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November 20, 2015



No offense to your lovely family, but I skip the family posts because it makes me feel like a peeping Tom. I like the posts about the yarns, what folks are making, and the shop. I would also like to see educational posts that discuss the pros and cons of working with certain fibers. Maybe some "test drives" of the new yarns would be nice--was it scratchy to work with, but soft after washing? Did it break easily? Did it pill as you used it? Thanks for giving us a chance to request the content. Love your online shop.


I like everything and anything you write about. Love everything and anything about all the yarn, posts about knitting projects, your family/life - your boys are adorable, by the way.

Love it when you make suggestions for ways to use yarn, thanks for all the links, too. Love to see what's happening in the store (it's on my list to get to come to the store one of these days 😊), so much fun to see what you and your great staff are knitting - I truly enjoy it all. Thanks so much!


I love hearing about your family (and the shop employees!). And yarn of course. All of it! I can definitely see the appeal of your schedule. Right now I am not employed, just taking care of the kids. Some days I wish I could go to a job and use my brain for something besides wiping little noses (and bottoms) or diffusing sibling fights!

Susan Hill

I think you do a great job on your blog of balancing between yarn and everyday life which includes family pics. A blog is a personal creation of the writer and you have the right to publish whatever you want. I agree with Barb that I like it when you post pics of knitting projects and include links with pattern suggestions. Blogs about your staff and your shop just make it all the more real to those of us who will probably never get to visit. So just keep doing what you're doing. I love your blog and your business and look forward to new blogs and new yarns and especially those awesome kits you put together.


Keep on as you are. I love hearing about both your family and the yarn.


I love your blog, do not change it, or you. Love seeing the boys grow up, I remember when James was born. And also love all the yarn chatter.

Amy S.

I enjoy your blog about the kids--they are so cute! I also love to hear about the yarn, the shop, and pictures of the projects that have been knitted with yarn for sale in your shop.


I enjoy your blog posts as is. I think you were pregnant with James when I first started following your blog (& buying from SS). I love seeing photos of the boys. But I also love it when you provide links to patterns that can be used with specific yarns. And I also enjoy the photos of finished staff projects. I think you have a really good balance as things stand.


When I was still working, it was hard to coordinate my off time with family since I worked a rotating schedule (for 30+ years). Everyone knew if I was on graveyard I needed to go right to bed when I got home or I wouldn't be able to sleep that day. I was up by early afternoon so could take part in family things between then and when I had to leave for work again that night. I don't think I ever figured out the best way to handle the fact that I seldom had weekends off unless I took vacation time. I guess the main thing I'm saying is you do the best you can.

Love your blog the way it is.


Love the blog as you write it. Lovely balance of yarn, family, and projects. It always makes me feel like it's a store where I belong:)

Marjorie Millner

Not really on topic but such pretty blue eyes your boys have! You must have a really hard time when they want something and the answer has to be "no"! :-)


I come here to quickly see about new yarn. Which is what I expect the bulk of a yarn store blog to contain.

I am guilty of scrolling past anything not shop related. Your children are adorable but that's not what I happen to be looking for.

I left Ravelry so those links don't appeal to me. I generally glance at family photos and projects and move on to other fiber related sites.

That said I firmly believe your blog is your blog. We can choose not to read it.


I first became a customer when you lured me in with descriptions of possum yarn--beautiful stuff (very soft!). I love to hear about new yarn, old yarn, new patterns, new techniques, and especially your interviews with teachers of knitting and manufacturers/dyers. I echo other responders who skip the family information, but defend your right to write about whatever you wish on your blog.


Trying to balance work and family life isn't easy and some days life just likes to throw you a monkey wrench. But, I do think that maintaining only one blog that covers both yarn/shop related topics along with the occasional family portion is the smart way to handle it. Personally, I like the photos about the boys and enjoy watching them grow up. I also love yarn info pictures of finished projects with links to the patterns. Just keep on being the same neat Allison!

Lisa p

I love your blog just the wY it is!

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