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January 07, 2016


Renee Anne

I've noticed the lack of resolutions, as well.....but I have noticed an uptick in people trying to have more focus with knitting: things like Cold Sheep (not buying any yarn), Knit Your Sh&t (which is knitting what we have but not necessarily Cold Sheeping), 16 ____ in 2016 (pairs of socks, sweaters, hats, whatever) and, of course, Year of Projects.

I'm working under Knit Your Sh&t (which is in the LSG forum) and Year of Projects :) I also participate in the monthly LSG threads where you set goals and go for it.


I have noticed the lack of resolutions on my facebook feed also. The only resolution I've made is that I need to slow down on acquiring stash because it is "pretty"lol I have way more than needed for my retirement years, however I know that I will always find a new pattern that knows my name. So, I've resolved to check my stash first before purchasing enough for the project.
Seems to be working well so far as I learn to enjoy my retirement.


I havent seen too many resolutions in my facebook feed too. And me I dont make them because I know I wont keep it. Only thing I want knitting wise is to get into more lacework. I tried that goal last year but with issues that showed up in my life knitting was a comfortzone thing and I know I would mess them up. So this year I want to go into the more lacey work.

Denise Walsh-horowitz

Hi Allison. I, too, have noticed less resolutions, everywhere. I don't actually make resolutions, but I try and make myself feel like I have to something about all the yarn. I actually have sock yarn kits from you when you had the little bags with the handles that sort of looped into each other. This year I joined. Sock challenge of one pair per month. I have so much Opal yarn (from Allison's Simply Socks), that I put it together to knit my husband more socks. What I thought I would do is finish all the stuff I have half made for my husband and some family members. Maybe that will help; I don't know, but this year will tell. I don't want to be the person who dies with the most yarn! Denise


I've never made New Year's resolutions that I can remember. I don't see the point of waiting once I realize I want to change something. If I decide in April that I really should be eating less fatty food & working out more (maybe because beach season is coming up), why would I wait until January 1 to start. If I start right away, I might have met my goal by January 1? I also rarely knit on deadline. Like you I feel it defeats the reason why I knit. I'd also like to see the results of any speed knitting or knit down your stash groups. Right now, I'm going to go order some Madeleine Tosh DK to knit scarves for my daughters & myself. I came across a cute scarf pattern. Why wait until Christmas to knit & give them?


I want to continue my struggle toward cooking more healthy (or at least homemade) lunches and dinners. I also want to finish at least ONE of the two sweaters I have in my WIP pile, that barely got any love in 2015! I am a terrible sweater knitter!!!!


No real resolutions but I do want to be more aware of all the things I have to be greateful for. On the knitting front I want to play with color and texture because it's so fun. And to have fun with the seasonal color ways despite the number of WIPS I may have.

Susan Hill

I enjoy thinking about the new year after the holiday rush is over. I usually have several goals/resolutions for the upcoming year and they have a broad range. In 2017 I would like to walk to and across the Golden Gate Bridge from the Ferry Building. I want to hike more of the trails in the parks, read more books and knit more items. I keep a little notebook of the books I've read and knitted projects I've finished. I admit it. I'm a list maker and a very organized person but it helps me make my ideas happen and gives me satisfaction. As for my stash, well I won't even try to resolve not to buy any more yarn. My SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy) will probably continue to grow and I've told my daughter it will be part of her inheritance. Love reading everyone's post and Happy New Year to all.

Susan Hill

My major goal should be to live one year at a time so please make that 2016 in the above post. What was I thinking? Thank goodness it's not 2017 already.


My resolution is to spend at least 10 minutes each day working on a needlework WIP. I mentioned it to my pals on Stitcherie and a few other folks will be attempting to complete a few WIPs this way as well. So as part of this push, I've started listing what I've worked on. And I'm surprised at how much I'm actually getting done. Not that 10 rows of a fingering-weight lace sock really seems like a big accomplishment for the week, but that sock is 10 rows closer to being done. :)

Renee' Sawyer

I belong to the Carefree group on Ravelry and in the past it helped to push me to knit a project at least 200 yds each month. Now I am retired and I don't feel like I need the challenge. I am knitting a lot and loving it. My "resolution" for the year is to make time to read each day. (So far I haven't done great!) I love to read but I tend to put it on the back burner because I'd rather knit. Hope you have a wonderful year!

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