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August 14, 2015



I have a new grandson coming and he'll need booties and a hat!!


Socks. Always socks!

Beth L

Definitely a scarf or cowl, so I could tuck my chin into single-ply coziness.


Christmas is coming so maybe a cowl or a scarf. It would make a beautiful, beautiful present.

Dawn Brown

Socks, of course. With a sock yarn to make all my sock-knitting friends want to sit next to me and pet the sheer gorgeousness of the fibers.

Mary Jane McCabe

Scarf or cowl always work with one skein of beautiful yarn.

Rachael Stanley

I would knit socks for my young granddaughters!!


Socks! How is there even a question??? ;)

Steffi Block

OOOOOOOOOHHHH, one of the turquoise/teal, please.

A lacey cowl, like "Starshower"

Rose Birchall

My favorite thing to knit, Socks!

Karen Leonard

Hitchhiker scarf! Multicolor yarn makes gorgeous little scarfs!


I would knit a small shawl with those colors!

Katherine Schmitt

I really want to make a falling waters scarf from Ravelry... so I that's what I would do with this yarn! It's beautiful!


A cowl would be lovely in any of the colors!


Socks! More socks! I have so many sock patterns I want to try!

A lace shawl would be divine in any of the Jilly colors.


A beautiful scarf or shawl.

Jessica Roberts

I'd knit a cowl! Beautiful colors!


I would make some sock and fingerless mitts the yarn


A cowl! That yarn is so soft it BELONGS around my neck!


This looks so beautiful. I would knit it into a shawl for a young niece.

Marilynn Shears

I would like to do a cowl, but once I get my hands on that gorgeous yarn it will be socks for me...oh yes socks for me.

Tina McCarty

A little shawl

brenda Luce

What else but socks have made over 25 pairs and your yarn is my favorite !

Linda Kohrman

I knit the Mpito shawl with Jilly earlier this year, it's a long triangle with lace sections. It's so easy to wear and I would totally knit it again.

Lucy Kesler

I need to learn how to make a that would be my project if I win!

Deloris Carter

Fingerless mittens & an ear warmer!

Marjorie Millner

Fingerless mitts or a wonderful cabled mitten patterns I saw in the new Vogue Knitting mag.


Socks, socks, socks all the way. =)


I love Helen Stewart patterns so I would love to make a beautiful Pebble Beach with any one of these Jilly colors. Think it would look gorgeous in Jilly!


A pretty shawlette for sure! :)


Probably a Boneyard scarf/shawl. DiC in my favorite yarn company!


Socks of course! One of the female members of my family will be happy - I have five that I knit for plus a good friend. And if the color is right maybe my husband.


I think the Jilly would be wonderful knit up as a pair of your Lepidoptera mitts - with the advantage of being able to make them longer to cover more of my arms.


I always make things for others but with this gorgeous yarn I'd have to do a scarf and a headband for myself for once!

Stacy Wright

I would knit socks for my teenaged daughter--good for after skiing.


Oh, definitely a lacy shawl. I love sock yarn!

Jenny K

A shawl. I'm too hard on my socks to make them with single ply yarn.


It would depend on the color but either a cowl or a shawlette.


I would love to make a cowl with it.


I think this would be beautiful for a scarf or cowl.

Karla Hartzell

I would knit for the sake of gorgeous knitting; decadence in and devotion to knitting....for every skein is not only a cherished treasure but pure inspiration that makes love and beauty come to every life it touches for the knitter or the recipient. So when asked what I'd knit I say I'd knit my soul, my conscience - my dream! my Magic is in the making!


We have four (4) grandchildren in College - a pair of handknit socks would be great!
But then I would have to knit three (3)more pairs. I think its a terrific idea.


Terr Davis

I would use it to make a simple cowl 1 skein pattern since I am still learning to knit. 😂


socks or such a wonderfully cute hat!


Ooooh, those would look lovely in a crazy striped cardigan, with a bit of lace!! Or perhaps a larger version of the Geschenk shawl in Knitty (issue 41).

Joan Grahlfs

Socks, socks, socks.

Erin Geiger

I would crochet myself a cowl - I rarely make anything for myself!


I haven't knit a Hitchhiker yet, and some of those colors look like they'd make a pretty one.


I'd definitely make a shawl or scarf.

Jennifer arey

Something gorgeous, of course! I'm thinking this would be the perfect time to start making socks for the fall.

Lyn Johnson

Imagine a quaker yarn stretcher shawl using every inch of this georgous yarn!


I would make a cowl with this beautiful yarn!



Joanne Bremer

My favorite scarf to make----linen stitch scarf. The colors of the yarns will make it simply beautiful.

Rhonda Atkinson

I think a new cowl or scarf would be wonderful for the coming cold season. Would love to win.


A beautiful pair of socks!

Judy Aiken

I think a nice lace scarf or shawl !


I am so predictable: socks of course!

carmelle Tidd

I would knit a pair of socks, or a scarf while learning a new stitch.


Most likely I would knit socks but a hat is not out of the question.


It's so hot right now that I can barely think of wool socks, but the answer is socks.

Lorraine Watts

I would make matching socks for my daughter and her 9 month old son.



Darlene Garner

A scarf or cowl to give to a family member in Washington state where it gets cold enough to wear one (not here in Arizona)!

Julie McIlwraith

A wonder pair of wrist warmers

Teri P

No question about it - socks!


A scarf, the yarn is so nice it needs to be wrapped around my neck.

Rita aka crescendogal

I would totally make back to school hats! Or maybe socks...hehe

yolanda v

Depends on the color. Socks of course, or a cowl..

Sharon Roberts

A shawl. Anyone would be gorgeous, but would have to see the yarn first to see what speaks to me!

Erika N

Love love love the jilly! Would knit a beautiful shawl.

Laurie Snow

Beautiful colors! I'd knit a beautiful scarf!!!


Love the colors


Dangling Conversation. Boom. Mic drop

Cheryl Adams

I was poking around Pinterest and then Ravelry and found a wonderful shawl, Dover Castle Shawl. I love the pattern and it would look beautiful knit in Jilly.

Sue Blanchard

A baby sweater for sure

Suzanne G

Oh how lovely! Anything would be beautiful with these gorgeous yarns, but socks are on my mind!

Sandra Sprouse

Definitely a shawl... maybe Rosewater.


Been thinking of doing a sweater for my baby niece . . . this might be a perfect yarn!

Anne G

A cowl or shawl, maybe Hitchhiker or Brickless.

Melissa luckoski

Seeing as how every hank of yarn I buy is to make projects for other people( especially with Christmas around the corner), I would love to win this so I could make some socks for myself!

Kristen Beckman

Socks for sure!

Donna Denherder

I think it would make a beautiful cowl!


Why I will be making socks of course!

Chris Kittrell

The colors are beautiful and would make a great hat or scarf.

Vicki Lupo

The colors are beautiful. Lets see, I would make socks, scarf and hat. What with the cold weather coming...would be put to good use.


A scarf!

Helen King

I would knit socks or a cowl. Gorgeous yarn!!


I see a cowl in my future


Looks like Jilly might be perfect for Reyna, which has been in my favorites for a while!

Thanks for the contest!


One Hunter Hammmersen's Curls. :)

Wendy TC

Shawl estate, socks, it's all good... Thanks for generosity!

Deborah Garcia

I have been looking at the Tranquila scarf pattern. It's an open weave, and would look amazing in these colors. Many thanks!

Pam Hunter

I would knit a very neat pair of socks for my very best friends.


I think I'd make a Gingko Crescent Shawlette.


I'm all about hats right now, so that's what I'd knit.


Definitely socks! :D


I wil makes socks for my sister-in-law!

Linda Cannon

I always have socks on the needles as my carry along project. Love your yarn, thank you.

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