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September 10, 2015


Maureen A Sacchetti

Love it all...But, that sweet Sheep bag and its yarn, are superb...When can we expect the Fall Kit to be available? ( Not too anxious am I ? ) Tee hee...Best, Snowhugs




You had me at Fall Kit! Then you add in Miss Babs, Bird Leg Bags and Susan B. Anderson---be still my heart!!


All my favorites, Allison - can't wait !!

Merle burton

Come on give us hint. Midi yrs are twitching. Gonna be hard knitting with twitchy fingers. The only cure is to know when

Merle burton

Oops, see it's suppose to be my fingers.

Morina harrold

I want. I want it all. I wish i could just load up my shopping cart and crochet the rest of my life. Im a beginner crocheter and ive seen lots of yarns but i think ill be using more of these yarns for my project the colors are just amazing!

Courtney Pierce

What is the last color?

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