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July 03, 2015



Happy 4th of July to all of you at SSYC!

Patricia Richardson

Wishing you and your family and your SSYC family a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


Have a great Fourth! That's the thing about kids - they grow up so fast. Just wait a few years until puberty! My first grand who had been this little skinny (I swear I'd be surprised if he had 1% body fat) has turned into a mesomorph like his dad - not fat or even chunky - just very solid. And he's taller than me. And his voice has changed. He sounds just like his father on the phone now! And his 11 year old brother's voice is starting to change! Puberty seems so much more dramatic in boys than girls to me. But I still get lots of hugs & that's what counts. Noticed the Salem color way of Poste. That looks great! I'll have to add a couple of more skeins - & not feel guilty since I missed the kit!


Have a great Holiday! Also wanted to thank you for the world's fastest shipping! I ordered my Arne and Carlos yarn and Thrum Kit last Saturday; it arrived on Monday! Best start to the work week ever!

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