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January 25, 2016



Oh, I would so be buying this if not for the ridiculous exchange rate. A 30% saving doesn't even cover it! Oh well, that just leaves one more so someone else is not disappointed...


Oh dear. By 5:00 EST, these were gone. Any chance the yarn will be available again?


This was the very first kit I bought. I either resisted or missed all the other ones...I'm pretty excited about this one! I can't wait to make myself (or possibly my sister) some Valentine's socks. I got some contrasting solids in SSY for cuffs, heels and toes to make them extra cute. Thank you!!!


Darn I was so excited at 2 am knowing it was going on sale. I almost stayed up to try to stalk the release. Count me with those who missed it. Guess all of us can be glad the rest of the available yarn is awesome too.


Such a pretty kit! I missed it though...oh well, will look forward to future kits. Loved the mug and the yarn...

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