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September 11, 2015



Kokomo by the Beach Boys - each color could be an Island.
Aruba Orange
Jamaica Yellow
Bermuda Purple
Bahama Pink
Key Largo Green

Bright, fun and everyone wants to go!


Hmm I have 2 ideas I think. And this could go for any of them. I live in a burb of Detroit so my idea is "Motown Sound" and for the pink one seeing you dont have red I say HockeyTown. I think Hockey for some reason. All of these are so pretty. I know I want any of them.


I'd like to call the green one Joshua Tree as it reminds me of the colors of the Joshua Trees we have here in the Southern California deserts, only brighter, and it was an album by U2.


The Love Shack!

Sarah (3Trees)

I went for Rocky Horror Picture Show (technically 70's but went cult in the 80s) references: Transylvania; Planet Schmanet; and Haunted House.


One could be Funkytown.


Here's a few!
Turning Japanese
Mexican Radio
Buffalo Stance
Destination Unknown
One Night in Bangkok
Miami Vice
Alphabet Street

Can you tell I love the 80's???


Oh my gosh! I love 80s music!

Rio (Duran Duran)
Africa (Toto)
One night in Bangkok (Murray Head)
Land Down Under (Men at Work)
Love Shack (B-52's)
Venus (Bananarama)
Kokomo (Beach Boys)
Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean)
Funkytown (Lipps Inc)

Did I mention I love 80s music? I was trying to come up with a way to work in George Michael, is go go considered a destination? Wake me up before you go go. :)

I love these new colors!


Ok, this fun! I came up with Pasley Park, Key Largo, Bankok and Detroit. Can't wait to find out what you name them. I want all the colors because I am a true lover of the 80's.


"The Mall" (a la singer Tiffany). A prettier version of that would be "Galleria."


Steel Town (mentioned in Maniac, referring to Pittsburg)
South Detroit (Don't Stop Believing)
Cuyahoga Falls (My City Was Gone)
Ghost Town
Pacific State

Have fun choosing a name!


I'd really like a color called "Tastee Freez," but I'm betting you'd run into some trademark problems with that. Maybe "Heartland"?


~"South Detroit" (conversely, maybe you could opt for "Journey Anywhere" to incorporate both band and a sort of place)
~ My favorite Bon Jovi song is "Livin' on a Prayer," so maybe On the Docks" for poor Tommy.
~La Isla Bonita
~Asbury Park is a real place, but I feel like everyone associates it solidly with '80s rock.




I love the idea of using the islands from "Kokomo"! Wish I had thought of that :)
(And now I can't get that song out of my head...)

Ann Matson

I'm with you MaryEllen. I haven't thought about "Kokomo" for years and now...

So I'm voting twice (is that fair?) for Vanessa's great suggestion. By the way, I'm thinking Key Largo Green will be a must for every well-rounded sock wardrobe.

Sarah Shoo

80s horror movie settings:
Palisades Charter (Carrie--ok, late 70s)
Elm Street (Freddy)
Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th)
Overlook Hotel (The Shining)
Pet Sematary
Cuesta Verde (Poltergeist)
Hardesty Homestead (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Kingston Falls (Gremlins)
Haddonfield, IL (Halloween--again, late 70s)
Gatlin, NE (Children of the Corn)

Ok. I've totally freaked myself out looking at these horror movies.


Heartattack and Vine

thanks for this chance to win!

Rose Birchall

South Detroit, Love Shack


Billy Joel songs from the 80's
Uptown Girl
Or you could name them all from places mentioned in
We didn't start the fire.

Anne Marie

I'm not very creative, but the first thing I thought of was Xanadu. Can't believe no one else mentioned it!


Jumping on the 80s songs bandwagon!

Orange: Sunset Grill
Green: Green Flower Street
Yellow: (Rock) This Town
Pink: Electric Avenue or Funkytown
Purple: Channel Z


Billy Joel songs released in the 80's:
Green: "Good Night Saigon"
Orange: "Allentown"
Yellow: "When In Rome"
Purple: "Leningrad"
Pink: "Scandinavian Skies"

Catherine Kay

For the orange and black skein " eye of the tiger"


San Fernando Valley. ( home of the valley girls). I had a yellow neon shaker knit that I wore with a neon purple top, (yes, I know, ouch) so either the yellow or purple stripe are my nomination for that name


I think you should call the purple "Purplopolis" instead of metropolis.


Two town names that made me giggle as a kid were Paradise and Hell, Michigan. So, how 'bout "Two Tickets to Paradise", MI and "Highway to Hell", Michigan.

Denise Walsh-horowitz

How about Key Largo by Bertie Higgins for the yellow and black yarn. Reminds me of the Florida sunshine. Denise


Here is a few...
Electric Avenue
Land of Confusion
Twilight Zone
Welcome to the Jungle
St Elmo's Fire


Not quite an 80's song but 80's related:

Starlight Music (the label of Jem and the Holograms)...that's a place I'd like to visit!


I like the horror movie names. Just please don't do Pet Sematary, cause that is, the name not the book (I know it's spelled differently)just too sad if you've lost s pet recently. The green one should be Elm Street.


What about celebrating the great fictional locations of Classic 80s movies

Shermer Illinois (pretty in Pink, Stand By me, Breakfast Club, St Elmo's Fire)
Beacontown Nebraska (teen wolf)
Bomont, Georgia (Footloose)
Hill valley California (Back to the Future)
Castle Rock Oregan (Stand By Me)
Sam Dimas California (Bill and Ted)


Electric avenue
Monster mash

Patty McDonald

Love your Poste yarns! I know it's 16 years too soon, but Viva Las Vegas or Vegas Bright would fit one of them! They remind me of neon lights!

Lisa T

That purple one has got to be 'take me with U'. Not exactly travel but definitely Prince.


I'm not very clever so I've got nothin', but I really loved reading everybody's suggestions - you have your work cut out for you. This yarn is so fun & funky.

(P.s. - I love Halloween too - I have a Halloween birthday!)


The first thing I thought of was Electric Avenue (and of course now it's stuck in my head) so I went with the 80s music theme

Frankie goes to Hollywood


In a big country

Land Down Under


Elm Street

Iris M

Electric Avenue
Funky Town
Elm Street
St Elmo's Fire


From the top -- Kokomo, Down Under, Africa, Funkytown, (Another Day in) Paradise.


"Panama" - Van Halen
"Detroit Rock City" - KISS

Thanks for the fun contest!


I think my suggestions are already listed or may not be from the 80s
Key Largo
Hotel California

Stephanie W

Shanghai sunrise (Shanghai Nights)
Paris blue
Gotham city green (Batman)


La Isla Bomita

Star Wars - Death Star, Forest Moon endor
Hotel Transylvania
Kingston Falls (home of the Gremlins)


Electric Avenue
The Ritz
Church of the Poisoned Mind
The Land of 1000 Dances

Teresa Olson

Material Girl
True Colors
Awesome Orange
Preppy pink
Gruesome Green
Green slime


I am basing mine on the every popular Friday the 13th. I would name them something along the lines of Camp Blood, NJ. or Camp Crystal Lake, NJ. Something along those lines. :)


I see the purple one and I can't help but think Prince and Paisley Park.


Someone else already mentined Rio from Duran Duran. Another thought is Santa Clara from The Lost Boys.


Transylvania 65000
Holiday Road

Galinda (the good witch) : pink
October Sunset : orange
Autumn sunrise : yellow

Teri P

Miami (as in Miami Vice) for either the pink, yellow, or orange.

Anne R.

Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads) is what popped into my head but I loved reading everyone's clever ideas! Love the idea of using the towns from 80s movies.


Born in the USA! No matter where you travel, there is no place like the USA!


I went with the Halloween theme, rather than music.

Green Sleepy Hollow Turf

Orange Diablo Canyon (CA) Glow

Yellow Skull Valley (AZ) Yolks

Purple Transylvanian wine

Pink The Stain of Salem


Green: Gremlin Green
Orange: Jack-O-Lantern
Yellow: Full Moon
Purple: Vampire Violet
Pink: Ghoul's Garden
(If there were pink & blue they would be Girl and Boy Zombie)


For some reason these made me think of the Rocky Horror Show, so:

Leaving Denton
Driving into a rainstorm
Telephone in the castle
Invitation to the laboratory
Floor show

Are any of the songs running through your head now?

Leigh Ann Brown

Twilight Zone - green & black
Rock the Town - pink & black -( Stray Cats totally rockabilly)
Paradise City
Holiday Road
Destination Unkown

Maureen A Sacchetti

The Purple/Black...would be Purple People Eater..
Green/Black...Monster Mash
Yellow/Black..Bride of Frankenstein
Orange/Black...Sleepy Hollow

Best, snowhugs


West End (girls)
Electric avenue
Dancing in the dark
Paradise city


Take me down to the Paradise City, where the yarn is green and the socks are pretty!

Janet Duff

I grew up in Halfway, Mo in the 80s. :) Back to the Future (movie)

Andrea Egeland

I don't have any specific ideas but I like the horror place references.

Karen G.

I see many other 80s pop music suggestions. That was my idea, too. I thought of Carribbean Queen for the green, Down Under for orange, One Night in Bangkok for yellow, Funkytown for purple, and Miami Vice for pink.


electric avenue

Linda  Maher

Zanzibar, Margaritaville, Sunshine On Leith, London Calling, New York State Of Mind, Gasoline Alley, Rock And Roll High School, Our House, Danger Zone and an old one -Gary,Indiana . Great wild colors!

amy g

I selected some predictable tunes:

Green - Welcome to the Jungle
Orange - Eye of the Tiger or Walk Like an Egyptian
Yellow - We Got The Beat
Purple - Let's Go Crazy (prince, 1984)
Pink - Another One Bites the Dust

Fun idea! Thanks!


Ghost Busters
Stripes (I guess I was a Bill Murray Fan)
Weird Science
The Shining


Thriller by Michael Jackson (orange)
Twilight Zone (Purple)
Danger Zone (Yellow)
Funkytown (Pink)
Key Largo (green)


Born in the USA, Atlantic City (both by Springsteen), Funkytown, Kokomo, Islands in the Stream, Miami Vice Theme, Africa

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