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August 03, 2015


Linda Sutherland

A tiny crochet hook for dropped stitches is my most valued tool for sock knitting. It can also function as a cable stitch holder.


I love my stitch markers! They help keep it together for lace knitting and there are so many cute ones out there.


My row counter. I'd hate to have to remember or count rows on my own.

Carol Coombs

One tool I absolutely cannot live without is my knitting machine latch tool. The machine is long gone, but I use the tool to pick up my dropped stitches. It works like a charm!


Stitch markers...rings, floopys and the safety pin type. Use them ALL!


My measure tape. Not a stiff ruler. Not a metal tape measure. A tailor's measure tape. I couldn't possibly measure anything with anything else.


One of those little locking stitch markers is essential in my toolkit. But I agree that a tiny crochet hook is right up there as well.


My afghan crochet hook, my go-to for most projects.


Count me in as another knitter who prefers to travel with a crochet hook for emergency dropped stitches. (Although I do love me some cute stitch markers, too.)

Amy S.

Love my Ablet (an abacus bracelet) for keeping track of rows.

Alecia Helton

The tiny crochet hook for fixing mistakes.


I can't live without my stitch markers!


I can't live without the green and orange interlocking stitch markers that I'm sure many of us have. Not only are they stitch markers, but can help with row counting, pinning while seaming, and marking dropped stitches to pick up on a subsequent row.

Judi Kennedy

My size h, I think, small crochet hook for picking up mistakes and...for picking up the side stitches in my heels. I never mastered picking them up with my needle.

Joanne Olson

Tapestry needle I can limp along without a crochet hook but definitely need a tapestry needle for Kitchener stitching heals and toes.

Judi Schaffer

I have to have my highlighting tape to keep track of rows or where I am in a pattern, especially when I put the project down for a while, it helps me remember where I left off. The magnets work well too but the tape stays put, even when I put the pattern back in the project bag.


Hard to pick just one tool but if I have to, I would pick my stitch markers (close second would be my highlighter tape). I knit lots of lace socks and shawls and the stitch markers are a life saver!


Locking stitch markers! I rarely use row counters, but these are so helpful for marking prominent rounds when I need to keep track.


Stitch Saver! it's a small crochet hook for picking up stitches.


I have to agree with the tapestry needle!

Marjorie Millner

The little metal tool included in one of your kits awhile back, It's 4 inches long and has a small crochet hook at one end and a needle point at the other. I always have that in my knitting bag, great for picking up dropped stitches.


I couldn't live without my crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches and my red Clover stitch counter.I also have a retractible tape measure.

yolanda v

Couldnt live without my stitch markers, row counter.


I can not live without the needle stopper. I have a number of them but love them.


Gosh I guess it'd have to be my needles. I've made do with scraps of yarn and paperclips for stitch markers, and a paperclip for a darning needle and cable needle and rubber bands to keep my resting project on my needels. If I really had to I could knit with chop sticks, but thankfully I haven't had the need. Thanks for the giveaway.

Renee Anne

Mmmm.......shiny yarn.......I can't live without my yarn. But, in lieu of yarn, stitch markers and my notebooks or my phone. Whichever....


Can't live without my measuring tape. It's getting worn and I can hardly read the numbers any more but I am very emotionally attached to it :)


I NEED my crochet hook for those dropped stitches.

Lyn Johnson

So many gadgets in my knitting bag! Could not follow lace patterns without my stitch markers in various sizes and colors. They not only mark my place, but the various colors can identify what I am supposed to do at each marker. Such a time saver.


I never thought I would say this, but I cannot live without my kitchen scale! I use it to weigh yarn as I knit and can knit happily knowing I have enough yarn to complete my project.....

Diane Jespersen

My cannot live without tool is my fix-it tool. Never leave home without it and it's the ONE item that MUST be in my current project bag --- so it gets moved around ALOT! I hope after tomorrow that my favorite tool is my YARNIT!


My go to tool (that I need way too much) is my crochet hook "fixit". I have stopped so much heartache with this little tool!

Maki Kondo

There are so many things, hard to choose only one. But I guess my small crochet hook to pick up those tiny stiches!

Kim yancey

Stitch markers for sure!

JoAnne B

Coiless pins. They aren't fancy but they are perfect for me. I also am dependent on my kitchen scale, computer and knit-kit. With my coilless pins and knit-kit and a 4x6 card with pattern in my little bag with yarn and needles and I'm ready to go anywhere.


I think it's called a dentist tool,but it has a very slim point on one end, and a small crochet hook on the other. The slim end can get into knots to open them up, or get under a leg of a stitch ... helpful in many situations.

Thanks for the contest!

Patricia V

Besides stitch markers and coilless pins, I think my mechanical pencil (so I don't have to worry about sharpening it) to make notes on my patterns and my set of highlighters to mark the things on my patterns and charts (I use different colors for different stitches.

Lara Dillard

I can't live without my tape measure...mostly because of my own impatience to see how close I am to being "done"


Like so many others I would be lost without my blue crochet hook. Where it came from I have no idea. Also a tapestry needle to take care of those loose ends.


I'm not sure it's a tool, but I couldn't live without my circular needle organizer!


Definitely stitch,markers. I lose my place easily without them.


Obviously this isn't only a tool for knitting, but the knitting tool I can't live without is the internet! It's so great that I can just google a technique that I don't know or find the answer to any knitting problem I might have. Thank you to all the people who take time to post about knitting on the internet!


I don't have one favorite knitting tool -
because I need them all - I usually have three to four items going at one time. It depends upon time - thats how I choose which item to knit.



The "safety pin" style stitch markers! So handy for a number of things: marking between sts obviously, marking the "right side" of a flat piece, holding pieces together, and I just love being able to add or remove them at any time!

Cheryl Adams

Crochet hooks in various sizes, not for crocheting, but for picking up those pesky dropped stitches in my knitting!

Maria R

Tiny crochet hook and stich/row counter.


My knitting row/repeat counting app on my phone! I don't think I could keep track of everything without it!


I can't live without my row counter, I am hotel lost without it!

Marguerite Hammond

My locking stitch markers for sure. I use them for everything. Counting stitches, counting rows, marking decreases, marking shortrows.

Ann Knepper

My tape measure!!!

Chris Kittrell

A row counter is a must for me; also stitch markers.

Rene B

I must have a tiny crochet hook with me as fixes a myriad of mistakes with no panic necessary.


I could not knit without my row counter hanging on the needle (and sometimes doing double duty as a stitch marker).


It's a popular response, but stitch markers end up in every project I ever make - they're such a sanity saver.


Needle sizer and stitch markers!!!!

Amy C

My sewing up needle with the bent tip. It's good for Kitchener, slipping stitches to a holding thread, for recapturing runaway stitches - oh, and for sewing up too!


Gotta go with the tapestry needle. Tracking rows and measuring can be done with pencil and paper, improvise stitch markers with yarn or paper clips. tediously pickup dropped stitches with the needles, but I'd be at quite a loss to kitchener a toe without a tapestry needle!


Stich markers, tape measure, little crochet hook, and tapestry needles. Never leave home without them!

Barbaara Osterberg

I couldn't get along without my little African basket, made by African women. This little bitty basket holds all my tools, is very sturdy and is so easy to carry around. It's really cute. Besides, I can't misplace it.


I'd have to say I couldn't live without my tapestry needle. I like to knit my socks toe up, so I use it for a stretchy bind off regularly.


My crochet hook to fix my mistakes

Karen G.

Locking stitch markers and my tape measure get the most use.


I can't do without my row counter.

jana Ames

My favorite tool is the dental pick on one side and crochet hook on other end


The tool I can't live without is my printer! Most of my pattern purchases are in PDF format. And, most times the font is too small for my liking. My printer allows me to format a pattern to meet my needs.


I love my digital row counter that I can wear on my finger. It is quiet and keeps me on track when doing toe decreases.


My stitch markers. I love different styles, love the different colors, I'm an addict!


The tool I can't live without is my printer! Most of my pattern purchases are in PDF format. And, most times the font is too small for my liking. My printer allows me to format a pattern to meet my needs.


I absolutely could not live without my stitch markers!

Dee S

I use my needle gauge a lot with my double point needles. Another important tool is internet! I find yarn, patterns, knitting technique videos and much more.


I love my finger row counter. It's always there when I'm ready to move to the next row.


I can't live without my stitch markers.


I use my scale, markers, small crochet hook, sizer, tape measure androw counter a lot. The one 'tool' I would be lost without is my tapestry needle threader. Thanks for all the fun Allison!

Renee Shipe

I use my latch tool from my knitting machine. Great for the machine and hand knitting as well. Great for dropped stitches.

Jan Ball

Right now my favorite is the BeeCount app on my phone. Helps me keep track of my progress in multiple projects at once. Free too!

Patricia Richardson

Needle sizer.


Definitely extra small "00" double pointed needle to help pick up stitches.


Obviously I can't knit without my knitting needles- but if that doesn't count, I'd have to say stitch markers.


My tape measure.


A pad of "super sticky" post it notes for counting & scribbling notes on, and hiding everything except the row I'm working on. For lace shawl knitting or complicated sock patterns, that's my favorite trick in my knitting bag.


I could not live without my tape measure

Anne R.

I'm on Team Tapestry Needle. One little gizmo that can save dropped stitches, punt for cables, and seam a toe.


I have a tiny crochet hook used by my grandmother (a maker of beautiful bedspreads and tablecloths) and by my mother (a knitter), that I now cannot live without--not only for the memories, but to pick up those dropped stitches made by size 2 needles.


Ring stitch markers with a bead at the join. These are my favorite. Also a 6 in rule with for gauge swatching and measuring sock legs and foot length.

Rhonda Atkinson

I keep my row counter very close by but I am really liking the new sock ruler. I think it is a great tool.


So many tools I use all the time, but I most often find myself hunting for a tape measure. I must have about a dozen and throw one in every project bag. Amazing how many times I've pulled one out of my knitting bag to measure sizes of storage bins, curtains, and a million other things that aren't knitting related

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Crochet hook to fix my mistakes!


My most valuable tool - no doubt is my row counter - I use this to count rows and pattern repeats. Couldn't live without it

Brenda B

I use my row counter the most, as I prefer to work from charts I find it's invaluable to keep track of where I am. I also have a little crochet hook in every one of my project bags, indispensable for dropped stitches.

Justine Arrasate Lloyd

My knitted kitty cat tape measure!!!! I LOVE HER!!! I ALWAYS think of the "Soft kitty, warm kitty" song from "The Big Bang Theory" when I use her and I just love that little song! She is ALWAYS with me wherever I go. Thank you for this contest and I would love to win....I am currently teaching my 12 year old granddaughter, Olivia, to knit and crochet and the more yarn, etc., the better! lol

Cheryl Perry

row counter


Definitely stitch markers! They are a must-have for marking off sections of lace, cable patterns, start of row when knitting in the round, etc.


I have a little makeup bag that my daughter gave .me years ago. It holds all the tools I need to knit. I could not knit without this little bag! I keep it in my project bag along with some yarn and circular needles so I am always ready to go with a pair of socks


Stitch markers - absolutely. All of the other things I thought of, I could come up with ways to get around using them - but I couldn't get away without stitch markers.


Tapestry needle and stitch markers....a tie.


A little envelope coin purse just big enough for scissors, some stitch markers, a needle and a little bobbin of crochet cotton for provisional cast-ons o afterthought heels! Easily fits in even my smallest project bag!


I love my Knit Kit. I always have a tape measure, scissors, stitch markers, etc. handy.

Cathy Besh

My Clover stitch counter is a must for sock knitting.


My Knit Kit! It has everything I need for travel.

Judie D

Stitch markers, a double-ended crochet hook, and an emery board nail file to fix any snags in my fingernails!

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