! I love the soothing colors!


Volcanic eruption. I knit socks mostly for my teenage daughter. She would love the name as well as the color!


Wow. A favorite. That's a hard task!! I think my favorite would be Deep Sea Jellyfish. I LOVE the vibrant colors in it, esp the purples.


Choose just one? I am drawn to all these colors. Ok, I will go with Volcanic Eruption. Love the color combination.

RuthAnn Cromwell

Sea Life. I immediately thought of projects I would it for.


Joan of Arc! Love the colors!


Deep Sea Jellyfish! Because jellyfish are awesome and so is anything that combines bright pinks and oranges! (But seriously, jellyfish are awesome, especially the ones that kind of glow that purply pink color. That skein has that same purple pink glow to it!)

Lisa B.

I'm drawn to Berlin because of the rich, saturated colors which brings to mind the cooling days of fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

Julie Olsen

I would have to choose Joan of Arc because I just returned from a trip to France and it reminds me of the awesome time I had there.

Jenny T

Deep Sea Jellyfish because I love purple and jellyfish.

Dee S

Sea Life. I love the subtle tones of the color.

Marjorie Millner

Volcanic Eruption, because I live in the Pacific Northwest. If she made one called Earthquake, I'm sure I'd want that, too.


If only for today....Berlin, takes my breath away! Your welcome, the song will be stuck in my head all day as well:)


Berlin. First impression was red/green Christmas-y colors. Second look says no see the yellow purple lavender and blue..

Annette Poole

Tough decision but I have to go with Joan of Arc. Love all the colors together. This would have a great pair of socks!

Barbara G.

Sea Life. Light & airy, reminding me of sea side in spring. Love.


Berlin-- because the colors are really interesting; and I would be interested to see them knitted up!!!!!


Sea Life is speaking to me most at the moment probably because it is summer and some of my favorite memories are trips to the beach, both when I was a child and with my own children. Berlin intrigues me too though as I've seen it knit up and it is a fun colorway!


I'm torn between the cool hues of Sea Life. But I also like the luminous brightness of Deep See Jellyfish. I think Sea Life wins in the end simply because I find less variegated yarns easier to work with.

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