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August 11, 2015


Renee Anne

Little Man starts preschool at the Montessori down the street (if he wasn't going there, he'd be in Transitional Kindergarten/4K/Pre-K/whatever you want to call the kids that aren't old enough for Kindergarten)......tomorrow. It's mornings only but it's going to be strange to not have him around the house with Stormageddon and I. I think I'm looking forward to it :)


We pick up the 3 grands Thursday from their grandpa's. We have them here until next Wednesday when we board the Empire Builder for the great Pacific Northwest so they can spend some quality time hiking (& maybe backpacking) with their daddy before school starts. Hoping I can maximize the fun times & minimize the bickering! I know the scenery on the trip home will captivate them (at least after the first day).


WOW! So early! Are you on year round schools?


The boys have grown so big! I think I found you when James was about Henry's age and was helping with the packaging. Wishes to James for a great school year!


Oh Henry, you are too funny -"where are all the toys?" Just cracks me up. (And since I'm in Michigsn - love the t-shirt, too!!)

As for James, well, such a cutie, too. (Your boys are adorable!!) Happy 2nd Grade. Seems to me that your school starts so early - we don't start until after Labor Day.

Best wishes to all of you!

Amy S.

Really cute kids. I like the one of James sticking his tongue out like he's got better things to do than having his picture taken!!


I am SO looking forward to a couple hours of non-bickering when my daughter starts preschool next month! :D


Looks like a great first day!


I was in your shop yesterday... sorry I missed seeing you and Henry...


Too cute, and James wrote that he loves Henry. They are both adorable and growing up too quickly.


Umm, when did your kids become KIDS?!?!? You just had babies not that long ago! Congrats on a new year and I hope it goes well. My baby will be a junior in high school. I have NO idea how that happened....

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