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August 04, 2015



I've already missed this one...just two hours after the posting. I'm disappointed, but a girl's gotta work to support her stash habit. :) Is there any way you will be making the YarnIt available separately? I would love one of those! Thanks!


Fast moving storm took out the power so I missed out. Enjoy to those lucky enough to have gotten one!


Can't believe I missed it already! Hope you will get more!


Very sad to have missed this! :(


It did sell out quickly. But I do have a whole slew of Yarnits in other colors that will be available on the website soon. So you WILL be able to get yourself one of these awesome tools, plus you could pick out another color of BMFA and kind of make your own little kit.

Katherine Hawley

So sad - really wanted that color of yarn. Was offline all morning. :(

Teri H.

Well, my kit came today and the yarn appears lovely as it sits inside the bowl. I just can't the bowl open....

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