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May 12, 2016



Mannertreu, of course! Purple and green, my faves together.

Kris C

Love several of them, but my favorite is Stiefmutterchen, because pansies remind me of my Mom (they were her favorite flower, because they look so happy). :)


I'll got for Mohn as poppies are my favorite and I love how the red and purple work together.


Stiefmütterchen. I'm not sure pansies are my favorite of the flowers, but I like the colors best.

Lisa Sauer

Tulpen! Reminds me of the gorgeous tulips at Keukenhof!


Definitely Mohn. It's just a happy color combination, makes me smile.

Paula DeMarco

I like all of the colors, but Mannertreu would be my choice. The tiny purple violets are so sweet.


I am not going to try to type the word and will just say 9112. It's sort of rainbow-y and I don't have any rainbow socks.

Maria R

Rosen. I like the color combo

Marjorie Millner

I like Mohn, #9111. Very cheery!

JoAnne B

Stiefmütterchen - I LOVE purple and orange pansies. Second favorite Mohn - red is my favorite color but the combination of purple and orange in pansies is spectacular.


Stiefmutterchen (pansies) is my favorite because the combination of purple, orange, and gold reminds me of fall flowers, which are my favorites because of the richness of color.

Diane Eskritt

Tulpen is cheery and I like the stripe pattern but I choose Flammemblume because I can't resist purple.

Jane Penrose

My favorite is 9113, because everyone needs Stiefmütterchen in their life!

Nancy Griswold

I would pick # 9114 Phlox. I just love the light purple and blue together. It's very pretty.


Tulpen is my favourite of these. The joyous red and yellow with the contrasting leaf colours are so cheerful and spring-like. And up here in Canada we haven't even had the tulips in bloom yet. So this colourway gives me hope.

Geraldine Scott

I'm normally a tulip sort of girl, but, this time, Rosen makes my heart sing!


I love the colors in Mannertreu!

Barb R.

I love them all but I'm going to pick Mohn because I love red ( they really are all gorgeous) and I love that red & purple combination.

Thanks for this opportunity!!

Min N

Stiefmutterchen definitely! Bright and cheery colours. Thank you for the giveaway:)


I like the Mannertreu because it looks like the little purple flowers that grow in our grass. haha


I love flammenblume.

carol green

Evidently not as popular, my favorite is 9116 Margeriten. I love the cheery yellow contrast with the gray. Thank you for the contest!!


I love purple and green together and usually that would be my go to combo. I'm really enjoying the pops of pink in Flammenblume though, so that's my choice! They're all great mixes of color. It's fun to see the floral inspiration.


mannertreu ... any combo with green is the best! thanx for the opportunity to win some opal sock yarn.


Tulpen. Tulips are my favorite flower and I will buy just about anything with a tulip on it :)

Kate s.

Mohn! Love the colors and because I love mohnkuchen!


Flammenblume! My old house had a great hillside that exploded with phlox every spring, just beautiful!

Karen G.

Mannertreu catches my eye first. Love how the green and purple complement each other. This is a great collection of very wearable colors- love their floral inspiration.


I like all of them but 9115 is lovely. Mannertreu!

Renee Anne

Mannertrau would be my first pick (and I see it's gone from the shop!) but the second would be Margeriten because it's my favorite flower.


So hard to choose ! But I'll go with Mohn, because there's a hole in my souls that can only be filled with purple and scarlet poppies and blue salvia are so uplifting and exciting!


Steifmutterchen, in a heartbeat


Definitely Flammenblume, though the Rosen did tempt me.

Marty Ward

I love Rosen.....reminds me of the roses I'm anticipating in my garden!
Really beautiful colors.


9113 is my favorite.



Kimberly Schutt

They are all so lovely, but I think my favorite is Männertreu because purple and green are two of my favorite colors. :)


Mageriten. I like the blue/gray and yellow. I have no socks in that color. Hmmmm


Mannertreu is my favorite!

Janet Gay

Rosen. Just a beautiful combination.


9113 BECAUE pansies are my favorite.

Allise Vicens

The pansies! They always have such beautiful variations in color and can stand up to the spring chill.


Mannertreu!! Purple and green means spring, budding trees and lilac
bushes. Truth be known I will knit any of Opal's yarn into socks.

Louisa Neveau

My favorite is the Margeriten yarn. Such beautiful colors, and I love daisies.

Trisha O'Leary

Margeriten is my favorite in this collection

Selena Smith

Margeriten! Daisies are the happiest of the flowers :)

Lugarda Cappetta

John. It is totally outside my usual color choice and I need to get out of my rut.

Lugarda Cappetta

I meant MOHN. Poor proofreading skills.


Stiefmütterchen, because pansies always remind me of my childhood watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland. They also seem to sprout up like weeds all over my parents' landscaping, but my mom is so fond of them she can't bear to pull them all out.

Rose Birchall

Any of them because who doesn't love Opal! But my number one is color 9115 because purple and green are perfect together.

Linda Van Der Werf

Tulpen because I love tulip.

Rhonda Atkinson

Stiefmutterchen is my favorite. Here in Oklahoma they bloom spring, summer, fall, and I have had them last under snow and ice. The colors are beautiful together. Thank you.

Olivia Giuntini

Flammenblume, if I had to choose just one:). The colors are so springy!


Rosen 9117🌹 It's always fun to look down at my feet and see a pretty red yarn that I've knit into socks.

Ashley Gibbons

I like the daisy and the phlox. But we are considering Daisy as our baby's name right now, due in August. So I think I would choose that one. :)

Kim Loppnow

My favorite is Stiefmutterchen. Purple has been my favorite for as long as I can remember and my favorite flower to plant is the Pansy. As the poem by Jenny Joseph starts 'When I am an old woman I shall wear purple'.


Flammenblume is my favorite!!


I love the Flammenbleu since I wear a lot of those colors and they all go so well together!


I like the Mohn because I'm in the Midwest too, and there's nothing like that pop of red against the green grass that let's you know its spring time!

Anne Malmberg

Husarenkopfchen! My daughter loves yellow and would love a new pair of socks!


I LOVE Flammenblume! The colors remind me of Spring , the season I love the most!


I love 9113 (Pansies?) - the colors are just so beautiful! There is no deep meaning for me - I just like the way it looks. :)

Christine C.

Stiefmutterchen because potted Pansies in early spring are uplifting!

Joyce McCartney



Margarite. So sweet and I would love wearing these socks.


Rosen...I like the pink and green together.

Dari Trout

It would have to be flammenblume. I just want to lie down in all that; so peaceful.


Mannertreu. It's a nice color combo and I saw a flower just like that yesterday. :)

Pam Hunter

I like the Stiefmutterchen (pansy) as pansies have always been my favorite flower.
They remind we of loving thoughts, Spring and all the good things to come. The faces (the darker inside part of the flower) seem like they are always smiling.

Shelley Bowman

I would love Margeriten - the color combo is so fresh, and the name reminds me of my grandmother, Maggie.

Venice Smith

I'd actually like a pair of socks in each one -- I love them all. But, if I could only pick one, I suppose it would be Flammenblume (with Rosen a close second). They're beautiful!

yolanda v

Like several but I choose Stiefmutterchen. Because Pansies....they make me happy!


Mannertreu. Purple is my favorite color, I wear a lot of green, and I like that the striping is a bit more subtle in this colorway.


Mannertreu for me, too! I think green sometimes gets overshadowed in our appreciation for flower blooms, so I love that this one has a lot of green!

Amy C.

Rosen for me. Those colors just play so well together.


I am going to say Mohn,,, it's a little different than my usual pick of color, but it's calling my name.

Betty Kay Seibt

When I was a little girl, we lived across the street from a lady who grew the most beautiful pansies. They were huge! She was very educated, taught Latin before her marriage, and very well read, but she talked like the goose in "Charlotte's Web"--every thing three times, three times, three times. She would call me over to her driveway and hand me a beautiful cut glass shallow bowl with one perfect huge pansy in it to carry to my grandmother who was bedridden. I have never forgotten her trust in a little kid-- the expensive bowl AND that beautiful pansy. So--the pansy colorways!


Mohn. Love the poppies and love bright socks!


I think the pope color is beautiful.


I'm usually drawn to purple and green combinations and Mannertreu is lively but I'm really drawn to the poppies so have to say Mohn #9111. Thanks for the opportunity to win a skein!


Stiefmütterchen. Love the pansys and the color!


I really like Rosen. Thanks for all the yummy updates!


I love tulpen!


I'd have to pick Männertreu. It reminds me of sitting on our deck with the lilac bushes in bloom. Besides I love purple & green together.


Flammenblume! That colorway drew my eye immediately.


Mannertreu-I've been wanting to knit some purple socks!! I'm usually drawn to pinks...

Tabitha B.

If I had to choose a favorite, I would choose Tulpen because I love the simplicity of the primary colors chosen, but the striping and arrangement of the colors gives the yarn a unique finish.


This is a toughie. Ok, I will go with Rosen but Flammenblume is a close second. I just love the flowers and the colors in both anyway.

Hazel Swoboda

I love the pansy Mum's favorite flower!


Tulpen because tulips are just really beautiful and it was just tulip festival time in Pella.


I would have trouble deciding between #9116--Margeriten (I do love sunflowers), or the beautiful red, orange/purples of #9111 Mohn.

Rebecca Miller

I love daisy's so I would pick Margeriten #9116.

Renee Spampinato

Mannertreu 9115, definitely. I love purples and greens playing off one another. Beautiful!




Mannertreu - there is something about the purple and green combo that is speaking to me. ;)


Stieffutterchen,,the pansy one. I actually like them all but the contrast of colors in this one is gorgeous. It's also different than anything in my stash and that would be fun!

Pat W

Rosen, they are my favorite flowers and colors!

CJ Brady

Margeriten because the colors look like an abstract patch of daisies. I love daisies because where I live the Blackfoot Daisies are the first flowers to appear in the Spring. Love it!


I would pick Mannertreu. The colors are the same as the Creeping Myrtle, Violets and Spiderwort that carpet my wooded property every spring.

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