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July 08, 2015


Mary Chrisman

Only five pairs of socks so far, but three shawls as well. Lots more planned in my head!


Two! Hopefully a few more before I need them!

Maria R

None. Socks scare me. I can knit lots of things, but socks... How does one get the strips to match? Any suggestions for an easy pattern for the sock yarn I just bought from SSYC? I am ready to face the fear :-)


Two pair and started third pair last evening


Four pairs of socks in the last three months, since sock needles were the only knitting supply I brought abroad with me!


I have completed 9 pairs so far this year and have 4 more pairs on the needles waiting to be finished.


None, I am sock deficient, I can knit the leg and turn the heel and then I am totally lost. HELP!!!!


Wow! I've knitted 10 pair of socks and have another pair started.


None yet, I have two pair that need mending and a ball of sock yarn in a bag waiting to be cast on...does that count?;)


I have two second socks to complete from two pairs so I guess my answer is two 1/2's.

Dianne Gardinier

I have knitted 5 pairs of socks and one top down Icelandic cardigan almost finished just needs the sleeves and the cutting of the steek. Looking to knit a couple more pairs of socks before the Holidays so give as gifts.

Susan Johnson

I've knit 7 pair of socks, so far, this year. My favorite pattern is Simple Skyp socks, and plain stockinette.


I knit 2 pairs of socks for 2of my daughters.

Marjorie Millner

4 pairs so far, starting a new pair in Biscotte & Cie striping today.


So far two pair,but I have lots of ideas for more!


Almost two, but have a few more to finish.


Ten pairs so finished and I'm on the heels of another pair.


I am almost finished with pair number 6 for this year. I am a little behind for my goal of 26 pairs!


I have completed two pairs this year. The second pair I knitted two at a time on two needles! It was fantastic to be completed with a pair of socks when they came of the needles.


I'm half way through my very first sock...ever. Slow going but having fun.

Rhonda Atkinson

I've completed 9 pairs and have 2 on the needles. They have all been gifts and each appreciated. Happy happy.


Four done, three more in progress. ^_^

Courtney Beatd

Three pairs down for the year, two skeins in queue. All socks this year are from Simply Sock Co yarn purchases - one because I'm naughty and splurged on stash and two because I like to pick out my sock yarn in person rather than online order.

Brenda B

8 pairs so far this year and 3 more on the needles currently. I love making socks, they make me so happy!!

Julie V.

I started a sock, but have been distracted by Ysolda's MKAL and spinning. A good reminder to hunt it down and work on it!


I knit 3 pairs and I'm working on my 4th now.


I have knit 2 pairs. I have three pairs on the needles and I cannot start my new Arne and Carlos until I finish one of those pairs... sigh

Joanne Olson

1 whole pair
2 single socks. Working on the seconds now.


Only 2 pairs so far this year - but I have the yarn for 3 more pairs and 3 shawls from sock yarn - that should keep me busy for a while!


I have knitted 17 pairs of socks so far this year.
(They make great gifts!)


I'm in the midst of working on pairs seven and eight for the year - not as many as this time last year but I'm pleased with it!


finished 5 pair
started 6
socks are winning

Colleen Ferber

One complete, One on the 1 1/3!!!

Renee' Sawyer

I haven't knit any SO FAR this year... I have been making baby blankets and shawls. It is time to knit some socks...I miss knitting them!

Geraldine Scott

Sadly, only 2 pairs!


Purchased yarn for 7 pair and have only knit 2 pair so far (but a 3rd pair on the needles).


I have made four pairs.

Pam Hunter

I have made 10 pairs so far this year. I just love to make socks.


Two so far and planning more!


I've just learned to knit socks toe up 2-at-a-time Magic Loop. I finished my very first pair (I was SO proud of myself!) and am now working on the second pair in worsted weight. Then I will bravely try my first pair in sock yarn.


I have knit 4 pair...working on two more pair at this time....socks are my favorite item to knit...

Jane Nearing

10 pair - I stock up for Christmas gifts (and sales).
I ALWAYS have socks on needles, regardless of whatever else I'm knitting.


Beautiful! I have knit zero pair of socks this year. I want to, but never seem to get there. I do have a pair of Socks for Soldiers on the needles, but I'm not knitting on them because I'm hardly knitting at all. Lots of life this year!

Thanks for the contest!


Three pair so far this year - I always have socks on needles, even though I always have multiple projects going at the same time.

Ruth D

Two pair plus two singles. One mate is on the needles and the mate to the other is patiently waiting. I think those size 9's might be a perfect fit.


Pair?,well,in that case three.

Amy S.

So far this year none!! And I love to knit socks--have a lot of them to knit in my Ravelry queue. Been busy, otherwise, knitting charity caps for premies and 2 sweaters for me.

Denise Walsh-horowitz

Hi Allison - I have knit seven pairs of socks so this year. Still more in the plan as Christmas is five short months away! Denise

Wanda whiting

I have several pairs started onesies . Wanda

Janet Duff

So far, I have completed 1 pair. Would love to be wearing these!

Cindy Carpenter

13 pairs done with 3 on the needles, 1 lacy, 1 plain and 1 made of scraps of 3 leftover balls.

Teresa C

Huh. Only 2 pr so far.


No socks this year - but, 4 caps, 1 beret, 3 cowls, and a shawl. All from yarn bought from SSYC.


No socks yet this year... What's wrong with me? But I have been rocking out the old WIPs at least.

Sandra Dodson

I have knitted 7 pairs and I am working on my 8th pair now...

amy g

I think only 3 this year - mostly just finishing the ones started last year. One of those was a re-knit - the finished product was too big so I had to frog half of both socks to re-size.


I'm working on my third pair for the year. Love wearing my handmade socks!

Jackie Whyte

4 Finished, 2 on the needles.

Beth P

I've only knit 2 pairs of socks so far, but I have a few singles that are waiting for their mates!!!

Joyce McCartney

I finished one pair, started over a year ago in TurtlePurl Comic Strip and started two pair. I"m not a good finisher, and I really wanted this to be the year of socks for me.

Connie Taylor

I just found your site. I'm excited. I've knitted a few pairs of socks in the past, but not lately. Your yarn is just what I need to get started again. Thanks!


I have completed three pairs and have started a fourth. I have also completed three shawls.


First sock (singular...still need to knit the 2nd) completed last weekend. Love it!


Working on the Solefully (sole up technique)as we speak!

Patricia Richardson

I've knit two pairs of socks so far this year and currently have my first TAAT-Toe-Up socks on the needles.


I have knit 5 pairs of socks so far this year, plus I pair of legwarmers. I have also knit many cowls. I just wish I could finish the 2 sweaters I have started, but I seem to enjoy shorter projects more.

Susan Wilkins

Finished one early in the year. Have another in the bag, ready to start. I need to be a monogamous sock knitter for a bit now....need to boost my sock drawer!


5 pairs so far. Not keeping up to my goal of 1 pair per month, but we moved so I'm cutting myself some slack.


I have only knit 2 pairs this year. I have been side tracked knitting baby sweaters and baby blankets.

Sue Hacker Nelson

3 finished and two in progress!


So far 5 pair. Starting a new technique and creating a new pattern on Saturday. One of the completed pair I plan to enter into the fair.


7 pair 😍

Kathleen Reichenbach

I have completed 5 pair so far this year and have two more in the works.


I have made about ten or so... and have a few in the works... none for myself and size 9 would fit just right!!!!!

Margie S in Wyoming OH

I have made 4 pairs of socks for children, and am almost done with the second pair of adult socks. I am way behind my usual number of socks for the year. The prize socks are lovely!


On my 3rd pair.

Michelle watts

I've averaged about 1 1/2 pairs of socks per month - also 6 cowls and I am just gathering lots of courage to start knitting (don't know how - never stranded or faire isle knit) one of four cowichan sweater kits for my husband and children. Yikes!!!! What was I thinking??


8 Pairs of socks so far this year. I have to knit 20 to have enough for my Christmas gift list. I better hurry. We are halfway through the year and I am not half way through the socks.

Cheryl Glander

I just learned to knit socks this year. I have knitted two sets- one big, one wee. I am a true sock fan!

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