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September 17, 2015



Thank You! Boring black, grey and blue is easy, but it's always a challenge to find the balance between 'fun' and 'too fussy' for the guys. These look great.


Both are great color ways that, as you've pointed out, can be worn by men or women. Who lets labels decide what they can or can't wear (except maybe fashionistas but I surely don't fall into that category!)?

Patricia Richardson

Great first offerings Allison. Thank you for ALWAYS listening to your customers and ALWAYS trying to support your customer's ideas and requests.

Lisa B

Terrific idea and I think the names are just fine :)

Denise Walsh-horowitz

Hi Allison just love the Something Manly yarn. Reminds me of the fabric called "Blackwatch". Appropriate for anyone; very nice.Denise


I think this is a great idea and I personally love the Something Manly colour way!


Um you have taken away my excuse for mostly knitting socks for myself:)

Deb in NC

I have a coworker, a man, who wears brightly colored socks - his wife picks them out for him. My husband on the other hand would not be caught dead in a pair of yellow or bright colored sock, he is more conservative. So thank you for the other option.


These are great colors - and what a great idea. Thank you so much!! (Is it any wonder why we all love Simply Socks?!!)


I love the idea of a "Manly" collection! The Super Manly will be joining my stash because I need to make a hat and mitten set for my daughter-in-law that coordinates with her camel hair jacket and this is perfection for that! I have a feeling that I will find more to add more as they are introduced.


Beautiful colors. The only problem I have about them is that STR yarns do pool something fierce. I'm sure there are patterns that help to keep this tendency in check, but some suggestions for where to find them would be *so* gratefully received by at least this knitter!


People should look beyond labels always. They can guide but are just a category.

I thought either would be perfect for my mother. Lovely colors and fine names. They help me generalize what could be, not what will be.

Now to read STR pool, I am even more excited. I haven't achieved that and I actually enjoy it.



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