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August 05, 2015



I would knit an hitchhiker shawl with it


I'm thinking about doing a Brickless shawl.

yolanda v

I think Starshower would be a great cowl to knit.

Louise in IA

Even your feet need a little bling! I'd knit socks with it.


I would make a shawl with this beautiful skein...Maybe a Traveling Woman shawl. Thanks for the chance to win!

Marjorie Millner

Socks or a scarf or a hat.


Definitely a shawl, perhaps Wingspan.


There's a new pattern called Midnight in Paris that would look so lovely in a gradient.


Beautiful! So many possibilities, maybe the Pogona Shawl by Stephen West?


I would knit something for my little grandson,perhaps a hat , mitts or socks.


beautiful! I would probably not be able to decide what to knit with it and just keep it as a pet.

Susie Rothman

I'm thinking Amari - this shawl has been on my favorites list for a long time.


A shawl. I have yet to knit one but I think it would be really fun with a gradient yarn.


I would knit either the Freesia shawl, or the Tiled In Cowl with this.

Jenny K

Would knit a shawl, maybe the Ginko Crescent.


I would like to do a pair of unmatched socks from one skein, but using a pattern such as River cat socks or Gyokuro


omg want! I would have to make a shawl or wrap, I mean look at that gradient!!!

melissa VR

A shawl for sure, maybe Magrathea or Shearwater.


Definitely a shawl. I am a fan of the mini moochie shawlette, it would look great with this yarn.


An asymmetrical triangular scarf would be beautiful in this yarn! Or a symmetrical one too -- like Boneyard.

Hazel Swoboda

A hitchhiker shawl.

Amy S.

A scarf!


Why not knit a simple vest?


Any crescent or triangle shawl - maybe Light and Up?

Lorraine C.

I'd knit a shawlette to show off the frosty colors and metallic in the yarn base.

Cheryl Adams

I'd knit a basic Boneyard or Age of Steam and Brass. A simple shawl will let the gradiation shine!


I'd make a wee shawl to wear in my office all gets very chilly in there!


I think that yarn would have to become a "Miari Shawl" . Maybe with the lightest color on the edge, dripping down like melting icicles. ....


I would love to knit a scarf.

JoAnne B

Call me crazy but I see a Baby Surprise Jacket! or two or three!


I think the shawl shows this yarn to its best advantage. Yours is lovely. I think I would follow suit.


Hmm so pretty so many choices. I would go with a Hitchhiker scarf with it because a yarn go with a simple scarf and let the yarn be shown in its beauty

Maria R

A simple shawl.

Julie V.

Zuzu' s Petals!


That is a gorgeous colorway. I think I would knit a
Simmer Dim.

Rachel R.

Definitely a shawl - deciding which one is half the fun! Maybe a Holden? It's been in my queue forever!


Hmmm, Hitchhiker is always my go-to but I'm intrigued by Dangling Conversation . . . Decisions, decisions.


You're giving away the prettiest color!
I would make the Midnight Fog hat, using the inside of the ball as the contrast color and the outside of the ball as the main color - it will start high contrast, and get more and more subtle as you knit up towards the top of the hat and the middle of the color gradient.


Definitely a cowl! I love those colors!


I would love to knit it in a Darwin Shawl by VeryBusyMonkey.


I would knit a cowl... I love cowls...


I have been looking at shawl patterns that use a gradient paired with a solid colour. Alternatively one of the Yarniad's hybrid shawl/cowl patterns like Appia would be great.


A shawl...definitely a shawl. With crunchy garter stitch. Pure love.

Teresa C

That is a long scarf, not sure what pattern, but definitely a scarf.


I would make a Hitchhiker shawl.

Rose Marie Plitnick

Shawl for sure. So pretty!

Amy Williams

This would be great in my favorite shawl pattern Zilver!


I adore that color. A shawl for sure. And I would gift it to my son's future-mother- in law who would look wonderful in those colors.

Christine Milway

A drop stitch cowl would be nice I think.

Gretchen Paul

I would knit socks for myself. Might buy a second skein for a shawl.

Georgene Thompson

A shrug to take to Costa Rica.

Rhonda Atkinson

I would knit a cowl. Just simple K one row, P one row or just stockinette. These are lovely.


Socks or a hat

Jerri Michael

I would love to make a cowl. Love the gradient look


I see a long scarf that can wrap around several times, simple to show off the yarn, maybe the Gallatin scarf

Anne R.

I have no idea what I would knit but I've been drooling over this yarn. I freely admit I clicked to the comments section to see what ideas my fellow knitters had. Thanks, everyone, for the great ideas!

Jenny Terry

I would finally knit the Haruni shawl I've been wanting to knit for years!!

Brenda B

Definitely a shawl as it will show off those beautiful colours to perfection. If I were to make socks I'd chose a pattern like Ugly Duckling or Gaudi to give an interesting effect with an added solid yarn.

janet walker

I would knit a shawl or socks. Beautiful yarn

Christina Reber

Hat and gloves would be my choice. Lovely.

amy g

Oh my - this is wonderful. The Wooly Wonka yarns are fabulous! I this would definitely be a pair of socks for my dad. Thank you!

Betty Lautenschleger

I think I would knit a shawl for a friend just diagnosed with cancer.


Very pretty yarn! I would try A Certain Slant shawl pattern

Amy Vernon

I would knit a wonderful pair of mis-matched socks.


My first lacy shawl

Rose Birchall

Definitely a shawl. Not sure what pattern.

Katherine S.

I would do a lacy scarf. Would love the different colors at each end!


Beautiful yarn! I love the fact that it is all in one and saves weaving in those pesky loose ends! Think I would have to use it for another Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart. Love this pattern and think it would look beautiful in a gradient!

Ann Walsh

The Downeaster Scarf - it would look very elegant in greys I think

Teresa R

I would knit socks for sure


I like the shawl ideas, but perhaps a cowl. I don't have a specific pattern in mind, so many good ideas here

Joyce Kraly

I think I would make a scarf!

Rene B

I would finally knit a boneyard shawl.


I'd definitely make a shawl to let the gradients show!


I would love to do a Holden shawl. I think it would look lovely in a gradient color.


Havasu Falls, it would be beautiful in a gradient.


Maybe another spectra.


I would knit a most beautiful shawl or maybe a cowl.

Catherine Kay

Definitely socks.

Steffi Block

Sacre Coeur, for sure!

Joyce McCartney

Gradient yarns are perfect for Kieran Foley patterns, I'd do this one:

Theresa Martin

I've been eyeing this colour for a few days. A circular pi shawl for sure! Maybe one of EZ's anniversary versions.


A shawl - perhaps Wingspan or Traveling Woman


Shawl/scarf would be pretty - i've been wanting to make ZUZU's petals for some time.

Sheryl Klein

I would knit a lovely scarf or cowl


Early Morning Rain...haven't made a shawl with fringe yet!


I'd do a nice cowl

Rico Estabrook

I'd use 2 different colors and make a double sided diagonal scarf.

Mary Fischer

I would make the "Dangling Conversation" shawl. It's been one of my favorites for a long time. It would be beautiful in Winter Storm.

Andrea Fox

Beautiful yarn! I'd knit a Spearmint Tea.


Definitely a lacy shawl!


Road trip shawl , just love eyelet holes so much!


A double knit cowl, with a simple solid for the second yarn. let that loveliness shine


After I sat in a corner, hunched over it and calking it "my precious", I would make Dangling Conversation.


I can see this knit in the "Simple Yet Effective Shawl" pattern. Just start with the center of the ball and let the yarn work its magic.

Ann Matson

I think I would knit socks - for myself. Why not have pretty feet as well as warm feet?


I would make a scarf for my husband. It has enough color not to be drab on a cold day and the sparkle should make it look dressier to go with an over coat. If I am wrong, I have a new scarf. That's a win/win in my book.


A light, airy, "Cooler Near the Lake" shawl.


I would knit socks, or a scarf with it :)


A shawl, definitely. Scrumptious...

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