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January 21, 2016



As you wish . . .


The Princess Bride?


Gorgeous!!!! Hope I get one this time!

Barb R.

The Princess Bride - I do believe. (Oh, Jane said it first.)

This is so beautiful - I'm pretty sure I need this kit - I hope I get one, too!


Darn that Canadian dollar


Any chance the mug will be available on its own later if I miss out on the kit?


I didn't have any extra mugs made, Sylvie. But perhaps in a year or so I'll offer them again. They aren't easy/convenient to ship, so we haven't yet sold mugs individually.
Thanks for asking!


Oh how cool, love it all!!

Irma Hendricks

Has it already sold out?


Just when I said I wasn't getting another kit.... sigh

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I put myself on a yarn buying diet, but I just can't resist Allison's kits - and I love Valentine's Day - favorite holiday next to Christmas ! Going to do my best to secure a kit ! Thanks, Allison for another great kit ! Denise


Irma, it doesn't go up for sale until Monday, so definitely not sold out. In a few days LOTS will be available!

Ashley Grant

I'm on a strict gluten free diet. Is there any way we might be able to request a gluten free treat with the kit? I know it's a lot to ask, I just had to ask though


What time are they going on sale Monday?

Donna Silverberg

What time Monday?

Mary Anne

Do you still wind yarn, if it's offered in a kit? I love the kit!


You only get more evil by the day. Please put them by 9 am EST because by the time I get to work and have a minute to order, if I get one, they are gone.

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