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October 02, 2015



Oh man I need that Halloween bag!


Love the fabric for both bags. I often use the Halloween bag from a couple of years ago to carry my wallet, pills, & knitting when on the go (zoos, visiting state or national parks, etc). It's a Birdleg bag & it's so much easier to just dangle it from my wrist. That way I have both hands free to hold a grand's hand, open doors, eat a snack. So much easier than trying to deal with a purse or bag hanging from a shoulder. I've gotten so many compliments on it - how cute it is (& no one seemed to think it odd that I was carrying a Halloween bag in April - but I was in Portland). I've gotten so much use out of that bag. That Malabrigo colorway is gorgeous! And it would be good for most men's socks as well as women's. I'm getting ready to place an order for the DIC October yarn; guess I can add some Malabrigo too!


Just pulled that Piste colorway out to ball up in preparation for my next pair of socks. LOVE IT!

Julie V.

Yes!!!!! Babushkas and Christmas - sign me up.

Dianne Gardinier

I like the Poste socks in Black Lagoon too. It's nice to see it knitted. It is sometimes hard to imagine what it will look like when it is in hank form.

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