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March 03, 2016


Joyce McCartney

I suck at movie trivia and have no clue who any of them are :)

Barb R.

It's so sad because I don't know any of them either, but I love the yarn. I think I need a couple of those skeins. ( you know, I just can't knit fast enough - so frustrating!!)


Well, I'm not the only one who doesn't know who those couples are!


I only know Liesel and Peter from "The Sound of Music" (?) That being said. The yarn is beautiful.


I think that we are living on the wrong continent to know and recognize these names. Great idea tho and the colours are great. I hope that there will be an answer sheet!


I don't recognize the names either. I do love the color ways. I might have to get some!

Lisa B

Goodness,I recognize not a one! Evidently we're watching to much of the ID CHANNEL. Thanks much for the giveaway.

Lisa B

Goodness,I recognize not a one! Evidently we're watching to much of the ID CHANNEL. Thanks much for the giveaway.


Oh my, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that has absolutely no idea who any of these couples are!


Wow, I've never heard of any of them. I'm not a movie buff, but I expected to recognize at least a couple.


I have no idea, that's bad but I love the yarn


No idea, although I do have a friend Dana married to a Rob!

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

No idea who these couples are. I thought that since this is German yarn, maybe it is famous German couples. But all I can say is I a so glad that Allison sells Opal Yarn - it is the best yarn to knit socks for my husband. Yardage and color are great, and since my husband loves popcorn, I am going to have to order a few skeins. Thanks, Allison !

J. Hall

I don't recognize any of the couples! Thanks for the giveaway.


Don't recognize a single couple! Are they German movies? Until recently when CGI replaced plot, I've gone to the movies weekly & seen just about all the top movies now I probably go about once every month or 2. I look for "small movies" like Brooklyn. I love Irish & British movies. Hollywood? Not so much anymore. But I do love this collection especially Lisel & Peter & Lotte & Hans.


Big fat zero. They are lovely though!


Good grief! I don't recognize a single couple!! Love the color ways, thought.

Ann Templin

Micha and Conny , bullies in the book and movie called Let the Right One In

Ann Templin

Lotte and Hans were underwater film and photographers and Lotte a diver and actress


Lisel and Peter from the Sound of Music is the only couple I knew!


Only Lisel and Peter because someone else mentioned it. The colors look fun though.


I am going to make a guess that Lisel and Peter are from the Sound of Music. I may call my friend who is from Germany.

yolanda v

Sheesh....not a one.


We have an echo....none are familiar. Would be interested to learn which films.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't recognize any of them. I do like the colors of Alex and Wanda!

Nancy Griswold

I draw a blank in most of the couples. My only guess is that Liesel & Peter are from The Sound of Music. I wouldn't draw a blank on the Opal yarn, though. I love the stuff!

Julie V.

I only recognize The Sound of Music couple. Guess I need to watch some movies!

Kate s.

All I recognize is The Sound of Music.


I only recognize the couple from Sound of Music.

Karen G.

Just Liesel & Peter for me! Opal self-striping is always beautiful, though.

Patricia Richardson

I only recognize Lisel and Peter from The Sound of Music. Once again another amazing collection from Opal. Loving all the colors even though I have no clue who any of the other couples are. Hope I win a skein.

amy g

I don't know any of them. I tried looking for some of them on google and send a warning to those of you at work! (as a side note - Lisel's boyfriend in Sound of Music was Rolf)

That one is my favorite colorway though, so I think we should rename it.


I only know Leisel and Peter from the Sound of Music... love OPAL yarn...


Goodness! I only recognized Leisel and Peter from the Sound of Music. Which is my favorite musical! I'd love a skein of that!


I am going to say Alex and Wanda are from A Fish Called Wanda -- because the yarn has orange/gold in it, and I forget the name of every other character in that movie except Wanda! So I'm going to say that one of the other fish must have been named Alex. :-) These are great colors!


None! Not a single one. I'd be taking a guess on any of them, but I sure do like the colors.

Syd T.

LOVE the yarn! Not a clue about the couples, not much a movie watcher, distracted by my knitting.


Leisel and Peter are the only names that are familiar. Sorry. Always love knitting with Opal yarn. Like to watch the colors change.


I only recognize Leisel and Peter from The Sound of Music. Don't watch German cinema!

Judi Kennedy

I'm obviously not a movie buff or I don't read enough but I don't recognize any of the couples. Love Opal yarn though.


Never heard of any of the couples but the Opal yarn series is exceptionally interesting. One of my children spends a lot of time in Germany..and she is a Ill ask her this weekend.


Never heard of any of them, but I do love a couple of the names .... Thanks for the contest!


Just one - Lisel and Peter from Sound of Music. Pretty yarn!


Lisel and Peter sound like two of the siblings in Sound of Music.
We eat popcorn at the movies, so these are probably all characters in movies well-known and loved in Germany. 😉

Robin V

I don't recognize any of the couples - but it looks like I'm in good company!

Stephanie Stagner

I really don't recognize any of them..apparently I need to get out more..LOL


I'm glad it's not just me that didn't recognize any of them! Apparently I need to watch more movies, what a good excuse this is :)


I'm another who doesn't recognize any of them - I guess I don't watch very many movies.


I don't know these couples either. I like the yarn though!


I don't think there's a Peter in The Sound of Music, plus the Liesl in that movie is spelled differently than the one on the poster, so I don't know a single one!

Barb T.

I know none of the couples but certainly am up for a contest. Someone said there was no Peter in The Sound of Music, but I think there was.


I'm not sure that this is correct but looks like alex and wanda and for wanda sykes, the actress, and her wife. I love Opal yarn. I love to watch the colors change and transform into a beautiful design. gotta love the colors in this yarn. Plus Wanda lived and worked in Maryland!!!!

Maria R

Don't know any of them. I hope to get to know the lovely yarn.

Lisa Sauer

Ok, I too recognize Liesl and Peter. I did find that Lotte and Hans were famous for underwater films and projects. None of the other pairs yielded much, though perhaps I should add "Germany" to the search terms!

JoAnne B

The color combinations are fantastic!

Lotte & Hans "Under the Red Sea"

Laura & Chris "Open Water"

Liesl & Peter "The Sound of Music"

That was hard!


Liesel and Peter from The Sound of Music are the only two I recognize. Didn't stop me from purchasing 5 colors of this beautiful and fun collection, however. Opal is my favorite sock yarn. Thanks for keeping the collections coming. And I love that you give us a price break, too. I can buy more!

Marjorie Millner

Alex and Wanda are from "I Was A Teenage Vegan." Wanda was actually Alex's mother, and Alex had to educate Wanda about the plentiful amounts of protein and phytonutrients in his remarkably tasty Moroccan tofu/kale pizza.

This Lisel and Peter are a different couple than the teen lovers in "The Sound of Music." These two are actually the star crossed pet lovers from "Midnight in Berlin," who realize that, after becoming vampires, they sadly must give up their Schnauzer, Fritz, because he suddenly looks a bit too tasty.

Lotte and Hans are from a slightly more middle of the road story. "My Beautiful Jaws" tells the sweet tale of a girl with malocclusion and her loyal boyfriend who stands by her even when she needs full metal braces. He does call her "Jaws" for the duration, however, which she does not appreciate at all!

Rupert and Heide are the admirably optimistic and creative octogenarian lovers from "Let's Try It This Way," a touching film about how the prevalence of Viagra can raise (wink wink) some interesting issues in the days of hip replacements and arthritis.

Dana and Rob are from the film "The Trial of the Teacake," in which two teenage boys volunteer to help guard an Osprey nest in Scotland on the shores of the Loch of the Lowes near Dunkeld. Unfortunately, this being their first trip to Scotland, they fall prey to the multiple yummy treats available from the Coop grocery store in Dunkeld, and fall asleep on the job after eating a whole packet of Tunnock's Teacakes apiece. (Spoiler alert: the Ospreys and their chicks survive despite this dereliction of duty, but both boys end the summer looking a bit pregnant themselves.)

Micha and Conny are from "Sun in the Dumps," the story of two brilliant high school students who save the world by designing a machine that can safely grind up any sort of dumped waste and, using various sifting and spectrometer methods, sort it into its various elements for recycling into new products. The machine runs on solar power and is carbon neutral, itself. (In the sequel, "Sun on the Sea," they also design a floating machine of similar design that can safely scoop up all the plastic trash floating on the world's oceans without endangering any of the sea life, itself.) (Oh how I wish this one were actually true!!!)

Bernd and Vronni are the devoted married couple from "Seriously??", a film that follows the efforts of Bernd, a concert pianist in possession of a 12-foot Steinway, and Vronni, a string bass player, to join the hottest housing trend in Portland, Oregon: tiny houses. Oops. Not gonna happen. They finally accept that they are just not "cool," and head over to Voo Doo Doughnuts for apple fritters and maple bacon bars. All is well in the Rose City in the end.

And finally, Laura and Chris!! Doesn't everyone know these two?? The famed couple from the soap opera "Dumkopfs Need Love, Too," they are the poster children for all clueless lovers everywhere. From forgetting birthdays to saying anything but "No, you are a divine goddess" when Laura asks Chris if these pants make her butt look big, to saying the wrong name in bed (some people wonder how someone may have several sequential lovers with the same name, but it does come in handy...), Laura and Chris give us all hope that we too can find our soul mate and make a go of it, even if the path may not always be smooth.

(Disclaimer: any resemblance to the actual lovers named on these Opal skeins is purely coincidental. I just love Opal yarn and felt they should all have a story here.)


I'm SO not a movie person, perhaps because I grew up without television and very little radio. I have seen The Sound of Music and remember Liesel but not Peter! Anyway, liking movies isn't correlated with liking sock yarn. These Popcorn colors are really lovely.


Hmmm. I was going to guess that maybe these are characters from more recent movies, none of which I have seen. If they were from some classics, I might have recognized a few, but I don't recognize any of them either.

Renee' Sawyer

Oh my gosh...I don't know any of them! Feeling very out of touch...haha...and I do watch movies.


I don't recognize any of these either but kudos to Marjorie who knew them all. But the yarn, lovely Opal is just gorgeous, my favorite so far.

Rhonda Atkinson

I didn't know any of the movies. Not seen a one of them. But I do love Opal yarn. These are lovely as usual.

Sarah (3Trees on Rav)

I thought of The Sound of Music and A Fish Called Wanda...but after reading Marjorie Millner's post, I think I struck out completely. Clearly, I need to watch some films while knitting with this lovely yarn!

Sandra Hugie

Peter and Liesel are the only ones I recognized, but I love, love the yarn colors!

Geraldine Scott

Phew! Making a comment just in time! Sadly, the only one I recognize would be Lisel & Peter in The Sound of Music...loved that movie! I guess I need to get out more! Thanks for the chance to win (on my birthday, no less)!


Wow, big fat zero for me - my other half wouldn't be at all surprised as he's the movie buff in the family.

Linda Reynolds

Liddell and Peter from the Sound of Music.

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