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September 09, 2015



I am knitting QuickSilver, love it, such a nice pattern from Melanie Berg.


I'm knitting a Hitchhiker, a Scoreboard KAL scarf, and a pair of socks. I also have a Granny Square blanket project in my car to work on at stop lights!


Gorgeous yarns & wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the change to enter : ) Right now I am knitting 2 shawls, 2 pair of socks, & a pair of fingerless mitts. I have definitely started thinking about holiday knitting. Just finished an ornament! No deadlines other than Christmas : )

Lisa T

Socks, socks, and socks. Also there's a shawl KAL I'm supposed to be working on.


I am knitting Halloween socks in the Show-Off Stranded Socks pattern with the Socks that Rock from last year's Halloween kit.


Well, according to my Ravelry page I have 24 WiPs... mostly socks and shawls.

Angie W.

I am knitting socks for my daughter and Ingot by Lisa Mutch of NBK.


I am knitting too many things to count (almost)! Let's see...Scoreboard KAL Cowl, Jimi Shawlette, Red Riding Hoodie, Cold Mountain Shawl, Lotus Shawl/ socks on the needles at the moment, but if I won one of these I sure would cast on another pair!

Adele Danielsen

I am knitting a pair of socks - Gable Socks by Cookie A. This is my "year of the sock" - one pair each month.


I am knitting goldfish by tincanknits!


I'm knitting a pair of Nain socks (gorgeous pattern!) out of STR in Lauma, a tea cosy (using up yarns that have been in my stash since before Ravelry), a couple of scarves, and a blanket. And of course I'm itching to start a few more things (a Hitchhiker with the STR Chickabiddy I just got, for instance). And yes, I have plans for holiday knits. Have I started them yet? Nope. And there are only 106 days left!

Jodie E

I just finished a gaptastic cowl for a birthday gift and am working on Christmas gifts for my family. :)


Taking a little break from socks (*gasp*) to whip out some baby projects. But it's soon back to socks to finish up some holiday presents! And somewhere along the line, I want to work on a shawl for me.


I am knitting socks and getting ready to start a new shawl.


Socks at the moment. Some regia yarn as a matter of fact. Love all the yarns! As for Christmas, thought about it, but have a lot of obligation knitting to catch up on!


I am knitting the Churchmouse Linen scarf, a poncho and a pair of pop-over mittens. I plan on starting a hat next!


My husband and I have been married 7 years, and I'm finally knitting him a sweater. I call it the 7-year itchy sweater!


Finishing off some socks and a Featherweight, and just started Laar laceweight and a simple reversible cowl. No deadline knitting for me!

Merge burton

I am knitting a pair of socks out of Regia digital 6971. Might actually become my favorite. Not knitting anything for this holiday this year. I think if I did everyone would probably run away from overload.


I'm knitting your chevron baby blanket for my dear friend who is due at the end of November. I'm using a few less colours than you used in yours though. Looks great so far! Thanks for all the fun of the giveaways and congrats on 10 years - here's to many many more 10 year increment celebrations <3


I am working on a pair of socks right now with a infinity scarf almost finished. I am just about done with my Christmas knitting.


Working on a gift swap deadline!!!


I have too many projects on my needles! A sweater, two pairs of socks (two at a time style) and four shawls!! But at least one shawl-probably two are presents for people. I am not doing much holiday knitting-don't have a lot of knit worthy people. And I wave and laugh at the deadlines as they pass me by (like my mothers birthday present....that's still on the needles nearly two months after the day).


I am knitting a pair of socks from Arne & Carlos yarn and a Traveller's End sweater.


I have 3 projects on needles right now; socks, mittens for a friend and Ben (designed by Susan Anderson). I need to get another one on quick, I've got a grand daughter's birthday coming up in a month and I wanted to make her a doll as well. Beyond that, there are too many projects in the que to count!


Awesome prize!I am knitting Sundottir; i'm praying that all of this wool in my lap will usher in the fall weather.


I have three projects on the go now. a pair of socks, a three sisters scarf, and i am trying to knit my daughter a sweater. My first attempt at a sweater.


Just cast on a Shalom cardigan. =)


I am currently knitting the Heinz socks from the Op-Art Socks book, and an Ondelette cowl.

I love Regia yarn, and could certainly use more of it in my stash!


I am working on Tristano, starting the Curious Handmade KAL tomorrow, doing Mimic for the Joji Locatelli KAL and those are the active ones, I have a whole bunch hibernating. . .

I would love to get my hands on that yarn!


Finishing up a sweater right now...hope to get back to socks soon!

Happy 10 years!!!


Socks, Socks, Socks - I just love to knit socks and these would look just great!


I'm working on a pair of Halloween socks that are not under a deadline - although it would be nice if they were done before 10.31


I'm knitting a variation of a sockhead hat with Malabrigo Sock in Eggplant for a friend to match a scarf that has only to be bound off the needles. No hard and fast deadline, though lots of other projects are lined up and ready to be cast on.

Sue Blanchard

Currently knitting Stephen West Parallelograms Shawl for a Christmas present.


I'm currently knitting on 2 pairs of socks with simple patterns. Need to start a mock from SKA but had company for over a week and intricate stitch patterns plus beads wasn't going to happen! I don't knit gifts for the holidays: they are gifted as they get finished. The only deadlines I try to give myself with my knitting happen when I either sign up for a test knit or agree to knit samples for a friend who dyes/sells yarn. I put enough pressure on myself without that!


Regia yarn wears really well, so I can enjoy my hand-knit socks much longer than other yarns. How exciting to have an opportunity to win such fun colors. Thank you!


I'm working on the penultimate strip of a Lightning Shawl I began two years ago and I just started a pair of self-stripey socks I'd like to finish in time for the Halloween season. I'm also hoping to cast on a bunch of hats starting this weekend.


I'm working on a pullover, a vest, and 2 shawls. I do not do holiday knitting. Right now all of my projects are for me.

Jenny K

I'm knitting a scarf/shawl in my school colors for homecoming.


I am knitting an afghan and it is a slow process. Haven't thought about holiday knitting.


I have so many projects that are going or getting ready to go... Christmas projects still in the horizon. dealing with baby deadlines and my own established deadlines. Two pair of socks on the needle, baby gnome hat, and a baby blanket. Getting ready to start an owl baby sack and hat..


I am knitting baby blankets for my Nephew's expected twin boys. They were surprised to hear they were having twins, so that really sped up the timeline for me!

Carol Coombs

Right now I am knitting 2 sockhead hats for Christmas gifts and am getting ready to add a tie to the list. Happy 10th Anniversary!

Judy Greenley

After knitting scarves and socks for family members, I am finally knitting a scarf for myself!


I am working on an infinity scarf for myself, but I've got to pick it back to a troublesome slub.

Karen Pettyjohn

I am knitting for grandchildren for Christmas. I have one cardigan and one vest done. I have one more vest and two more cardigans to go....that is until I add some other project :-)


Too many things! I just started an Aran sweater y-day, have a pair of knee-high socks that just need the ribbing completed, a lace shawl, and a chevron scarf/shawl combo. I love having multiple projects, but this has gotten a bit out of hand!


A yummy scarf/shawl. Plotting more, but overloaded with ideas!

Renee Anne

What am I knitting now.....interesting question.....

I've got Wink (sweater) going. I've also got three pairs of socks (Dragon's Egg Socks, Snape's Stockings, and one of my own designs), a hat for my almost-5 year old son (one of my own designs), a shawl (Pacific Shawl), and I just started a toy for my 1 year old son (Susan B. Anderson's bunny from Itty-Bitty Toys).........I think that's enough to be getting on with but the Startitis is strong in me :(

Joanne Olson

Finishing the lace section of Viajante.
Starting Regia Jazz Color socks. Still on the cuff so haven't decided if the will be simple or Up and Out.


I have 2 pair of socks on the needles right now...some Tea. Earl Grey. Hot and some Shazbat. both by designer Heidi Nick.

Gale Longley

I like to knit socks with sock yarn and knit socks you can find some on my needles at all time so i nave socks on now & a shawl


I'm knitting hats for my daughter's school fundraiser, and of course, I have two pairs of socks on the needles!


I'm currently knitting a ruffled shawl, which I hope to have done soon. I'm also working on some baby hats and socks.


I am knitting the Vacillate shawl, two Scoreboard cowls, the Okapi sweater and a pair of socks! No holiday knitting for me. I would rather give knitted gifts throughout the year and enjoy my holidays!


I am knitting my own mash up of two STR patterns (Merry Sockster and Intrepid Traveler) from club yarn from 3/11.


I am knitting a Terriers kitchen towel for one of my daughters. She's a BU graduate & asked me if I'd knit her a new kitchen towel because the one I knit for her several years ago is fraying. I think I may knit her a couple this time.

yolanda v

Beautiful yarn. I am knitting a lace wrap,finished a hat, and want to start some socks. No schedule...just relaxing knitting.


I am working on several projects; mittens for Christmas, hats also. Soon will be starting a special shawl for my future daughter-in-law - the wedding is next June!


Right now, I am finishing up on some sets of clothes for the Barbie Dolls. After that, I'll be knitting Christmas Knit Ornaments and then of course, Winter Hats.
I have knitting projects by my chair, 24 hours a day!


Making a sock hat out of a gorgeous skein I've had for some time--Dream in Color Starry in Plum Paisley--glitter like snow is already on it!

Marjorie Millner

Just rushed to finish a hat in Poste Yarn striping "Bravery" (ie Gryffindor) for an 8-year-old who was having a Harry Potter birthday party. He loved the hat! Also just finished an early Christmas present-- heavy snuggly socks for my sister who lives in New Hampshire. The cold weather does not wait for Christmastime up there!

Sue Boisvert

I am knitting Biscotte and Cie stripes socks for the ladies on my Christmas list. The Chipmunk color scheme is really cute - ladybug is next...

Beth L.

I'm in between projects. That, combined with the hot weather has me back knitting hexapuffs. I love how portable they are, and I love not having a lap full of project in the summer.

Kathleen McCunn

Regia is lovely yarn. I have a ball of Arne & Carlos waiting for the right pattern to come along.
Currently I am knitting some socks from Opal Ladies and Gentlemen. The first is all done. The second, alas, is only about an inch along. I have a stranded stocking cap in progress. It is for my DD, and I want it ready for the first cool morning. That's my time-sensitive project. I have one holiday gift completed. A cowl for a friend. I haven't even made a list for anything else. Better get on that!


I'm working on the second sock of a garter rib pair, in light gray Regia. For me, I think. After that is done, I think I'll get started on some pairs of fingerless mitts for Christmas giving.

Janet Gabbert

I am knitting a Boneyard shawl (my first shawl) with Done Roving Frolicking Feet and as usual I have a couple pairs of socks on the needles. Scylla with Opal Van Gogh and Ankle Biters using Steinbach Wolle Strapaz Cotton Effekt. I love to try new yarns and have never used Regia. I would love to have the opportunity to use this yarn.


Currently knitting a shawl but need to pause in order to knit a quick baby gift.


I just knit a little gift bag to hold my friend's birthday present.

Lisa B

Thankfully no deadlines and while there isn't holiday gift knitting yet I am working on personal knitting with holiday colors. Therefore I get to focus on finishing my latest pair of Sideswipe socks by Kate Gilbert and my Herrington cowl by Jill Zielinski I want to get these d-o-n-e! Congrats again on your tremendous milestone and I'm looking forward to spending the next 10 with you :)


Plain vanilla socks for myself. Arne and Carlos in the Twilight color. They are not in colors I would usually choose but I love how they are turning out.


I am knitting purple socks for my aunt.


Working on a sweater for my grandson's birthday in November. Plus hat and socks.


Congratulations again to Simply Socks Yarn Company on 10 great years! I hope you have many more successful years!

Thank you for all the chances you've given us to win wonderful prizes!

I am currently working on baby bibs for two ladies at work.


I am currently knitting a pair of socks. Have thought about the thrummed mittens foe Christmas gifts. I want to thank you for being there for the past ten years and look forward to ten more!!!

Hazel Swoboda

Currently working on Christmas socks and birthday gifts!


Two scarves for gifts almost done, and a lace project in the planning stage. Love that sock yarn for more than just socks!

Karen G.

I'm knitting a Nurmilintu shawl as a shop sample for my LYS. Thanks for the reminder... I've really got to get going on holiday knitting plans!
Congrats on being in business 10 years! I hope someday to visit your shop in person.


I'm trying to finish my WIPs; featherweight, a MKAL shawl that was to be done last month, and I just finished some socks. Then it's on to holiday knitting. I'm thinking fingerless mitts this year!


My active knitting right now is dish cloths, mine have gotten so ratty! I set aside my Hitchhiker to make them.


I'm currently knitting two sweaters, one for me and one for a gift. There are also some long-term projects in the basket; a blanket, a shawl, and a pair of colourwork socks.


After finally finishing all of the baby gifts I had lined up, I am making a sweater for my son out of STR heavyweight and a Dale dress for my daughter.


I just started this year's winter hat knitting. Two on my needles right now, and I'm planning more!

Randi Cook

Right now I am teaching my adult daughter.


I've got a pair of socks going right now. Tomorrow I start a MKAL and on Sunday the scoreboard KAL. Go Hawks!!


Currently on my needles are one "Birch from the point up" shawl, one "Into the Woods" shawl, one "blueberry waffles" sock but I'd abandon them all for new Regia yarn 😉. Thank you Allison for having the nerve and the vision to create such a wonderful resource for everyone! Happy anniversary !

Jane Nearing

Finishing up Kate Davies' Fantoosh shawl - would happily make another with some Regia!

Susan Hill

As usual I have socks on my needles using Opal yarn which I so love. I also started the Seth Shawl based on Egyptian mythology and am using Hand Maiden Yarn. Love the Regia.


Knitting on three different pairs of socks, a cowl, and as many chemo caps as I can manage for the American Cancer Society.


I'm knitting knee high socks for my granddaughter's birthday.


I'm working on a baby sweater in some handspun wool/bamboo (not my handspun - I haven't succumbed to the spinning bug yet!) The baby's due in January, so hopefully I started early enough to get it done in time...

Patt W

I am in a denim phase. I am currently knitting a sweater, (just finished the "swatch hat")for myself in a denim blue. I also have socks on the needles for myself. Also in denim blue. I am part of the Curious Handmade Wardrobe challenge. I have challenged myself to make an outfit. Just recently I finished a baby blanket in a washable wool that was a mix of denim colors from white to dark blue. Time to get colorful! Knitting a pair of socks in those bright colors would be fun! So pick me please.


I'm racing to finish up my second pair of socks before tomorrow night's start of the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL. I'm becoming sock obsessed and I love Regia so I would love this prize!


I'm knitting Christmas socks right now! After that, I have one more pair to do and I'll be done with my Christmas knitting. (Not because I'm a fast knitter, though. Only because only three people are getting Christmas socks! The others have to wait until next year!)

Ann W.

Working on a shawl right now that I started in March. Though just finished the a shawl that was a mystery KAL by Very Busy Monkey and another shawl that was a KAL. Deadlines help me stay on track. There was no deadline for the shawl I started in March (as you can tell - it's September).

Ruth D

I just finished a pair of socks and a Hitchhiker. I have more socks on the needles and I cast on another Hitchhiker. After 3 weeks of noisy family house guests, I'm really anxious to get back to my Half Pi Shawl!


I have started prepping for winter already and am knitting my hubby the Seaforth Cap.

Teresa C

I am knitting Penguin Cushion, as a birthday gift for a co-worker


I am stash busting right now by knitting hats - LOTS of hats. Lovin'it.

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