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May 10, 2016



I would love to be able purchase some of those sock blanks! Any chance of seeing those in your store?


The yarn bowl & vase are really lovely. I'd've been asking about patterns for those fantastic gorgeous sweaters from Shelridge Farm. My experience at fiber feats has been that I just get overwhelmed by all the beauty & number of choices & find it hard to decide what to get. But then I've never been at a fiber fest that had Jenny the Potter as a vendor.

Barb R.

Oh. My. Goodness. So much yarn-y wonderful news. I know I would have creative overload and want everything. Thanks for shrine.

p.s. Love your lamp - very pretty.

Barb R.

... Me again. That should say "yarn-y wonderfulness" and "Thanks for sharing."


Autocorrect strikes again!

Lisa Sauer

I second the comment regarding sock blanks. Would love to see some at SSYC, even if for only limited offers. (most of the ones I have seen are by very indie dyers)


And a third for the sock blanks!

Cindy Kuipers

I am interested in patterns for the sweaters shown in the Shelridge Farm booth, especially the green and purple ones in the top right of the photo.

Susan Osann

Glad you were able to attend. Perhaps we crossed paths. Hope you also had an opportunity to visit some of the area's LYS in Baltimore, Frederick, WDC, Alexandria, and environs. Did you check in with Anne Hanson at Knitspot? Glad she had a presence at the festival.


Those ITW variegated skeins are stunning!

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