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June 27, 2016


Andrea Rademacher

Volcanic eruption looks like an awesome knit. What a fun contest!!

Meridith Ellis

I love volcanic eruption. I'm a red headed hair colorist, and all the tones in that match the light reflection of a perfect head of red hair!

Sarah Legg

I would be thrilled to knit with any of these colors, but if I have to choose one, it would be Sea Life because I am just dreading not being at the beach right now and this makes me feel a little bit closer to the "sea life".


Volcanic Eruption! Love those purples and fire-orange


Sea life looks amazing (really they all do) I love the colours which is why that would be the one for me.

Wendy T

Pooh, Joan of Arc! Thanx for the give-away!

Mary Cherrey

Berlin is my favorite! I have always loved that color way…… primary colors are the best! Thank you for the giveaway!!


Berlin. I love all of those colors and would love to see how they would knit up. Thanks for the chance to win!


Sea Life,.... because it's just so soothing and pretty!


Definitely Joan of Arc. Although I'm not big on yellows, I love the way the yellows and oranges meld with the pinks and contrast with the more neutral colors. Love it!


I think looking at the Sea Life color makes me feel a couple of degrees cooler!


Sea life makes me want to head to the beach!! Would love that!


Ohh soo close between Volcanic Eruption and Sea Life....but I'm already looking forward to fall so the warmth of Volcanic Eruption wins :). I hope I get to try this yarn! I haven't tried something so variegated yet, and I understand Miss Babs is wonderful.


Gah! I can't choose... Berlin if I have to choose one but Volcanic Eruption is a close second to knit something to remind me of our recent Hawaiian vacation and got to see the eruption in progress.


I have to go with "Volcanic Eruption" - scarlet, chocolate and aubergine -what's not to love there? Although "Berlin" reminds me of Times Square in NYC... But I haven't been to Berlin so...


Sea Life definitely speaks to me...calm and cool. I am normally more of a bright colors person, but it is hot and humid in my neck of the woods, so I could use a little more cool and refreshing.


Oh, so hard! I love them all! But, I'm currently working with a color close to Sea Life, I just was gifted with yarn close to Deep See Jellyfish, Volcanic Eruption has too many purples to use for Red Scarf Project, so I think I choose Joan of Arc. Beautiful mix of many colors, with short runs of color - it will be beautiful!

Thank you for the contest!


Sea Life, because I think it would work up beautiful!! But I also love the Deep Sea Jellyfish because it looks bright and fun!! I love them all, thanks for the chance to win! :)

Nancy Griswold

I just love the Deep See Jellyfish!

Then I scrolled down and saw Sea Life....

What beautiful,colors! It would be too hard to choose just one!


Volcanic eruption because I love the fiery oranges.


Joan of Arc

Amy Hesting

Deep Sea Jellyfish is one of my favorite colorways. I'm a sucker for the orange & pink combo. Throw in a little gray and I'm in heaven!


Wow! Gorgeous all! But I'd have to say Sea Life is my fave (but followed closely by Joan of Arc). I love the blue-green is Sea Life - it seems perfect for summer!

Rachael  Foster

My favourite is sealife as my dad was a managing director of pleasure world who built sealife centres in the UK. He lost his battle with cancer in August. The name and colour reminds me of days out as a child visiting centre's all over the country.

Paige Parkin

Oooh. They're all so lovely. That Joan of Arc though. Strong colors + strong women 👊🏻!

Kelly Schmidt

Berlin immediately jumped out at pretty!


Such a tough choice, they are all so beautiful! Joan of Arc keeps calling my name though. Beautiful socks or a cowl could be made with her :)

Julie V.

Joan of Arc - for the colors and the name!


Volcanic Eruption! I'm more of a blue/purple girl and have been trying to work with other colors outside my comfort zone. This one would definitely fit!

Lauri B (plumtown)

I adore the Joan of Arc colorway - not just because she was a strong woman from history and I'm all about girlpower but also because the colorway uses all my favorite colors!


Definitely Sea Life. It calms me down just to look at it!


I would have to pick Sea Life. It's such a soothing, cooling color! A close second would be Berlin - love the strong clear colors!!

Vanessa Robinson

I would have to go with Joan of Arc. Those colors speak to my heart.

Hilary Hoffman

Joan of Arc, it's got all my favorite colors in it


It's always so hard to pick just one of Miss Babs' colors, but I think today I would choose Sea Life. It seems so perfect for summer!


I would have to pick Sea Life. Looks cool and refreshing. So very pretty and subtle

Susan K.

Berlin Takes my Breath Away! See what I did there?


It would have to be Sea Life! It's calming and blues speak to me!


Miss Babs is one of my favorite dyers! Choosing a favorite is always difficult but in this case I would choose Sea Life. It just reminds me of long tranquil days at the beach:).


Berlin is stunning. It's rainbow, but with a grown up twist. Beautiful!


Toss up between Berlin and Sea Life

yolanda v

I'd choose Joan of Arc.

Jane Piotraschke

What a wonderful giveaway!! Joan of Arc would get my vote, its beautiful!

Leslie H

That Joan of Arc just jumped right out at me! So beautiful!

Angie Whittle

Joan of Arc! Thank you for the giveaway. ♥


Sea Life! Because it would be like knitting at the beach in my living room.


Berlin, because it reminds me of a fabulous trip there a few years ago. So many good memories and I absolutely love, love, love the colours.

Jill Schroeder

Berlin! I made a Brickless with it and it's gorgeous! Plus, it coordinates with just about everything I wear.


Sea Life. I love the soft shades of blue.


Sealife because it looks so cool and calming. Perfect for summer weather!

Renee Anne

I think Berlin is my favorite but Joan of Arc would be second. I'm not quite sure why but something about those two call to me :)


Deep See(Sea?) Jellyfish just calls my name! I love the brightness and can't help but think of finding nemo when I see jellyfish

Luanne Garcia

Deep Sea Jellyfish...just because I love fun mixes of colors!! If my name were drawn, I'd be thrilled have any one of them!!!


I have always loved deep sea jellyfish. The colors are wonderfully bright.


sealife is my choice ... I miss living bayside. my yarn choices are always the greens and blues of resurrection bay in beautiful downtown seward, Alaska.


Almost an impossible choice for sure, but I have to go with Deep Sea Jellyfish. That iridescent purple pulls me in every time!

Paula Zent

Sea Life is the Best,the colors remind me of summer and the Beach.Its so Fun and Bright!!😎


Joan of Arc! It looks like the color variations in those skeins would be an adventure to knit!


It would be Deep Sea Jellyfish. This color just made my heart sing. I've never knit any Miss Babs yarn and would love to try it.


Berlin looks amazing.

Geraldine Scott

Deep Sea Jellyfish! Love those bright pinks and purple!


Love 'em all!! But to pick just one would be Joan Of Arc, I'm a sucker for yarns with luscious yellows and rusty browns. Thanks for the summer fun!


Berlin, no contest! Love those bold, clear primaries


I'm torn between Deep Sea Jellyfish and Sea Life (clearly I need to head to the ocean), but I think the former wins out today.

Karen Murphy

I am really drawn to Berlin. Such vivid colors! I have heard so many good things about Miss Babs yarn but have never knitted with it.

Marty Mishler

Berlin is a great combo of my favorite colors..


Berlin. It makes me smile.


Sea Life. I've always felt a strong need to live close to a large body of water - an ocean or Great Lake. Those colors remind me so much of Lake Michigan as seen from the elevator lobby of my doctor's office on the 23rd floor of a Northwestern Hospital building. The shades of pale blues/greens & out at the edge -as far as the eye can see- a narrow strip of dark, almost navy blue.


Deep Sea Jellyfish! Purple, pink and orange are my jam! Such a happy explosion of color.


Joan of Arc is so delicious! The rusts with the pinks just makes me want to cast on silver beautiful socks for fall!


Deep Sea Jellyfish. The colors just pop and it just gorgeous to look at. It is just a very happy color.

Lisa p

Sea Life because it just looks very calm and tranquil!


Joan of Arc, because she has been a heroine of mine since I was a child! (And the colorway is beautiful, too!)

Diane Murray

I would definitely use Jon of Arc!!! Beautiful!


I like Sea Life but blue-ish is my usual choice, maybe I should go bold if I win and pick Deep Sea Jellyfish?

Maria R

Berlin. The colors are great.

Sandra Sprouse

I love Joan of Arc, those are definitely my colors!!!


I would pick Deep Sea Jellyfish, I have coveted it for so long! I have knit with Berlin and it is gorgeous, I love her colorways! Thanks for the chance to win!


Deep Sea Jellyfish because of the gorgeous, bright pink.

Kate s.

I love Berlin! Both the city and the color way.

Penny Mosher

I'm loving the Joan of Arc colorway - don't know that I've ever seen it before. I love Deep Sea Jellyfish and have used it in projects already. Love Miss Babs colorways.


Joan of Arc would knit into some awesome socks.


Has to be Volcanic Eruption - cause us sock knitters are a force of nature!!


Volcanic eruption- the colors are gorgeous!


Sea life, though they are all lovely. Sea life reminds me of sea glass found on beaches.


Volcanic eruption for sure. I'm a sucker for anything red, purple, orange or pink and this skein has it all?


I like sea life it's beautiful & I haven't had any thing like it.


Berlin ismy fave!


I love Miss Babs! All of their yarn! Sea Life makes me dream, knitty dreams about shawls and socks and heels and toes.....


Sea Life is calling to me. It seems such a cool and calming color, just what I need right now.


Very hard choice since "all of the above" doesn't seem to be an option! After much waffling, I have to pick Sea Life. I need calm in my life right now and this colorway personifies that.


If I had to choose any of these lovely yarn colorways, I would definitely choose Berlin. I think that the combination of complementary warm and cool solid colors splotched out on the yarn would make for a wonderful pair of boot or even knee-high socks or an bold scarf of cowl that could make a plain fall or winter outfit pop.


Berlin for me! I keep thinking of going there, and what would be better than knitting a project with yarn of the same name! Perfect vacation knitting.

Amanda Guthrie

I love them all but I think Deep See Jellyfish is my favorite!


I love the deep sea jellyfish - the hot pink just makes you want to dance!


It's so hard to choose! I think Berlin is my favorite du jour. I love when primary colors play together! Thank you for the giveaway!


Sea life or volcanic eruption. Not fair asking me to choose!


Deep sea jellyfish. Or Berlin.

Lugarda Cappetta

Sea Life; I'm in the mood for something subdued.

Joan Horn

Volcanic eruption! Love it, lav it, MUST have it!!!!!!!!!

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