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July 25, 2015



Oh, fingerless mitts, they look so cool with self striping yarn and the teens love them.

Kathy Garcia

cozy cowls___ I haven't made a pair of socks yet, but pretty soon I'll be giving it a go

Hazel S

I like to make scarves in a tube- it's also a fun way to use up all those leftovers!

Rachel R.

Shawls! Or fingerless gloves - I have a really cute pair of Susie's Reading Mitts I made out of self-striping yarn that I love.


Mittens and hats are great to make with self-striping yarn.

Jan Bew

Hats are a definite, love stripey hats!

Doreen Righter

I use the cheerful colors for preemie hats. All sizes of preemies. All sizes of hats.


I enjoyed making the hitchhiker shawl with sock yarn

Vicki C

I now split my affection between shawls and socks, so those are what my sock yarn becomes.

Joan Pendergast

Love to knit socks out of the stripy yarn. Not boring st all and such beautiful results.

Laura McMahan

shawls of course!!


I just finished a Sockhead with some self striping and have started another one!




fingerless mittens and scarves

Tracy Slattery

I like to knit hats for my adventurous son. He camps and hikes in conditions I would prefer not to be outside! Hats from sock yarn keep their "spring," and self-striping makes them look fancy-- and make me feel like I am doing something to keep him safe and warm!

Cathy Goldman

Love to make cowls with the self striping yarn,...hats are always a favorite too

Diane Wampler

I love using self striping yarn for socks, mittens, hats! Really anything?


I love doing shawls like the Hitchhiker with self striping yarn! The change in how the stripes play out as the work goes from just a few stitches to it's full width is so much fun to watch!


I've made socks with self striping yarns but when I have some leftovers, I use them for bunny clothing from Little Cotton Rabbits...
A good way to reduce stash.... I also would like to start on a hexipuffs when I have enough leftovers...

By the way beautiful yarns for great giveaway!!


Baby Surprise Jacket!!! It's so much fun with a self striping yarn. :)


Fingerless mitts


Mitts mitts mitts


I'm in the fingerless mitt category. Really want to make Purl Soho's Long Striped Handwarmers .(
Thank you for the contest!


I haven't done it yet, but I want to make a hat and mitts with self-striping sock yarn.

Deb Adams

Every fall I knit my two granddaughters matching hats and mittens for the upcoming winter with selfstriping sock yarn.

Deb J

I love self striping yarn for hats. I knit tons of hats for charity and self striping yarn makes that so easy! But it also works great for baby sweaters (especially for little boys) and for doll clothes for my granddaughters!!!

Karen G.

I guess the next best thing for self striping socks yarn after socks would be a scarf, though I have only knit socks with mine.


I'd have to say scarves, cowls, hats, and matching fingerless mittens.

Marie Benevento

To be honest, my FAVORITE thing to do with self striping yarns is to pull them out of my stash and think up all the different projects I can create with them, and oh, matching them up with solids for heels and toes!!!


I have a massive doll collection and if I discover the color isn't quite right for me, I have a doll or two who is more than happy to get a hand knitted sweater from me.

Lynn Mozzoni

I've knit hats and monster shirts with self-striping sock yarn. Yep... my grandson's knitted monsters need striped shirts.


I like to use self striping yarn for stuffed animals. Bunnies and puppies and bears. Oh my!




One pattern I really like is the Hyancinth scarf by Kaffe Fassett from the book Knitting with the Colour guys ( some projects on Ravelry). Striped sock yarn held together with kidsilk haze, knitting on the diagonal, all garter stitch. easy peasy with luxurious results. I've made it a couple of times.

Holly Waldrop

I love socks and knitting them, so it's hard to use pretty self-striping yarn for other things. But I have been known to sneak in a pair of fingerless mitts once in a while.


I like to use self-striping yarn in sweaters. It is always interesting to see the pattern combinations that naturally occur!


I haven't dude much self-striping yarn, so I would love to make socks. As an alternative a hat or mits would be great.


I like to make hats or mitts with self-striping yarn when not making socks.

mj johnson

Baby hats and mitts are wonderful for self striping sock yarn....soft and colorful....perfect for babies!


Mittens. Some people knit lots of socks, shawls, etc. I love mittens:)


I've knit many shawls and scarves with sock yarn.

Hilda Clegg

I make hats with self striping sock yarn The Watch Cap Beanie turns out really well. I'm just finishing up one now. Thanks for the giveaway.

Robin V

Hats! Also the scarf that is knit in the round like a lonnnggg sock.

Dena Hobbs

I love knitting toddler sized sweaters and hats with self-striping yarn.

Natalie Jamieson

Oh my, whilst I ponder how to use a growing pile of leftovers from
sock yarn purchased at Simply Socks a few years ago, I remember that I love to knit baby jackets out of sock yarn. On 3.25mm needles, start at the crack, garter stitch till increasing foy sleves, then decreasing and separating for the front panels. I have made several of these. They wear well and seem to grow withe the baby for some time!!! Natalie

Kris P.

After not very successful attempts at fair isle, I decided to use my striped sock yarns to knit a gadget case for my mini iPad. It would also be fun to knit eye glass cases, small toys, small bags. Oh my, another attack of castitis is coming on...


I just love knitting with sock yarn. I just completed a casual pull over sweater with striping sock yarn, part stockinette and part lace, good for summer.


I love to make shawls with self-striping sock yarn. I find the colors too pretty to hide with shoes and pants! I recently discovered how amazing hats look made out of sock yarn.

Cindy R.

I like to do hats and scarves with striping yarn because it gives a different look to the project.

Geraldine Scott

Baby blankets! Just had #6 grand baby…babies are on my mind!

Sandra Dodson

Hitchhiker Shawl!!


Hats and fingerless mitts!

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