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November 10, 2015



Candied yams. :-) Can't get enough of that gooey sweetness!

Judi Schaffer

I have to have stuffing, cooked in the turkey. It replaces potatoes on my plate and the leftover go into sandwiches.

Joyce McCartney

Mashed potatoes and corn casserole


What can't I live without - homemade cranberry relish. I eat it on toast after Thanksgiving for as long as I can make it last.


Stuffing! It is the only time I eat it.

Alecia Helton

Jack Daniels sweet potato casserole

Rene B

I have to have home made baked mac and cheese for Thanksgiving!

Rico Estabrook

Hot open face turkey sandwiches with lots of gravy!

Jude Hartzell

Not very original, but mashed potatoes and gravy. I use the gravy starter from Williams Sonoma because I can't for the life of me make decent gravy, but my family is sweet enough not to mention it. It's the only time of year I have gravy and eat it with every meal until it's gone - if there's any left!

Beth W.

It's all about the stuffing for me! My Mom's recipe is my favorite, but I'm not monogamous, I love it any which way - sorry Mom!


fresh fruit salad and whipped sweet potatoes


I can't wait for my Mom's sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top! My cousin and I used to fight over the leftovers every year. :)


I live in Switzerland now but we still do Thanksgiving every year, and I must make brussel sprouts with bacon and thyme. This recipe will make everyone love brussel sprouts!


I love Green Bean Casserole - made from the recipe on the back of the Durkee's French Fried Onion Rings can. So simple, but I use frozen green beans instead of canned ones.


That's easy, Stuffing/Dressing! My family makes it with lots of butter, celery, and sage. Simple but tasty.


The one food I cannot live without at Thanksgiving (& Christmas) is potato stuffing. It's an old Irish recipe handed down in my mother's family for generations. Everyone who tastes it loves it. It's mashed potatoes with eggs, onions, & bread cubes mixed in. My mother in law loved it. She remarried shortly after my older daughter was born to a man who liked to cook. She called me up & said she couldn't believe it but her new husband made the exact same stuffings. He also cooked lamb stew the same way I did. His family must've been from County Cork also.

Carolyn Frank

Cannot not have Thanksgiving dinner without my Sweet potatoes, layer sweet potatoes, with butter, brown sugar and pecans....and then topped with marshmallows.....yummy....Think of the colors, orange, brown, yellow (butter) and white....aww nice fall colors...What a wonderful dish to eat....
My sister and I make different sweet potatoes...her family likes her dish my family likes mine....always a fight on who gets to bake the sweet potatoes....


Definitely stuffing! Made just like my mom used to make it (and my Grandpa before her)'s the best!


Pumpkin pie...the only time of the year I eat it.


Pumpkin pie! I have tried many recipes and haven't yet found one that I don't like!

Linda Van Der Werf

Grandma Ellen's gravy!

Rose Birchall

Stuffing or dressing and sweet potatoes. And Jellied Cranberry Sauce. The day after Thanksgiving have a turkey sandwich with the cranberry sauce on the sandwich. Yum!


I love TURKEY and stuffing!


Pumpkin cheesecake is my favorite. I cook and purée the pumpkin myself instead of using canned. Here is my favorite recipe.


Hmm Thanksgiving dinners for me over the past few years have been mostly working in a retail store. I have had poptarts from a vending machine even one year a total goofy night that was. The things that have to be apart of my Thanksgiving dinner is stuffing and cranberry sauce of somekind. Mom has gotten some of the relish kind from the deli but the canned cranberry sauce is good too.


On Thanksgiving,dressing and gravy is a must! The day after a turkey sandwich!

Anne Marie

STUFFING! with mushrooms and raisins and water chestnuts. Secret family recipe so no link. Sorry!


Well, the pumpkin pie of course!


My mother invented a pumpkin cream pie years ago because she couldn't stand regular pumpkin pie. It's like a vanilla cream pie with pumpkin and brown sugar and pecans and spice, and if any lasts till the next day, it tastes even better.

Kathleen Reichenbach

Pumpkin pie with homemade crust. My mom's recipe actually came out of the Good Housekeeping Cookbook. So delicious!

Lisa p

Gotta be the homemade mashed potatoes and gravy!

Dari Trout

I am absolutely required to consume (and make) a frozen fruit salad that I found in a BHG cookbook in 1981. My family has required it be present at all Thanksgiving gatherings (even when I had to be at my in-laws!)

Beth L

Old-school pumpkin pie, just like on the back of the Libby label. A healthy layer of Cool Whip on top, and usually birthday candles because 5 out of 7 years, Thanksgiving falls on a family member's birthday. This year it is my aunt's birthday - mine will fall on the holiday again in a few years.

Christine C.

I love the combo of turkey and cranberries!


Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy - any of the extras are just a bonus, but these are a requirement!

Connie Caruso

Stuffing that my mom made. Have it every Thanksgiving. And always say "thanks mom". A great memory that is now being passed on to my grown sons.


Classic candied sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie made the way my mom made it. As low no as I have those two things, Thanksgiving dinner is a success!

yolanda v

Sister in-law's corn pudding.... To die for!


I mash yams ( sweet potatoes ), butter , pecans, crushed pineapple,and honey, bake it until it is hot and bubbling !!! It is the perfect yummy side with turkey and all other lesser sides!


Pies! Pumpkin, Apple, and Pecan! I must have a slice of each! Talk about indulgence!


My grandmother's cornbread dressing is a must-have!

Lisa viviano

It's all about the stuffing! And more stuffing! And (yes) more stuffing!!!!


It's not Thanksgiving dinner without stuffing and gravy (imho).


sweet potatoes with marshmallows - yum.


my Gramma's jellied salad and brussel sprouts. These are a must...along with all of the regulars turkey, sweet potato, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy....


Turkey dressing! The recipe has been in our family for many, many generations and is a must-have favorite at every Thanksgiving dinner.

Karen G.

Love it all- Turkey, gravy, stuffing, yams, pumpkin pie. But the jewel on the plate is Cranberry sauce. Bonus this year-I'll be making homemade cranberry sauce with wild berries my husband and I picked while kayaking this fall! :)

pattye brewer

My favorite food is my moms cranberry bread! It's moist and pretty and smells terrific! But mostly it reminds me of my mom, hanging out in the warm small kitchen peeling potatoes- garlic mashed potatoes is my second favorite! And laughing with my mom. In the background are the sounds of my brother and dad watching football and my two little sisters running around sneaking treats and squealing! I'd be happy to send the recipe if you like but thanks for making all of us knitters take a minute to remember our best Thanksgivings! Very sneaky😜 have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And yes! I'd be very grateful to get some yarn!!! Pattye

Liz Awsumb

Dressing (not to be confused with stuffing!) It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!

Annita Papenbrock

Sweet potatoes with pecans and marshmallows


Cornbread and sausage stuffing.

Della Myers

I love ALL of it but if I had to pick it would be the dressing! I love it!

Marsha Farris

My Mom's dressing & pumpkin pie!


Pumpkin pie without a doubt!

Shoshana silberstein

I love pecan pie. I am the one who picks out all the pecans...cannot get enough. Also the wonderful turkey salad sandwiches we would eat as kids after thanksgiving.I am now a vegetarian but just the thought of turkey on challah bread with mayo and crisp lettuce makes my mouth water!


Garlic mashed potatoes with gravy--such a tasty thing.
For dessert pumpkin crisp

Sarah T

Sweet potatoes with lots and lots of marshmallows!

Geraldine Scott

Gravy makes everything on my Thanksgiving plate taste fantastic!
I started using a recipe that came with my Butterball turkey one year, and I've used it ever since! I also add a few teaspoons of 'Better Than Bullion' chicken flavor (bullion cube that's a paste…comes in a jar) Gives it lots of flavor!


It is the stuffing. Nothing fancy. Has a lot of good memories of sitting around the table, as a kid, and tearing up the bread just so. Carried on with my daughters and now that they are far away my husband still tear up the bread and share memories. Bring on the dressing.

Kate s.

Stuffing! Or maybe sweet potatoes! Or pumpkin pie! I can't choose :)

Lateia  Sandifer

I love the Italian-inspired dressing we have with turkey. There's no link so I'll try to explain. Saute 1/2 onion, 1 package of dried cramberries, 1 red apple and 2 green apples in butter and white wine. Put aside. Brown sweet Italian sausage and cook until done in the center. Crumble a cake of corn bread and in a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Place into a 9×13 dish. Add turkey or chicken broth until it's about 1/2 way up the side of the dish. Place a few pats of butter on top and place in a 350F oven for 45-60 minutes or until browned and crusty on top.


Mac & Cheese!

Joy Adamson

Would love the Trenchcoat Strip. 😉.

I cannot live without my mother-in-law's French meat stuffing. It's an old family recipe. Unfortunately, she hasn't shared it with me yet. 😕


I love dark turkey meat with gravy.

Margo Chang

Pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, not always together, but they work.


Pumpkin pie from the recipe on the Libby's pumpkin label: It also needs to be smothered in whipped cream!


Butternut squash soup. Very spicy.


Stuffing!!! I could skip everything else and just have stuffing with gravy.
I saw a recipe for stuffing muffins today. I won't bother with that recipe - it's vegetarian and gluten free. But the idea of putting my stuffing in muffin tins is intriguing. Dangerous too! What if I had a freezer full of those babies? And little cubes of yummy gravy . . . .


Sweet potato casserole is my favorite!

Cindy Carpenter

White meat turkey cooked perfect and moist. If I could have a whole plate of just that I would be a happy girl.

Lorraine Chan

Bacon wrapped scallops! Beyond decadent....


Stuffing and cranberry sauce. A plate of that and I'd be happy!!


Pecan pie is the favorite recipe, one from my mother's recipe cards! Yum!


home made cranberry sauce!


Yummy sweet potato casserole!!
The link isn't exactly like mine but very darn close!!

Amy C.

Garlicky Cranberry Chutney! It's just not Thanksgiving without it!

Susan H.

Green Bean Casserole


Sausage and apple bread stuffing


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and i really like ALL the food except mashed potatoes. My favorite is the cranberry sauce that my mother taught me to make with orange peel and orange juice. Delish!


Stuffing is my favorite part of Thanksguvinf dinner, but I discovered the hard way that the part I can't live without is the gravy!!

Ann Matson

Please please please don't tell anybody but my secret favorite is a healthy sized serving of Green Bean Casserole. It's probably uncool to like it these days but it is so so good! Now this is just between you and me, right?

Karen M

Candied sweet potatoes and lemon meringue pie

Kathleen McCunn

Honestly, my favorite thing about the feast is the leftovers! Mmmm... Hot turkey sandwiches. Shepherds pie. Caesar salad with hunks of turkey. Mashed potato patties. LOVE!

I've had my eye on a skein of turtlepurl yarn for quite some time. Thanks for the opportunity to win.



Apple pie. My daughter makes it, and I know she's always tweaking the recipe, so I don't have one to share. I do love pumpkin soup this time of year too, I actually have some simmering on the stove right now! Here's the recipe.
You absolutely HAVE to use fresh pumpkin, not the canned stuff. Butternut or a similar squash will do as well.

Teresa Co

All of it?
We tried to weed down the menu, and once everyone added their favorites, we didn't actually drop any recipes. So, Turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, rolls, broccoli casserole, squash casserole, pumpkin pie.

Carol Coombs

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without stuffing cooked in the bird and cranberry sauce. Could live on those two alone.

Love Turtlepurl yarn. Have had my eye the Trenchcoat colorway.

Martha Anne

Mashed potatoes with a well of gravy. The potatoes aren't rich with cream and butter the way they used to be, but I still love them. They are best run through a ricer then just whipped with a fork to mix in the butter and milk or stock.

Johane Anderson

For Canadian Thanksgiving, we always make sugar pie for grandmother's recipe :)


My mom's dressing. Nobody's is as good and I miss it. She's past her Thanksgiving cooking days. I've tried it but can't get it quite right; she didn't use a recipe. Thanks for the contest!

laurie whiteman

Grandma Whiteman's dinner rolls

Lisa B

What we call pumpkin custard but is really pumpkin pie filling without the pie crust - delicious and not hugely fattening. Thanks for the giveaway!


First I have to say my daughter would love that sparkly rainbow yarn!!!! I'd say I most look forward to my mom's dressing/stuffing, and also the traditional green bean casserole. And my new-ish tradition of making homemade cranberry sauce!!!


I could make a meal of stuffing/dressing -- and I have! I combine all the ends of bread in the freezer with fresh cornbread, add some veggies and dried fruit and it's never the same twice, but always delicious.


Pumpkin pie, or pumpkin almost anything!


For Canadian Thanksgiving my must make is a Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Pie. It takes pumpkin pie to a whole new level! Here's the link, but I use a gingersnaps crust instead of the pastry crust.


I make a pumpkin cheesecake that is to die for! It is unbelievably rich and calorie-filled, but I will never stop eating it!


Stuffing. It's my great aunt's recipe and since I now do the family dinners, it's the first thing they ask for!!!


Stuffing and sweet potatoes! And our new favorite Huckleberry Pie


Stuffing, stuffing, stuffing and uncooked cranberry relish.


Pumpkin pie

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