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March 10, 2016



There are sooooo many pretty greens, but my absolute favorite has to be Leaf in Hedgehog Fibers Sock. It looks like the forest in late summer, when just a few trees have started to turn.


Poste Yan Yak Luxe in Great Dismal Swamp speaks to me. If I hadn't ordered today already, I'd be ordering it!!


Dream in Color Smooshy in Emerald Darkness! Oh my yes please. <3


So many to pick from...I love STR lightweight (the twist! the squish!) and Green Daze is a wonderful combination of several pretty greens. I think it would look like a field all knit up!


I would say SG CashLuxe English Ivy!

Nancy Griswold

I would love to get the TurtlePurl Yarn Striped Turtle Toes in the STRIPE ABSINTHE colorway! It is just soooo yummy!


Such a tough choice! I do love most greens but find I really prefer the true greens instead of acid or neon. So I have to go with WW Artio Sock in Twelve Oaks. Such a beautiful, deep color.


I love the Malabrigo Mal Rios 051 Vaa. Super subtle but gorgeous.


Definitely Madtosh Merino Light in Shire!

Pam Hunter

I just finished using the DIC Leprechaun Ballet. It made me want to do a jig.


I have to pick just one? Then it would be the STR lightweight in spawn on scum...or the Poste Yak luxe in great dismal swamp...for the names as much as the colours!


I kept going thru the different yarns and the colorways. I was writing down one and then another would catch my eye. I am going to go with Cashluxe English Ivy. But there are a number others that I like too.


These kinds of questions are always so difficult. Just one out of all those terrific greens? Today at least, I'd have to pick Madelinetosh Fir Wreath. I like how it varies across the different bases, and I especially like the darker versions of it (Pashmina, Tosh Sock, and Tosh DK).


Greens are some of my favorites. I've got at least a dozen tabs open at the moment, and that's after I narrowed it down. But for the moment (because you aren't asking me to pick the only one for the rest of my life), I'll go with Hedgehog Fibres in Damp because it's almost the color of the ocean in the shallows of a sandbar.


I've had my eye on Malabrigo Rios in Fresco Y Seco.

Kathleen McCunn

I've had FiddleKnits Mint Chip on my wish list for several months. It's such a soft lovely green.

yolanda v

My fav is MT Twist Lt Grasshopper...


I love the variations of the different greens in the Miss Babs Cosmic, Swamp Thang.

Geraldine Scott

I don't knit enough (or fast enough) to knit with holiday colors! I'd be buried in UFOs!! Not a huge fan of green, but I could love some Tosh Pashmina Seaglass! Thanks for the chance to win!


Wow, this is tough!! Do you know how much yarn you have! I love Poste yarn
However, if it can't be one mentioned in the blog, I do like BMFA STR LT Tomatilla, but your own Poste Yak Great Dismal Swamp is absolutely the best!


I really like sKNITches Nimble Toads. Spring is springing and rains are coming. Soon my daughter the frog whisperer, will be out catching frogs like she does every year. This yarn reminds me of some of the great little hoppers she has brought home.

Anne Westbrook

It was a lot of fun looking through the greens, because that's not typically a color I look for. I was surprised how many I liked! My favorite is the BC Boreale Emeraude (pardon the spelling please). I love it! It's like a brilliant gemstone as well as the freshness of spring.

Marjorie Millner

I like Alpaca Sox 1870 Watercress. I do hope Alpaca Sox is a consistently good seller for you because I have been impressed by the beautiful patterns in the multicolored colorways, and I always make Alpaca Sox for my sister. I need to make a pair for myself one of these days!

Renee Anne

I'm honestly eyeing a couple of them, both Poste Stripe: Green Bay Pride (because I'm from Wisconsin and even though I don't give a rip about football, Green Bay will always be referred to as "us") and Paradise City.

Apparently I have a thing for self-stripe yarns, even though I lament finding patterns to fit them....


So many greens. Abstract Fibers Super Sock has a wonderful green, Sweet Pea. It is a just right green with some flashes of other colors. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!


I am a bit behind on the sock craze (I'm still working on my first attempt months after starting), so I am drooling over the Madeline Tosh DK in Jasper. I tend like my greens to lean towards blue, but the Leaf Green almost had me too.


Oh so pretty! I would pick BFMA STR Jade maybe for Samadhi scarf or Socks on A Plane. And I am knitting with the season. Working on Sea Wall Socks in Mineville Moss(green).

Stephanie Stagner

Zyg Serenity 20 in New Apple. I love all those apple greens!! I need some luxury socks in my life!!


Such a difficult this particular moment Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Into the Woods. Followed closely by many others :).

Rhonda Atkinson

I found many pretty ones but think I love BMFA STR in Green Daze the most. Would love to win more yarn!

Joyce McCartney

Madeline Tosh Seaglass. I just recently discovered it and oh boy do I wanna get my hands on it

D Bean

The DF Djinni Aurora Borealis is killing me with its beauty. How had I missed seeing that one before now?


I like Socks That Rock Lightweight in Mr. Green Jeans or Green Daze.


Love Hedgehog Fibers Sock Hunter, looks very St. Patrick's Day!


The color Copper Turquoise would make a
perfect cowl - - with New Apple - - a
nice hat, as a set.
These are quickies to knit and always enjoyed by our College Granddaughters.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I love all the Opal yarn in greens. Love knitting green socks - I guess it because I love green, too. I especially love the Copper Turquoise and the Zen Yarn Garden New Apple - that is just beautiful.


Crystal Palace--copper turquoise is gorgeous!


Madelinetosh Merino Light in Maple Leaf! So yummy.


It has to be STR LW Mr. Green Jeans and it's absolutely just for the color name. I miss Captain Kangaroo, Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Moose, and Grandfather Clock.

Am I showing my age?

Amy C

Black Triilium Merilon in Malachite is so rich and delicious!

Abby M

I knit with the seasons FOR SURE. I love dark moody colors in the fall, and I always reach for greens in the darkest of winter. January almost every year I'm working with green until April!

I love Miss Babs' Cosmic Swamp Thang! I love her greens. I spun a sweater from her fiber in the most delicious neon greens.


So many beautiful colors and yarn!
My Pick is the Fleece Artist Trail Sock Cedar!


Hundreds is right! Wow!!! I don't know if I'd ever looked at all the yarns, and I found some things I reeeeelly want!

The green that most caught my eye was Poste Patina Yakushima Forest -- gorgeous!

Tricia F

Really love some of the ones in the blog entry, but since you asked for something not listed..I'm loving DF Djinni Villainess. Sucha a pretty green.


I like the Zen Garden New Apple.

Alecia Helton

There are so many to choose from! It's close but my favorite is MT pashmina in Seaglass.

Beth L

I've always liked green and purple together. Red Heart Super Saver through Cascade's Casablanca. And I'm still a sucker for self-striping yarns, so I'll have to go with Opal Yarn's Schafpate 7 in 8904, Albwanderung :)

Christine C.

The Dream in Color DIC ES Tart looks lovely for a pair of lucky Irish socks!


5 tons of sock yarn and you ask to pick ONE colorway?!? This is torture!

For a true green, I'd say my number 1 is Sweet Georgia Lucky, but since there was no way I could stop at 1, here's the rest of my top five...
Malabrigo Water Green
Dragon Fly Coral Reef
Primrose Mermaid Scales
Wooly Wonka Arianrhod Rainforest

What a fun question!


Cascade Heritage Pine is the most gorgeous green. I would totally love socks made of it.

Stephanie Perras

Hedgehog Fibers Sock in swamp!!!

Diane Jespersen

I am a lime green freak and I love Socks That Rock. My two favorites are Flip Flop and Fruity Loopy! Amazing colors.




There are so many gorgeous greens on the website, but the one that really sang to me was Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Villainess. wow, so wonderfully green!


My favorite color is green so I just so happen to be knitting green this week! I have malabrigo sock in lettuce on the needles but man, that Socks that Rock Lightweight in Spawn on Scum giving me major yarn envy! Happy Knitting!

Robin V

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, in the Happy Forest colorway. I knit a baby blanket in that color, years ago (the recipient is now 4), and have loved that color ever since.


So hard to choose! I've been on a green kick for months now. But I think my top one would be Turtle Purl Stripes Absinthe. Love those greens and love that it's striping.

Rose Birchall

Green is my favorite color too! So, I would choose Fiddle Knits, Aria Sparkle Sock: Mystery.

Dari Trout

I 💘 Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock! Navy Pier for me!


I'm not a big green knitter, buy my daughter really likes green. I'd pick the Regia Mood 4997 Spiral as a treat for her.


There are so many great yarns and colors. It's like being a kid in a candy store. But since I have to choose one, here goes...I choose SG CashLuxe Lucky.

Amy Hesting

I LOVE Hedgehog Fibers Sock in "Hunter"!


green! any shade, tone or hue ... but today, i'll order for my st paddy's day birthday,
Sweet Georgia, CashLuxe Fine: Lucky. how lucky is that?!


I agree it's almost impossible to love just one green but I do LOVE Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock, Waistcoat . Perfect shade of nature. Sea, grass, moss, trees,etc.... Most lovely!


BMFA STR Mr. Green Jeans!


I love that Zen Garden in New Apple.


Can I choose a variegated that gives an overall effect of green? I'm captured by Schneewanderung, in the brand-new 8-ply from Opal.

Judi Kennedy

I like greens, but my granddaughter LOVES green. Her favorite is Spawn Scum in BMFA. (I think that's what its called). I try to keep to the green palette when I knit for her.


I love green and especially the green in Sun and Sea Assparkilate by Cyborg Craft Room!!!

Joan Grahlfs

So many great choices! I just finished the Trigonometry Shawl with Poste yarn Yak Lux and it makes the whole garment glow. Love that yarn.
For socks Zen Garden is a favorite. New Apple says spring is here. I love it.


I am not just a plain green girl.. but I love the greens in Yarn Hallow, Mythic Shield...

Marcia H

Love the Abstract Fibers SS+ in Sweet Pea. While it's not entirely green,it reminds me of all the greens in nature that surround the colors in flowers. Love it!


Oh goodness, so many choices. But the Black Trillium you posted first grabbed my attention, also the Sweet Georgia Grouse at the end.

Janet Miller

Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in Gaughin's Island. So much depth and dimension!


I think my favourite might change from day to day. Today the one I really love is Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in Villainess. I do tend to knit more green this time of year; a reaction against the drab colours of winter.

Sue Nelson

I love al things green but I today the Primrose Helix in Loki is the one that stood out!


I just love the name of Poste yarns yak luxe - The Great Dismal Swamp!


My favorite is BMFA STR LW in Mr Green Jeans. It has a great selection of greens, but the name is the best. Love the Captain Kangaroo reference!

Andrea Rademacher

Almost impossible to pick just one!! ☺

Loved the CCR ASSPARKILATE SUN AND SEA reminds me of trip through the aquarium, all greeny blue. But just incase that's not green enough, the frog belly had me in stitches!!

Linda Bazinet

BMFA Socks that Rock Green Daze! So many beautiful green yarns make it hard to choose but Green Daze gives me several delightful shades in one skein. Just love the touch of Socks that Rock as well.

Renee' Sawyer

I love Dream in Color Smooshy in Green Lantern and Alpaca Sox in Dandelion and of course all the green SSYC yarns!

Rachel R.

The Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Cousteau - oh my goodness!

Janet Duff

I choose Madeline Tosh Sock in Jade. It's beautiful! I guess I'll stop with just one. Thanks!

Penny Mosher

I'm liking Hedgehog Fibers - Sock Leaf colorway.


Madelinetosh Pashmina in Fir Wreath looks beautiful!


Hedgehog Fiber Sock in Hunter is gorgeous.


I would choose blues for myself, but my daughter's favorite color is green. So I often shop for green! It's impossible to choose ONE, but I like MT PASHMINA FIR WREATH. For starters. I also like MT PASHMINA THYME--myself!


Three of my favorites are: SW basil; FA BFL Ireland and LL Daffodil.


That's a hard one! But my absolute favorite yarn that has green in it is Poste Black Lagoon. I love that color way so much I almost hate to put the socks on because then I can't see it! Poste's Wizard is a close second.

Barb T.

Oh my gosh; I love Fir Wreath by Madelinetosh!

Lisa T

I like the Smooshy 'green lantern' cuz it's pretty and I'm a nerd (now picturing Ryan Reynolds in spandex)

Weirdly the current wip socks are green, which I don't usually care for, and it didn't even occur to me it's cuz I'm seeing green everywhere for st paddys.

Martha Anne Moulton

Green yarns always call out to me and Hedgehog is my latest craze- thanks for introducing it to me! They do amazing greens. Skinny single in Shamrock or Hunter or Leaf......

Kate s.

Too many to choose from! I think I would knit Unique Sheep Gradiance in Brigid. It reminds me of the transition of muddy spring to early plant sprouts.


It's so hard to choose! I love green, although it's less interested in loving me. I think I'd have to go for Wooly Wonka Fibers, Arianrhod Sock: Twelve Oaks- the depth! The color! but her Rainforest gradient is probably better for me to wear. So gorgeous!


I love the gentleness of the shade Watercress, Alpaca Sox by Classic Elite. It looks delicious! And the yardage is great for a scarf/ shawlette like Hitch hiker, for example.


Wow! You really do have a great selection of beautiful greens!
So hard to choose!
Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Into The Woods


A great pattern for a green variegated yarn:

Lisa B

Primrose Yarn's Zig Zag Sock in Mermaid is a very enticing colorway and as this company is on my "must try" list it would be double win for me! Thank you for the giveaway :)

Candice Hope

This one. there's a touch of green in there, no? It's unlike any color way in my stash. I tend to go for the reds and purples but my favorite color is green. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Ann W.

Don't have a lot of green in my "collection". Beautiful yarn and lovely colors. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Love the Cousteau from Madelinetosh (also Mill Pond - striking green).

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