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February 03, 2016



Zombie bar b que. Love the colors and the name!


I love Zombie BBQ (partly just for the name, I won't lie, ha), but I'm also really loving the new grey/ purple in the photos above!

Susan G

It's hard to choose one...Childs Play would make great socks or a cowl


Oooo...I am loving Multi Humbolt right now...beautiful!


Venetian Spring is my fav, followed closely by Cattails. These colourways area bit of a departure for Lornas in that they are very subtle and painterly. I love the unusual combination of colors, and the restful, peaceful feelings they invoke.So excited to add these to my huge stash of Lornas Shepherd Sock.

Marjorie Millner

Bittersweet would be my choice. The reds and orange are so rich, it brightens my mood just to see them going across my needles. I'd like to see how it knits up with just those few shades or tints in the colorway. I would make socks, probably a vanilla sock pattern.

Nichol Wojcik

They are all gorgeous but I think my favorite is Multi Child's Play, so bright & fun. I'm doing my best to master sock knitting so I'd make a new pair of socks :)


I think I'd have to go with Charcoal, as I am always looking for colors that my husband would wear. If I chose this almost solid color way, I could do some kind of interesting pattern that would show up nicely.


Oooh, that's a toughie! Although right now, my favorite is probably going to be Robot Overlord!


Definitely Niagra...I love the water themed names


Oh!! Multi Tahoe is beautiful!


I'm cheating a bit on this one. I love SO MANY of the colors, but have realized that I need more staid socks to wear with work clothes. I'd go with the Pinstripe colorway and make pretty, striped socks for work!


Jeans and Hermosa. I made my sister a pair of socks with Jeans a few years back...hard to part with such pretty socks. It would be nice to knit a pair for me,too. Thanks for the contest.


Turtle Rodeo!!!! Makes great socks!

Teresa Lowe

Christmas at Downton

Belynda Woods

Venetian Spring! Having been to Venice... gotta say... perfect for bringing back memories!

Kathy S


Rose Birchall

Tuscany speaks to me. All are beautiful..

Stephanie W

I think my favorite is Unicorn Parade. Colorful socks are kind of like a secret that I can wear at work in my "grown up" clothes and still feel a little playful. :-)

Louisa Neveau

I am madly in love with Venetian Spring and would love to make a pair of socks for myself. That is a beautiful color.


They're all gorgeous, but I think I like the multi Valentine best.


I really like Avondale - the colors remind me of a flagstone walk or patio. It would be perfect to knit a shawl like Boneyard.


I like the Venetian Spring colorway.


Valentine, partly because they're my favorite colors and partly because my birthday is on Valentine's Day. I'd totally cheese it up and make something with hearts in the design, either socks or fingerless mitts/mittens.

Christine C.

Turtle Rodeo!


Catalpa - for a Cat Bhordi Anemone hat


This is tough -- each page had a favorite or two. I finally settled on grasshopper.


"SHERIDAN" is my fav because it looks like just before dawn, when the night sky is beginning to turn deep blue over the darkness that is the Rocky Mountains. The stars are still visible, and the hint of day is perching on the back of the mountains. But, you have to get up early to see it!

Amy EM

I love Medill because it's pretty (of course!), and also reminds me of the happy times I had when I lived in the Chicago/Evanston area. I wonder if I'd like my current home better if there was a Kalamazoo colorway?

brenda Luce

Driftwood but love them all bet it's a dream to knit with


Venetian Spring is my new fav. I wouldn't knit anything with it for a long time. I would huddle in a corner, caress it and call it my precious!

Colleen Ferber

Multi Icehouse reminds me of Maine coast - tress, water, and sky!

Emily S.

If I had to pick just one, it would be April Showers! Perfect for my birthday!


The Venetian Spring color way makes me nostalgic for the trip I took there a couple of years ago.

I wonder if she'll do a Murano inspired line next!

Sue A

Oh my goodness only pick one?? Too hard!
Turtle Rodeo, The Skyway, and definitely Venetian Spring!
Socks and shawls are my patterns of choice.


Picking one is SO difficult! Turtle Rodeo in a short row cowl wrap!


Hands down, it's Zombie BBQ. One mother was so upset her baby boy outgrew his hat in that color. I tried to knit another but it just didn't want to be (or I just wanted that yarn for myself :-) ).

Mae Robinson

Venetian Spring would make my feet sooo happy!


I love the simply socks color way for he 3rd anniversary. :)


Venetian Spring is my favorite it would make a beautiful cowl

Amanda Zimmermann

Tide pool! Because it makes me think of the beach and much warmer weather!


Right now I'm going to say Bigger on Inside.

Betsy L's gorgeous!

Kate s.

My favorite is unicorn parade! Love the purple!

yolanda v

Multi in Niagara.


Ohh, so hard to choose! Zombie BBQ has long been a favorite but I have yet to get my hands on a skein! I also love the Simply Socks colorway :) I kind of have a thing for pink and brown together!

Donna Gerber

Multi Hullabaloo is my favorite. I love this combination of colors because it reminds me of my childhood.

Sherri Olsen

I love the Christmas at Downton but your new one, Boardwalk, is beautiful!

Andrea Rademacher

LL SOCK MULTI GLEN ELLYN looks like a fun knit. Shamrock shake colors and St Patrick's Day is my favorite!! I'd love to celebrate with a shawl or socks!!


I am really liking the multi turtle rodeo! And the ideas for what I would make are flying around my head! It was a tough choice too so many new and exciting color ways! Thank you!


Campbell is lovely. I like the more subtle color changes in this colorway and I've been drawn to emerald/teal hues lately. It would be a nice pop of color for a winter hat or cowl.

Liz Awsumb

Christmas at Downton! But I was laughing reading the post, because I also have a skein of Arlington in my stash...

Teresa Vadnais

I'm a huge walking dead fan so of course it's zombie BBQ!

Marylou Detmer

I usually go for the purple colorway but the venetian spring is just so beautiful that a pair of socks would be lovely!!


I'm absolutely in love with niagra! So beautiful! I would have to knit up a one skein wonder shawl because that is too beautiful to put on feet. 😊

Sara B.

I've always loved Zombie BBQ - the colors and the name - but Bated Breath was a favorite too.


Multi Miss Sonia, for socks, or a cowl. So many wonderful colors!

Beth B

Venetian spring is gorgeous! Tidepool is a close second...


Pullman. I made the Etoile Hat using the yarn and every time my mother sees the hat she is fascinated with the yarn and how it knit up.

P.S. I offered the hat to her many times but she always refuses. One of these days she may change her mind.

Joanne Christman

I like the name April Showers and the colors. I'm not sure what I'd make. I'd be searching my patterns for inspiration!


Boardwalk - because I keep thinking about summer and summertime means going to the Boardwalk~

Mar feder

Boardwalk, April showers and venitian. So many beauties

Vicki Nelson

I've been window shopping all the colors of this yarn today for just the right colors for a shawl. It is stunningly gorgeous. I love the Niagra especially. It would make such a lovely shawl!

Donna shumaker

I love them all

Susan Hill

Coveting Niagara. Some of my favorite colors together. This would definitely be a cowl so I could wear it with love and enjoy all the compliments from admirers.

Janet Walker

They are all beautiful but I love the first one at the top


Oh boy, I was going to say Cattails, but then I saw Venetian Spring and now its my fav!

Mary Lee

Boardwalk is lovely!

Sarah (3trees on Rav)

Bittersweet - especially around Valentine's Day when I want interesting red socks.


Such a hard choice. I'd love any color really, but I think right now I'd choose Hawaii for many reasons, most of them cold related lol.


Lov the Niagara! Along with s verbal others!! Thanks for the chance!


Multi medill. Love the bright colors.


Venetian Spring. Love the coral and blue. I don't really do socks, so I'd use this lovely yarn for a shawl like Antarktis, or a cowl like Intermezzo.

Amy C

Douglas fir - and I'd knit Little Church Knits pattern Barnswallows with it! So lovely!


Definitely Magnificent mile. So soft and buttery!

Amy Mallison-Austin

Pilsen is lovely.

Karla Pentedemos

I have a vision of the multi jeans knitted into a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts.


I love Kedzie and Geyser!!


Clara's garden,it is springy!


Boardwalk is fabulous! It would be just the tonic for the very gray winter we've been having. And of course, I would knit socks!

Anne Marie

Sock Stripe Bee - go Iowa Hawkeyes!

Helen King

Such awesome colorways to choose from! I would have to say my favorite is Monrovia.


There are so many beautiful colors: multi rainbow and purple club are 2 of my favorites.


Rockwell, love the colors!

Andrea Duran

Multi Devon-----that colourway just speaks to me---I think it days "seasidr".


Sally Jean, I love knitting with red. (but also with blue, green, yellow, gray, purple, there isn't a color I don't love!
I think I'd love to find a not too lacy shawlette to knit with it.

Deborah Avelis

Multi Boardwalk


Oooh the Multi Edgewater is speaking to me! So pretty! Maybe I could make myself another pair of socks....

Nancy Griswold

I would love to get ICEHOUSE, and make some kind of a shawl with it, or maybe a Hitchhiker scarf. I just love the colors!

Leigh Ann Brown

Princess Donna

alene Sternlieb

April Showers is beautiful! I'd make a lacy shawl


Wow this is hard. It would be much easier to maybe pick my 3 favorites of each type. So I'll just go with what struck me from these newer ones & pick Zombie BBQ.


Multi Golden Hills

Cheryl Dumont

I would make a sock head hat , then buy more to make matching socks

JB Pierce

LL Solid Bigger on the Inside! Because it's a Dr. Who reference ... And there's a shawl pattern with the same name.

Beth W.

Avondale is an understated, elegant beauty that has captured my heart. I think a shawlette with a twist of a modern touch would be just the thing.


I have to pick just one??? Okay... I've always really liked Amy's vintage office

Karen G.

How to choose one favorite? Lakeview stands out right now, but so many are so beautiful!


Edgewater! I want to try the weaving equivalent of purposeful pooling, and Edgewater is a nice amount of contrast for that, plus super pretty colors.


I think I'd most like a bit of Tomfoolery ;) it's such a vibrant lovely color that it would have to be a cowl or part of a scarf/shawl.

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