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April 29, 2016



Thank you for being here for all of us knitters. Love your website and all the wonderful yarns you offer. Congratulations on 11 years!


Wouldn't miss the party for anything!!! Woohoo!

Marjorie Millner

Congratulations! You know, I have a friend who keeps trying to convince me that I love yarn and knitting so much that I really should open a yarn business. And I keep telling him that you already did exactly what I would have done, and you are doing it much better than I could! So I'll stick with writing and playing music (and being retired) and I'll congratulate you and wish you all the best for the next 11 years and I hope many more after that! By the way, Rachel, the yarn goddess behind Wanton Fibers, has just moved to Fort Wayne (or is in the process of doing so.). Fort Wayne is now my Mecca more than ever.

Judi Kennedy

Thanks so much for being here. I live in the woods, really, and there is no place within more than 50 miles to buy quality yarn. If it weren't for you, I'd have gone to another hobby.
Thanks again.!!!


So wish I could be there but I'll be on the west coast tending the grandkids while my daughter & son in law go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. I think I've been buying yarn from you for about 9 of those 11 years & have seen the growth. You've managed to greatly increase your selection (& I suspect the number of faithful customers) & still keep the wonderful customer service. That's not something that happens often. Your shop accounts for about 90% of my yarn purchases. The rest is mainly from JoAnn's - Lion brand yarn for hats & afghans. If you added Cascade Pacific & Pacific Chunky, I'd probably never have to shop anywhere else! I will not be there in body but I sure will be in spirit & online! Congratulations on 11 years of making knitters happy.

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