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January 28, 2016



How many trips did it take for all those boxes to be loaded into the mail truck? Those are big mountainsLOL
Henry is looking so grown up - no longer a "little". I love seeing new pics of him and James.
Love the colorways of the yarns and I remember that there was a hat pattern with one of the club yarns several years ago that resembles the one you are using on the sock. It really does the colors justice.


The sock pattern looks intriguing...


"So knead" hat??
Pattern for sock?
Pretty please!


Hmm, maybe Sockhead hat?!

Judi Kennedy

What is the pattern for the sock in the last picture? It looks really neat.



Ha, yes, a typo. It is a Sockhead hat.
Leslie, I know it's hard to believe that I now longer have a house of littles, but more little guys! They get big so quickly!


can't wait to see what you get in from hedgehog fibres!


What is the pattern for the Hedgehog in Boombox sock? Is that the DK weight yarn or sock weight yarn?


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