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September 29, 2015



How about an umbrella with a handy pen attached!


In French, it's a word commonly used that refers to dusk.
The other side of my brain thinks it's a sound made by a big base drum.


The second-to-last clean bra in the drawer.

The alternate universe version of the Hunger Games Panem. Much happier place with squishy yarn, lots of knitting time and perfect fitting socks! And Peeta.

The meditative state knitters achieve when on a roll with an awesome pattern and perfectly matching yarn.


Penumbra is the scientific term for writer's cramp, when you've gripped your pen too tightly for too long and your fingers start to ache and/or go numb.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

1. The sound made by a pen of sheep as they prepare to be shorn to make yarn; 2. A meditative phrase used by sheep to ensure clean,soft fleece; 3. A response to the question "Where's your pen?".


It's that wall clock in the high school gymn where the PE classes take place.


penumbra--the feeling of taking umbrage at a pen running dry as you are using it.

(hehe, fun contest! thanks for the chance to win!)

Anne Marie

Perfectly appropriate name after the moon this week. I too thought of something in my underwear drawer related to a bra!


Penumbra, noun

The wisps of ink formed on the page when one has fibers stuck to one's pen point.

Marjorie Millner

OK, no one else has gone for it so I will: the regret of a man to be caught in a slight shadow rather than total darkness when found naked in the wrong place with the wrong wife with nothing available for cover except an umbrella.

Robin V

Penumbra (noun):
An abbreviation for "pent-up umbrella". This is an umbrella that is full of suppressed emotion and angst. It is holding itself together through sheer willpower. The last straw for this sensitive umbrella will be the wind from the north. In the face of this blowhard, your gentle umbrella will retreat inside itself - quite literally - and you will be left out in the rain.


Its that drum sound you hear at the end of a joke, especially the bad ones.


Penumbra is the shadow cast in my craft room from my ever growing mountain of stash yarn.


Penumbra is the shadows always seen in old black & white horror movies - like ones about werewolves.

yolanda v

Penumbra is when you have pen in hand to
make a list of all the Tosh colors you want to order, and your um bra pops its underwire. I hate when that happens...teehee


All of these are positively gorgeous. Any chance you could make some suggestions what would be great projects for some of these yarns? Thank you so much!!


Penumbra: The scientific name of "dark math" when your math only vaguely imitates reality instead of actually representing it. (As in the stitch count you cast on two nights ago, counted three times, and proceeded to knit 3-4 inches on at random, snatched intervals during the following days, is nowhere near what is actually required to get that sock over your ankle despite years of sock knitting experience. Penumbra.


penumbra- when you've miss placed your magic wand and are attempting to use a pen instead. Thus you need to alter the standard Abra cadadbra to penumbra!

Virginia Hendricks


a type of light seen in the southern skies when it is snowing and miserable in the north. Southerners laugh and know that they are still enjoying semi decent weather while the north is snarled in snow.


Penumbra [noun] - Taking offense at receiving a dick pic from a random stranger online.

Bahahaha!!!! (source: Penis + Umbrage) :-D


Almost a conundrum, but not quite.


Penumbra (noun): It's what you call a made up word that doesn't mean anything:)
This definition came from my 17 year old son who is sitting next to me on the couch celebrating that school has been cancelled tomorrow because of snow by playing video games-something he hasn't done in a year.


Dontcha know? That's the numbra right before the end so like infinity minus one.


peNUMBra: (adjective) the feeling one experiences in the chest and shoulders when wearing an appropriately sized bra for the first time. Usually accompanied by the inability to pull in a deep breath. Not to be confused with its counterpart anTUMbra, which describes the sensation of little support from a poor fitting bra resulting in unexpected weight on the tummy.

(Discovered when I got a proper fitting bra for the first time. I won't share the cup size, but it turns out I was actually 36 inches around and not the 48D that a sales associate for a popular bra brand was trying to sell me).


Penumbra: the scientific term for the habit of people saying 'um' too much while public speaking or talking while nervous.

Julie V.

A more sophisticated type of math from another country. And it 'must' be pronounced in the thickest of accents.


Penumbra is ink left by a ghostly writer

Beth P

Penumbra- the thing you say when looking for your glasses and realize they are on top of your head!


Penumbra - the shadow bleeding from your pen.

Laura Beutler

Have you read Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore? You should read it. Okay, I'm recommending it mostly because it has the word "penumbra" in it. But it's good!

Teri P

Next-to-last Umbrella... PENultimte UMBRellA. If it looks like rain, better grab it!

Michelle Turner

The conundrum of needing to write something when you have an umbrella in your dominant hand.

Dianne Gardinier

the effects after a solar flare

Mary Chrisman

Burnt umber colored ink for your pen


Does NASA know about these?

Rachel R.

Whenever I see the word "Penumbra" (which is admittedly not all that often), I think of a book I read a couple of years ago called _Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore_. I thought, until reading this blog post, that it was just a made-up last name! So in honor of Mr. Penumbra and his book shop, my definition is "a seemingly small used bookshop that is infinitely more than it seems."


Penumbra - the name of the fancy drink umbrella that also doubles as a pen. These are handy for jotting down sweater pattern names on your cocktail napkin.

Beth L

That faint ink stain you get on the pad of your index finger and/or the side of your middle finger when you write with a Sharpie that has leaked into its cap, the one that remains despite multiple hand-washings.

Rose Birchall

A hat.


Penumbra: a made up number, as in, "I wish I could have a nedrillion skeins of the new Madelinetosh!"

Rudi O

Penumbra: describes the top of an arc.
Usage: Rudi cried out "Penumbra in Twist LIGHT!" at the Penumbra of his leap for joy!


Penumbra: what one must do after casting on 284 stitches and having to recount several times because they forget which " numbra" they have just catst on...causing one to have to grab a "pen" to make marks on paper to help the count accuracy. As in, " Dang it, now I'll have to start all over and penumbra the stitches."

Jennifer L

The color of that numb feeling when your foot goes to sleep.

Maria R

First thing that came to mind was, Pumbaa, the warthog in "The Lion King".

Lisa N

When your face gets an inky color to it because your so angry
I.e.: you got my penumbra up!

Ann Matson

Penumbra: That's exactly what my grumpy husband said when I couldn't open my umbrella fast enough to suit him. By the way, he's more than a foot taller than I and by definition, should be more of a gentleman than I have need to be. I guess I'm just too old fashoined...

Nicole B.

Penumbra is a word to discribe a pen that doesn't run out of ink.


There is also an umbra! The darkest part of the shadow during and eclipse. East coast just had a great total lunar eclipse with the moon passing through the penumbra and then umbra of earth's shadow. Sorry, I'm a middle school science teacher, so I'm one of those geeks that thinks the color is a perfect match to the name.


Penumbra is simply a whole lit of numbers. :)


A conundrum in which one struggles with the desire to go braless while the desired clothing requires a brazier to be socially acceptable.


Ugh not brazier! brassiere


When you write so long with a pen, that your hand goes numb and you have to shake it to wake it back up

Liz Awsumb

Penumbra: noun, the penultimate umbrella, referring to the next to last umbrella available.

Martha O

A pen that writes in the shade.


Penumbra: noun, the spreading circular stain coming from a leaky pen. Usage: "There is a penumbra on the bottom right pocket corner on every one of my husband's shirts." Alternate usage: "The kids entertained themselves by making penumbra pictures with Sharpies on damp paper towels." (Note: Penumbraing as a children's activity is recommended only for children who no longer color their own bodies with Sharpies)


Penumbra is really the correct name for that cute little umbrella next to the swizzle stick in your relaxing adult beverage.


A spell that when said aloud shines moon light on the person who cast it.

Lonormi Manuel

penumbra - the inability to decide between five different colorways of sock yarn, and the resulting decision to buy them ALL; "My stash is huge because I keep experiencing penumbra each time I go yarn shopping."


Penumbra: a unique, unusual method of designing knitting stitch patterns

Penumbra: a popular on-line knitting gaming community


Penumbra: An app of knitting terms. "I'll look that up in Penumbra......yes there an app for that!!!"

Renee' Sawyer

Penumbra is a medical term used to describe someone that has to make multiple trips to the bathroom in a short period of time.

Amy S.

Penumbra is Dumbo the Elephant's second to youngest sister.


You have a pen and it is under an umbrella!


Reminds me of the old TV series 'Dark Shadows"


The situation you're in when your pen has run out of ink.


It's a pen that can only be used to write numbers.


The collective noun for a large number ink-based writing implements: penumbra of pens.


Penumbra is the conundrum of trying to choose just one Madelinetosh color!


Penumbra: The masochistic joy that calculus students feel after solving a math problem they have been working on for 3 weeks

Lorraine Chan

Penumbra - (noun): a sinking feeling of hurt pride when a child asks for math homework help that you previously excelled at, but now cannot recall any useful knowledge on.

Sandra Sprouse

Penumbra - the feeling one gets when one has to look at beautiful yarn and cannot have it all!


Penumbra is the ever so slight shadow cast by the stitch that fell off the needle as it nestles into the other stitches a few rows down.


What you say to your husband when he asks you how much yarn you have...

Jenny K

A writing instrument that can morph into an umbrella during a sudden rain shower.

Lisa B

Penumbra - the light, outer part of my face that encircles the bright red splotches which appear upon realizing I have to frog back umpteen rows.


Penumbra: the background noise that most household appliances make.


Oh my! First thought for fake definition is supercalifragilisticepialadocious of yarns!


Penumbra: The number of the third inner circle on the third outer circle of any pentagon when computed using the Fibonacci Sequence.


Penumbra means "dark aura", an almost black colorway, perfect for Halloween!

Susan Ipavec

Penumbra: the deep hush that falls across the forest when it is just getting dark on a fall night.


The Penumbra is a shy rainforest creature known for it's luxuriant fur. Locals call to these creatures on autumn evenings and bring them indoors to brush and collect the fiber.


Penumbra is when your hand is numb from holding the pen grading for 4 hours straight and your brain and hands need a knitting break!

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