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March 09, 2016



Can't wait to grab a couple of these sets! I am finishing up a pair of socks from the Valentine's Day kit now and this yarn is a dream to work with!! These new colors look amazing!


I agree. The yarn from the Valentine'sDay kit was wonderful to work with and feels great to wear! Can't wait to try more and love the pattern suggestions.


Just snatched up a set! This will be my first time trying this yarn, and I can't wait! Love the surprise element too. Now I just have to wait...


I snapped up a set (or maybe two) because when we ran into a little extra money, I told my husband that we needed a plan as to what to do with it. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I think we need more yarn." Who am I to argue?

I'm planning on a couple pairs of Laurelhurst socks.

Mary C Silvestri

Sounds great to me!


Ann, yet another reason we adore your hubby!
Jody and Anne, I loved knitting the Valentine yarn too! I have just one sock done though.

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