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August 22, 2015


Vickie - Turtleknits

Summer is all about gardening. Fresh tomatoes - yum!


Picking wild blueberries. So tedious yet there's something wonderful about gathering food for your family. I love the mixture of smells, sharp scented spruce, musky earth and a kind of bitterness from the blueberry bushes. I'm always on the lookout for a new patch!

Wendy TC

Disneyland...and Hawaii.


Waiting for fall to return!! Also, it's a great time to put a dent in my pile of books to be read... knitting is sometimes too tedious for hot days.


I just went to Scotland for the first time and loved it. Going every summer would be amazing, but highly unlikely!

Pam Hunter

Went to Youngs Jersey Dairy with my daughter and then a little shopping spree in Yellow Springs, OH. We plan on making it a summer tradition.


Up until this year we would have our granddaughters stay with us for a week of "grandma camp" but they are both teenagers now and grandma lives out of town so there's not so much for them to do. It's also usually the time that I work in the yard but this year the heat has kept me inside so I've done more knitting.


I live in Tucson, AZ so I wait for the monsoons every summer. I love the summer storms. Since it's so hot, I plan indoor activities for the summer, rather like others plan indoor activities for their winters. I knit Christmas presents. :-)


We go to the beach each summer


Our summer tradition is a trip to the art museum, followed by a trip to the zoo. Our version of a staycation.


A new tradition will be enjoying the petting zoo with my little granddaughter. One of our old traditions is going to the county fair.


Our summer tradition is going to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert under the stars..... Some summers we do not plan far enough ahead and we miss out.
Next year we need to get tickets earlier in the spring.......


For the first time in quite some time my husband and I took a few days off and just enjoyed not having to go anywhere. Staycation was a bout all we could afford but usually we are not able to enjoy a few days in the summer together.


Our family tradition was for all of us to take part in the County Fair! We took horses, sheep, poultry, plants, fried chicken, jugs and jugs of homemade iced tea. There was a large building for needlecrafts and the cotton crochet work was gorgeous, needlepoint, even oil paintings. I must boast that every year I won blue ribbons for my knitting and kept walking away with the Best of Show for my original afghans. After a few years, they decided not to have me win and made me a judge!


We're in the hot valley in Northern California. We take our daughter to the beach, at least once, every summer.

Alecia Helton

Living in Texas means I'm counting the days to fall. I spend the summer inside in AC, knitting and watching Netflix. It will be fall before choose to be outside again.

Gale Longley

Had my grandchildren over a lot. They grow so fast they are like little weeds.


We never went fruit-picking! We might still be able to do apple picking or something, but I missed out on berries I think. I need to check!


I just started doing serious gardening, and loving it!


We live in Wisconsin, we took our two children to Mackimac Island every summer.
They enjoyed the biking and also the Horse and Carriage ride. Plus we camped, which the children really enjoyed, as we did too.

Ann Walsh

Every year I go to the Glengarry Highland games. A friend lives in the small town that hosts them, right by the fairgrounds so I camp in their backyard. After 20-odd years it's a weekend I look forward to every year to see old friends and meet new ones. Fiddles and bagpipes are just bonus.


Here in Southern California, it's almost always nicer weather than most places so I feel like I am in a vacation spot always. Since moving here, I have no summer traditions, except enjoying the heat.

Karen G.

Kayaking as often as possible!

Lisa T

Here in Dallas we have Shakespeare in the park. We get there when the gates open, picnic, then play games until the play starts. We've gone every year, since before I even had kids, and my kids have gone since they were in diapers. With my kids mostly out of the house now it's getting harder to do, but wouldn't miss it for the world.


I'm liking the idea of shorter getaways rather than trying to find a time for a longer vacation.

Susan Hill

I live in the beautiful climate of the bay area of northern CA. Summer means to me open windows with lots of fresh air, fresh flowers and lots of early morning and early evening walks around the lake.


Pool! Honestly, a daily dip in the pool is just about the only way to feel comfortable in the Texas summer, especially when the 100°F days hit! Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a hassle to change and do pool prep when you just want to sit down and melt into mindlessness, but it really is worth the effort!

Amy Williams

Summer means a trip to the New Jersey shore for us. Ice cream, bike rides and the beach.

Darree Palmer

We go to the Jersey Shore every August. Bagels in the morning, beach all day and seafood for dinner. A week of relaxing before the start of school.


Summer means tomatoes from our garden! I'm so sad when we have to start buying them again in the Fall.


Our summer tradition actually happens in early October (still hot in the South so I consider it summer) is to take our son and daughter and their families to Destin FL during the kids Fall Break. We rent a house and have a lot of fun family time. For the first time this summer, we visited Yellowstone Nat'l Park! It was awesome and I would love to go back!


Summer's not complete without a road trip! Toss some stuff in the back and head off exploring!


I took my 9 year old grandsons for their first visit to an art museum. Such fun to see things thru their eyes. Twin B was fascinated by the paintings. He stepped in close to better see the brushstrokes and took a seat on a bench to study in front of one lovely painting. Exactly the way I feel when I visit. Twin A was busy looking for the naked stuff. Can't wait to take them again.

Rhonda Atkinson

I took a trip to Estes Park, Colorado with my second daughter who lives in Korea. It was fantastic and I'd love to do this again. Taking one of my other kids family. Amazing!


Picking blueberries! Started when I could barely walk (so I'm told.) Most years, some berries even make it to the freezer.

Paula DeMarco

Summer is about family vacations...all 12 of us. This year, it was Hershey Park!

Cindy Billadeau

Summer is for me a time of year for being outside on patio with family and having cookouts .

Sarah (3Trees)

I try to get to the White Mountains of NH every summer and hike a couple 4000-footers with my children. We got 3 done this summer and only have 3 left that we haven't climbed at least once.

Lisa p

Just lots of camping and time spent outdoors with family and friends!

Marjorie Millner

For the past 3 years I have visited Salt Spring Island, off the western coast of Canada, each July, to visit friends. I hope this will continue! Twice I have been able to attend a fiddle workshop that takes place the 3rd week of July every year. It's a wonderfully de-stressing experience.


Taking the grandkids to the lake. Eating local corn-on-the-cob. Growing fresh herbs on the balcony. And of course, the knitting never stops.


Summer is all about canning now that we've got the time. Applesauce, blackberry jam and salmon to fill our tummies in the winter months--while we knit socks, of course!


Normally summer is about knitting lace because of the wonderful summer light, but work has made it a challenge this year.


Summer is the busy season for our business. We try to get to Riding Mountain National Park every Sept.

Anne Dorscheid

July 4th with the family at my sister's cottage at Honeyoe Lake (Fingerlakes)


I've had a strange summer this year, I've been sick quite a bit. Usually I piece quilts in the summer, but haven't had the energy, so this summer I've been knitting a Hitchhiker scarf with some yarn I got years ago in one of your monthly clubs. I'll be knitting in the summer from now on!


I went to my nieces and my sons wedding. Both were on the west coast. I knitted a lot during the travel times.


We went to Quebec City for a family reunion. It was the first time and hope to go again. Thanks!


I didn't get to do too many fun things this summer. I am a student and I take summer classes, but hopefully this will be my last summer in school. I did get to have my cousin from the other side of the country come to visit me which was very fun, and I would love to see him every summer!


We discovered a park here in our city, on the NorthWest Pacific Coast, that we fell in love with and want to make visiting a regular occurrence. A beautiful little cove beach with huge rocks to play on, and a gorgeous view of the ocean and the islands!


I want to go camping the second week of August to watch the Perseid Meteor showers under dark skies.


Strawberry picking and the wisconsin state fair.


Summer means berry picking! We start with salmonberries, then strawberries, move on to raspberries and blueberries, and finish up with blackberries. With luck, we will find some saskatoons somewhere—they don't really thrive where we live. Some for jam, some for baking, pancakes and desserts, some for wine, some to stock the freezer, and lots and lots go directly into mouths!

Maria R

Camping in MN's beautiful northwoods.


When the weather cools at the end of August, we make a trip to Stanley park. We start at the play ground, then down to the duck pond and thorough the rose garden. At some point we pull out picnic lunches. The kids love exploring this place

Brenda B

Camping. I love summer weekends, especially long weekends, they were made for relaxed camping with friends. We're going at the end of this week actually.

Carla S

My summer traditions are to go to florida, plant vegetables and herbs, and make scarves for winter.


Summer means trying to spend as much time with our grown children. This summer, my parents needed the attention, as they needed to move to an assisted living with more care. Good summer though!

Anne Marie

My husband's car died, so we bought a Jeep this summer. That's been fun!


My mom's birthday is late August and every year my family spends the weekend at our cottage and we go to the Essenhaus for late lunch and then swim, play games, and have a bonfire. It's an awesome tradition. Nothing new started this year though..


We have been going on family vacations for a few years now. This year we went to Disney! Yes, I got knitting time.

Jane Page

We always plant a vegetable garden in the summer. This year, unfortunately, only the tomato plants produced well. Very few cucumbers, and no squash! We love all the tomatoes, and give lots away to neighbors!

Karen S.

Harvesting fresh veggies from the garden. This year was great for tomatoes, sugar snap peas and beans. Never have had any luck with peppers and this year was no exception.

Jan Ball

Summer means lots of early mornings out by the pool with coffee, my kindle and knitting.
It also means a great lake party at my friend Natalie's lake cottage with a pontoon ride around the lake.


Camping way up in Vermont where you can REALLY see the stars!!!!!!


A few years ago my parents bought a cottage. We now go there every chance we get - full weekends, even just to spend the day. It's so nice to be able to relax and recharge the batteries!

Cathy B

I get so impatient for fall and fall knitting that i drag out my old knitting mags and books to get some inspiration or to see some gems that i might have skipped over. Summer is just something to get out of the way before fall comes, my favorite time of the year.

Erin Gerard

This summer was all about getting moved into our first house & getting the neglected yard, pool, & spa functioning properly. Hopefully next summer we can hit our fave vacation spot & kickback for a few days, since we weren't lucky enough to do so this summer. ^_^


Sshorter trips instead of one long trip. Just glad to have my boys home this summer...

Kristen S

We look at knitting magazines to find new patterns!

Anne G

A trip to the Maine coast is a must every summer.

Lisa Viviano

This summer has been a little different. Just a bunch of short trips antiquing.

DJ Weiss

We go to Martha's Vineyard for Labor Day weekend-- the best part of summer!


gardening, bbq's and a trip to the beach!


We started a summer tradition when my daughter was 5, she is now 9 and it is what I hope she thinks back to when she is grown.

From Memorial day to Labor day, each week-end, we pick an ice cream shop/frozen yogurt place to stop at. During our Labor day stop we discus which place was our favorite.


Hanging out at the pool with friends.


Sadly, Texas is so hot during the summer that a lot of my summer activities are inside. however, I do have a favorite summer activity - canning! I love getting fresh produce at the farmers market and finding ways to pickle it or preserve it for later use. There is such satisfaction in looking at a set of jars cooling on the counter and knowing it will go in my pantry to be used later during the winter.

amy g

The Minnesota State Fair! The last 12 days of summer is also the best. I go at least twice - sometimes more. Otherwise, I'm canning jam, jellies and pickles.


Heading out to new places in our RV.

Louise Cotulla

This summer, I'm canning! Tomatoes are already a big success. next up - pickles!

Kathie Abel

We head for the mountains - a trip up Pike's Peak before the roads are snowed in, and a wonderful Labor Day weekend browsing through the shops in Manitou.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

I've not done anything new this summer but I have followed the family tradition of a couple of weeks in northern Michigan with the family.

Kathleen Reichenbach

We take our big vacation in the winter to head somewhere warm. In the summer, we stay close to home and enjoy all the great festivals in our area.

georgienne westrick

How about a visit to Sauder Historical Village!

Carolyn tindal

Yes! This summer I put out a glass hummingbird feeder.
I have fallen in live with watching them! Plus I can have
coffee or knit outside and enjoy them. What a
great way to start the day!

Cheryl Adams

Taking the grandkids to Lake Michigan! This year we found a dog friendly beach, so even the dog got to come along! He loved it, I think even more than the grands!


visiting my mother with the whole family - we have done this since the kids were babies, and still go now that our son is in University :)

Christine C.

We went out on the ocean on a Zodiac to view whales up close and personal migrating north. Just incredible! I would do it every year if I could!

Holly Waldrop

Summer is when my husband and I go to our local AAA team's baseball games. I fell in love with sock knitting and baseball at about the same time. They go SO well together!

Tracy Bagley

Summer is all about travel softball for our family! Many tournaments, end of season party and then after 2 days off, Tryouts for next year and we do the whole year over again!I love to bring projects with me to do in between games and during down time.

Ruth C

Aunt Betty gathers our clan for a week long family reunion on Lake Geneva in WI. We come and go as able and love the relaxed time to catch up with each other. New "tradition" this summer: I knit 3 pairs of shortie socks. My daughter, her daughter and her son have socks with matching yarn, but different combinations.

Andrea Rademacher

We take a family road trip to visit family. I look forward to time together and luckily for me my three teenage boys still do too. It helps they love their Uncle in Kentucky and are always psyched to go see him!!


Labor day weekend has always been the last of summer picnics, my mom's birthday falls during that time, everybody gets together and one of my sisters lakehouse for swimming boating, kayaking, laughs, sleepovers, lots of good food but most of all the time with family...

Susan J

my daughter married in December and legally adopted her husbands son (age 5) in May. My first grandchild! This summer I got to keep him for a whole was wonderful fun for me. AND this child LOVES hand knit socks!! I knit 5 pairs for him as a going to kindergarten present.......he loved 'em!!

Hazel S

Every year we start our summer holiday with a camping trip to Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta. So peaceful and relaxing, and the beach is wild and wonderful.

Deborah Graham

Summer is all about the garden. Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, corn and carrots. I love not having to go to the market for a lot of produce. Too hot for growing lettuce, so that is my one shopping must.

Vicki C

Sadly, we don't have a tradition, but I'm hoping by next summer my kids and I can be happier together ... It's been an extremely tough summer


The only new thing I did this summer was fall off my bike on the way to the fireworks, which I'll be working hard not to make a tradition.

But one of my favorite summer traditions is our weekly Friday night picnic-concerts with our friends.


I went to Germany for the first time this summer - I'd love to make that a tradition (but probably can't afford to).

Debbie H

Mine is going to the Minnesota state fair. Very fun!
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