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April 20, 2016



I have two of the Nest baskets from previous kits and they are awesome. I just got another one... so pleased.. great kits. Thank you


I have one. How did I miss the other 2? It's the perfect size for the vests ill be knitting for my partner & myself. Is there any chance Lornas Laces might have dyed a few skeins too many? I really wanted that kit because I LOVE the yarn but it was sold out by the time I remembered to try to buy one. I did get the other one which is great because I'm a tea drinker (we even spent $100 to get special electric tea kettle which will bring water to the correct temperature [boiling is too hot for anything other than black teas) &, of course, I love Poste yarns. But I really want that LL yarn.

Lorraine Chan

I second how beautiful the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Lyme Regis looks. If it was ever available again, I'd definitely order multiple hanks.

Paige McGhee

I would like to see what you all are knitting with the Lornas Lace Speckle dye yarn. I can't decide ... Socks?..

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