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July 25, 2015



Hats and mittens of course, for my two boys!

Rhonda Atkinson

I like to make fingerless mittens. I love the pattern that was on Simply Sock a few months ago.


Self-striping sock yarn is beautiful for shawls! The Revontuli/Northern Lights shawl really looks great in a self-striping sock yarn with long repeats:

Lisa H-L

I like to knit scarves or cowls in a chevron pattern, think Monster Cowl by Julia Allen.


Hats using all different kinds of patterns


Love this pattern


The sockhead hat is always fun and works well with striping yarn. I've also used my little cricket loom and woven a few scarves. One thing that I have seen but not tried is to make a stuffed teddy bear out of striping yarn. So cute.


I have a pattern that I got from the Elann site that's a double layer (4 over your ears) dubelmossa style hat knit from sock yarn. Striping yarn is great for it as is other patterning yarn. It's the only hat that can stand up to Chicago's icy winter winds which whip right through regular single thickness hats.


I mostly knit socks out of self-striping. Love them so much! But, I am currently knitting a baby hat and the baby vertebrae out of self striping.

Donna Leary

I have made mittens, hats and shawls from self-striping sock yarn. Such fun!


I like the Kelly McClure's Sockhead pattern, which is free on Ravelry.


Susan B Anderson's use of striping yarn in a hoodie is spectacular, and one that I've always wanted to copy. Here's a link to her project post:


Scarf-lets and mitts.


Like many others, my first thought for self-striping yarn is socks, but I would like to try some fingerless mitts, and maybe a matching hat.

Dianne Gardinier

I love making fingerless mitts with my left over sock yarn. I don't have a specific pattern. I have been eyeing the Biscotte & Cie yarns for sometime now but haven't taken the final steps to order. Would love to win some to try it out. I love the colorways.


I like to knit small shawls with self-striping yarn.


My favorite thing is socks, but I have also made a hat and scarf that came out great.


Shawls or scarves. I think Wingspan would look good in self-striping yarn. Maybe baby sweaters.


I really like knitting socks with self striping yarn but have made a few accessories such as hats and shawls with it also. My favorite pattern I have made so far is:

Susan S.

My self striping yarn is displayed in a beautiful metal bowl on the coffee table for my visual enjoyment until I decide ......scarf?......mitts? blanket ........or of course socks.


I like doing fingerless mitts or a simple hat like the Sockhead hat.


Barb T.

My favorite yarn ever!!!! I love to use any fingering weight for the sock head hat if I'm not knitting socks!!!

Judi Kennedy

I have to admit I use it mostly for socks. But, I have used it for hats, smaller stripes, and they are great. Small heads or you lose the stripe effect.

PS..those B&C colors are phenomenol.


I don't think I have ever knit anything other than sock with self striping yarn but I think anything for a baby would be cute. Maybe a sweater or hat or....


I have used self striping yarn for hats and mitts and would like to make the Elphaba fingerless gloves, and I will if I win.


Fingerless mitts and cowls!


Self striping yarn is great for hats too!


Definitely mitts!


Oh, I do, I do!

I use them for baby sweaters! So much fun! Baby Surprise Jacket, February Baby Sweater - probably anything similar!

Thanks for the contest!

Lisa T

Just socks mostly, and xmas ornaments out of the leftovers. Want to see how it would look in baby clothes.


I like to make narrow scarves. I also like to make hats--especially for my grandson.

Rebecca Paine

scarves , as always ... especially something with a chevron pattern ... to really twist the stripes up !

Janet Duff

I think fingerless mittens are great!

Cathy z

My girls Lind cowls. With right stitch count, these cowls are a hit!

Lisa p

I've done hats, and convertible mittens with self striping yarn. Love biscotte and cie!

Lisa p

I e made hats and gloves with self striping yarn!


Baby hats. Lots and lots of baby hats! :)

Judy Gunsaulis

I can never have too many socks either for myself or for gifts, so I never thought of using it for anything else. BUT, now that you put the idea in my head a hat would be very cute. Love the cactus color way!


Right now my big thing is hats! I love the sock head hat. One can never have too many hats!

amy g

Hats! So fast and easy and of course anything baby! Perfect - fun colors and washable. Thanks!

Joyce McCartney

Just made a sockhead hat and am in love with the pattern. A pretty chevron scarf is also a great option.


Chevron striped scarves are my favorite. I'm planning a bunch for Christmas gifts!


Anything entrelac looks great with self-striping yarn - it's one of my favourite techniques!

I've used this pattern a few times already:


I use it for mainly socks, but a chevron scarf would be awesome!!

Anne F

Fingerless mitts, or a baby sweater would be lovely. But I have to admit my first choice would always be socks.


Fingerless mitts for my son (and me, too)!


I love to knit mittens , cowls, hats with self striping sock yarn!!!!

Leann Demeduk

I don't think I've used any self-striping yarn yet for anything other than socks, but I have my eye on this Stephen West pattern that I'll need some self-striping yarn for. Such decisions!

Suzanne Carpenter

Mitts are fabulous and you can never have enough of them in Michigan!


One of my favorite non-sock projects I've made with striped yarn is a mosaic shawl. Slipping stitches just a row or two impacts the color play so much! I'd love to try a whole sweater knit this way someday!


Hats or Chevron Scarves!


Biscotti & Cie has a shawl pattern that uses their stripey yarn.


When not knitting socks I love to use self striping yarn for shawls.


It's probably equal use for shawls and kids items. It is my favorite weight yarn to knit with.

Cindy Smith

Mitts or a hat would be nice in self striping. I use sock yarn for shawls and tops, it's such a lovely weight.

Grannie Annie

The self-striping yarn I don't use for socks is used for fingerless mitts or shawls. The strawberry shortcake yarn will probably end up as this shawl.


LOL ----mostly I seem to just like to buy it and look at it and contemplate what I MIGHT make with the lovely stuff!!

Nancy Wenberg

I love making socks with self striping yarn, but I love making scarves and cowls even more because you can then wear them with many colors.


I love to use them for the hitchhiker scarf or an entrelac scarf. Always so neat to see how the colors play.


I knit shawls, fingerless gloves and mittens out of sock sweaters are great also.


I enjoy knitting baby sweaters or the Sockhead hat.

Michele Mudd

I like the look and lightweight of using stripe sock yarn for my own personal sweaters.

Dawn Slavings

I double it and make winter hats. My pattern of simple K2, P2 ribbing so it's fitted well and warm. Sized to the head circumference. It seems warmer to me than worsted weight.


Shawls, of course and also hats! I want to make myself a sweater with sock yarn one of these days - Thank you for your wonderful website and offerings. Bonnie


I love making the Baby Elf hat pattern with self-striping yarn with matching baby socks. Also love making fingerless mitts with the stripey yarn.

Kay P.

I rarely knit anything other than socks! However, sock yarn is also good for mittens and gloves ;)


Fingerless mitts! Especially long ones. I also lie using the slow change gradient yarns for mitts.


I have all kinds of non-sock projects using sock yarn:
Fingerless mitts
Toppers / Jumpers
Shawls of course
Baby hats
The Baby Surprise Kimono is ideal for sock yarn, not to mention the jacket
Crocheted hats and other projects are ideal for sock yarn....

I am now exploring ways to manipulate the striping colors in non-sock projects...

Donna george

I love the hitchhiker scarf pattern done in sock yarn.


Love to make scarves in the round for warm gifts. Quick, cute and so easy.


gloves,mitts, and mittens are great with sock yarn!!


Of course I like to make gloves, sweaters for my chihuahua are perfect for self striping yarn, as are cup/can cozies, depending on the striping cord covers are great, and MP3 player and phone socks. There are so many things to make with self striping yarn!! I now have my eye on that Cactus color way!!


Boneyard Shawl or Baby Surprise Jacket

Donna Reed

Scarves and fingerless mittens.


i *love* self striped fingerless mittens. They are my favorite and being that I work part time at a drive thru window...I must have several options to wear :))
this was my favorite patter from last winter...
Will have to find something new for this winter

Nancy Hebb

My 95 years young mother has trouble staying warm, even in hot summer weather. I've finally convinced her that wearing a light hat, even indoors, helps keep a person toasty. So she likes sock-yarn hats, whether beanies or berets. She also wears "knee wraps"!

Chris Aumiller

I have a gorgeous scarf pattern that requires self-striping yarn and uses short rows. The pattern results in triangular sections of various colors. I've been waiting to use up some of the yarn I got at your anniversary party before buying some.

Rose Birchall



Most recently, I uses striping yarn for the 3 color cowl and love to stash bust it with shawls.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

I love using self-striping yarn in color work, together with a solid. It is especially great with double knitting and brioche stitch


I love striped socks, but after I've knit the socks I also love to incorporate the leftover yarn in either a shawl or a cozy sock blanket, whether it is a hexipuff blanket, log cabin blanket or, my new favorite, a cozy memories blanket. The stripes make a great pattern I. The metered squares used in the blanket plus I'll remember knitting the sock long after the sock has worn out!


I love knitting fingerless mitts and hats with self-striping yarn.


Baby cardigans, mitts and shawls are all fabulous non-sock uses of self striping sock yarn, but I have to admit I have only knit socks with this type of yarn. I should try these other projects soon!


I love to use striped sock yarn for EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. It is always an adventure how the colors work out in that pattern.


I'm always worried that the stripes will not "pop" as much in non-sock projects, but the ever-popular Hitchhiker pattern is definitely a good one for stripes.

Wingspan is also a good contender - I've seen some lovely uses of striping yarns (including Opal Van Gogh).

Jane Page

With self striping yarn, I like to make a sweater, hat, and booties set as a gift for a new baby. If I know the gender of the baby, I will make the sweater set either in girl or boy colors. These sets are very cute, and the moms always love them!

Sandy Cash

Is there something else to knit besides socks? I have too many feet to keep in "the best socks ever" to knit other items. But I would love to try a cowl.

Julia Cole

I like to use self-striping fot fingerless gloves and hats. I also knit leftovers into squares for blankets.

Debbie Cameron

I love making shawls with self striping sock yarn. My favorite pattern is the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.


Up until recently I only knit socks but saw a really cute stuffed toy and used striped yarn for it.


Hats and mittens are really fun to do in striping sock yarn. Scarves too.

Irene Cechura

Scarves, hats and mittens!

Karen S.

I use self-striping yarn for fingerless mitts. A hat would be a good idea but I haven't tried it yet.


I have only done socks with striping yarn but I have found a fingerless mittens pattern I want to make. Doing socks is fun because I try to get the stripes to match. Here is the link to the fingerless mitts pattern

Lee Louise

I like to knit baby hats from self-striping sock yarns. They are adorable! I also make leg warmers for my granddaughters.


I don't knit socks but I love sock yarn! I make shawls, gloves/mitts, hats, scarves--sometimes even sweaters!

Andrea Walker

Socks of course are first on the list!!! But after that, I've used striping yarn for cowls, fingerless mitts, hats/ etc. Haven't found anything yet that it can't be used for. Thanks for the contest.... I've always wanted to try this yarn.

Brenda B

I've never knit anything other than socks with self striping but I agree with lots of posters, cowls, hats and mitts would look great in this type of yarn too.


baby hats!

joyce hancock

I like using self-striping yarns in blankets and hats.

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