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February 01, 2016


Susan Hill

Love these bags and have several in different sizes. I limit myself to working on two projects at a time. I keep several more projects ready in totes to start as I finish a project. Then I can just pick up my tote already loaded with yarn, needles, pattern and accessories and I'm ready to go. If I'm knitting a large project but I'm at a point where it just requires some easy knitting and I want to take it with me, I just put the yarn and needles in a small bag to carry with me. Yes, I admit it. I'm a very organized and detail-oriented person. It works for me. My daughter who does not knit loves these bags and I get compliments every time I carry one. Thanks Allison for introducing me to them. Think I'll order another.


Susan, your organization is enviable! While I have adorn of these bags myself, many are filled with half finished projects and or bits of yarn leftover on old projects. I should get more organized!!


I love these as well! And, I've got quite a few of the large bags which are great for a shawl using more than one color. Like Susan, I like to setting up future projects with all the required bits and needles in their own project bag. They reside in a pretty wicker basket(large) by my chair and serve as a lovely focal point of color in my living room.

Susan Hill

Leslie, that's a great idea. Mine are stacked in the closet awaiting use. I have several large Lantern Moon baskets that will be perfect holding the bags.


A great idea, Leslie! They are so lovely, why not put them on display?


I adore the medium wedge Bird Leg bag that was part of the Halloween kit a couple of years ago. And I've gotten so many compliments on it. To me it's the perfect size & shape. I'm not as fond of the tall skinny wedge - it's harder to find things in it. Is there any possibility you'll get the medium wedge in that sheep print? If not, I'll have to try to find it elsewhere. Can you take special orders on the Bird leg bags?

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