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July 25, 2015



I get such pleasure from knitting scarves from self striping sock yarn - I am easily amused. I usually do a tube for a double layer of warmth.


Hats, for sure!


I haven't used a striping yarn for anything other than socks yet, but I think fingerless mitts would be a perfect non-sock use!


I like using striping sock yarn for shawls


You mean there are other things you can knit besides socks? :-) Mittens or baby hats are good choices if you feel you have to knit a non-sock item (I don't know why that would be though!)


The last non-sock object that I knitted from sock yarn was the ABABA scarf, which delighted its recipient. I've also made gloves from sock yarn, and have plans to try a sweater from heavy sock yarn. (But, truth be told, I really like making sock yarn into socks!)


I love playing around with different shawl shapes with self-striping yarns. It's fun to see the stripes play out in varying lengths as you increase/decrease, as opposed to a set amount of rounds over a sock.


I like to do scarves with it also. Something simple to show off the stripes.

Erica Engle

I've never knit anything except socks with self-striping yarn but I'd love to knit myself a cute shrug or tank top for next spring.


I would almost always choose socks for self-striping yarn, but a simple hat would be fun too.


hats and fingerless mitts for little girls

Iris M

Hats and fingerless gloves.


kind of odd, but I like to knit boyshorts! thanks for this chance to win!


I love to knit sweaters for my little granddaughter from self-striping yarn.


I like to make baby blankets with self striping sock yarn! Particularly the zig zag pram blanket




Scarves and hats, both! It's fun to watch the colors change. But the scarves have to be rectangular. The triangle ones I love not just look wonky with striping yarn.


I enjoy knitting baby sweaters, hats, and mitts with self striping yarn. My favorite hat pattern is Margo's Hat by Aimee Alexander of Polka Dot Sheep.


Fingerless mitts!

Sarah (3Trees)

Fingerless mitts and hexipuffs. I'd like to use SS to make a baby sweater (baby vertebrae?) but have been too sock-focused with my self striping stash so far!


I love my self-striping fingerless mitts/knucks. Each finger/knuck made out of a different color stripe makes me smile.


Fingerless mitts.


I made a Wingspan with CP Mini Mochi. I also have made fingerless mittens with self striping yarn.


I love baby sweaters and hats with bright stripes!


Socks are number 1 but I also like to make the Hitchhiker shawl with really stripey yarns!

RuthAnn Cromwell

I am a huge shawl fan and have made many from sock yarn. I also love the Sockhead hat.


I love shawls.


Knitted a couple simple scarves but now knitting a Boomerang shawlette and like how the yarn looks in the pattern.

P.S. Love the Strawberry Shortcake colorway.

Wendy TC

Shawls and fingerless mitts...thanks for the give away!

Jenny K

Baby sweaters and mittens.


Once I knitted a pair of fingerful gloves with selfstriping sock yarn.
They were done sideways on straight needles so the fingers had to be sewn but they were great fun to knit.

Lisa W

Fingerless mitts!


hats and shawls!


I haven't really used selfstriping yarn much, but I would try some of the off-grain fingerless mitt patterns like these ones on Ravelry.


Hats!!! You keep the stripe action and you get to wear it somewhere everyone can see it! Perfect!


I have used self striping yarn in a short row scarf and a few shawls.

Sue Boisvert

I love to make teeny tiny amigurumi from self striping sock yarn. Especially itteh bitteh kittehs, lizards and snails. Endless fun.


I've been meaning to weave, so I think a stripy scarf

Patricia Richardson

Hats! I think your Chevron Baby Blanket would look really nice in a self-striping yarn.

Cindy Carpenter

cool hats


Other then socks, I have only used self-striping yarn for fingerless mitts. I LOVE making socks with it.


I've made a cowl and fingerless mitts with self striping yarn. Love them both!

Julie V.

Small accessories as gifts are a great way to use up small bits.

Jenny Bezingue

Self-striping yarns are great for cowls and scarves. I love the idea of making fingerless mitts with them too.


I'm just so in love with self striping for socks, that I've barely used it any other way. I think I did a hat, one scarf and a baby kicking sack—which I think I will frog and reknit as socks.


I'm working on a shawl, but mitts are always great in self stripping


The sock hat and fingerless mitts, for sure!


Boring answer, I know, but mittens.

Renee Anne

You know, the only thing I've really knit with self-striping sock yarn that isn't socks......I think was a baby hat. No, wait, I did make a pair of fingerless mitts using self-striping sock yarn :)


Monster Cowls,have made 2 and they look really great!


I haven't used striping yarn ever, so it would be nice to try. The stripes look so cool when knitted up. I would want to knot socks.

Clarissa Ong Magbuhat

hats and shawls


Love to use self striping yarns for mittens and hats!

Carla S

I use self striping yarn in scarves I crochet and knit.


I love to make hats!


I like them for bags

Lara Dillard

I like to use self-striping yarn to make fingerless easy, quick gift for birthdays or whatever. My next project though is a tank top.

Sue Blanchard

Skinny scarfs are my favorite. I have quite the collection


Basilic (by Biscotte and Cie) is my favorite self striping yarn pattern. It is a scarf pattern.

Anne Marie

I like knitting mittens from sock yarn held together with a strand of lace weight mohair. So warm and cozy.


I love doing a sideways shawl with the striping yarns. I think next I'll try mittens, or at least fingerless mitts.


Lately I have tried making infinity scarves out of stripe yarn; they come out kind of cool!!!!!!


Mittens and fingerless mitts.

Diana Kalar

Hats and fingerless mitts


I like to knit mittens with self striping sock yarn, especially for children.


Stripe-y mittens!

Thank you for this giveaway!

Leigh Ann Brown

I like to make hats - or Sockhead or a basic stripped beanie. I usually have leftover yarn to make fingerless mitts.

Judy Drew

Shawls ad hats.


I have made gloves with self-striping yarn, although with the Strawberry Shortcake, I might make a winter ensemble for my g'daughter - she loves pink.


I like "Charlie's Sock Yarn Hat" found on Ravelry, but now I want to try mittens and gloves for my great nieces and nephews. They would love the fun colours!


I agree with other posters. Sock yarn makes great gloves. The stripes make them look more complicated than they are and on your hands the yarns get noticed more than on your feet!


Any of the three would make a fabulous, cheerful scarf for a cold, grey wintery day!


Fingerless gloves! They're similar in circumference to socks, so they do a great job of showing off the beautiful dying.


I love making baby clothes out of sock yarn. The colors are always fun. And living in Texas, all knitted items need to be light weight, so sock yarn works great.


Hats and baby sweaters work well.


Kids mittens, hats and scarfs! I just make up my patterns to accomodate strippi g of yarn. Twisted knitter has some great basic kid patterns. Love these colors you are giving away, thank you

Mary Cast

I like gloves, mittens and fingerless mitts out of sock yarn. Bi have also done lace shawls crocheted with stripes that turned out great as well as cowls.

Maureen A Sacchetti

Adorable Cowls of course...I am a Cowl addict...along with socks...I love both!! ..Here is my favorite pattern
that calls for one skein of Zauberball fingering weight yarn ...Hooray!!

Good luck everyone with the contest...xo


I'm currently using a striping yarn in Geoknittrix's Typhoon shawl


Mittens! I love striped mittens. Sock yarn is a great option. It wears so well and the mittens are very comfortable.


Hats! Hats! And Hats!

Pam Hunter

I have uses for fingerless mitts for my daughter. Now all of her friends want a pair!

Renee' Sawyer

I love Verybusymonkey patterns and these two look great with striped yarn. Like Crystal Palace Yarns...Mini Mochi.
Another really cool thing with striped yarn is the Sockhead hat.

Teri P

I really like this project:

I've only just started on it, but find I quite enjoy knitting up two or three of the little puff blocks between socks.


Well, I hate to say it but I don't think I've ever knit anything but socks using self-striping yarn. I have used sock leftovers in my Sockyarn Blanket but I don't think that is what you had in mind Allison!

Oh, I did a sockhead hat in some ONLine and an entralac cowl in some worsted striping.




Mostly I make socks out of self-striping yarn. But I really enjoy the Sock Head hat.


My go to baby sweater pattern because i always have sock yarn to knit with. Garter yoke baby cardi..

Anne Dorscheid

Love making fingerless mitt! My current favorite is

and also love this stretchy pattern -

Bridget Brewer

hats and mittens!

Connie Cox

Mittens and fingerless mitts. I haven't tried gloves yet but this yarn would be wonderful for gloves too.

Marjorie Millner

Wren's Twisted Rib Hat.

Lisa B

I'm relatively new to the sock knitting/sock yarn madness but I do plan on making a pair of Michele's Mittens - - for the upcoming winter. Thank you for the exciting giveaway!

Martha Anne

I have made and am planning more skirts--- knit in vertical stripes with gores in different colors.

Maria R

Hat or mittens.


Patches Baby Sweater by Christine Burchard

Self-striping yarn makes fabulous patches of color... and every yarn is different!

Ronni Lynn Spoll

Love to knit colorful chemocaps for children for (complimentary patterns on the website) with self striping sock yarns. Kids love these chemocaps and I can get about four chemocaps out of a 100gm skein.
I also like to knit a really big "Josephine" Shawl (asymmetrical) - pattern on ravelry with size 11 knitting needles and two inches from binding off, I knit two rows of "yo 2x, k2tog" across the rows creating a decorative edging. This is a quick knit and makes up into wonderful hostess gifts, holiday gifts, and also donate them to the woman's oncology center to help teenage gals & women feel the love and to feel good about themselves and self striping sock yarn (just 100gm skein) makes a really big shawl and for an oversized scarf (only 50gm skein).....I have found that everyone feels pretty when wearing one of these and that's important for gals going through cancer treatment.


i love knitting self-striping socks so much that I haven't tried making other items with the yarn. Some self-striping fingerless mitts might be in my future. Thank you to Biscotte & Cie and Simply Sock Yarns for this great giveaway.

Nathanne Verner

If the yarn is made out of really delicate fibers that can't take the wear and tear of socks, then I make mitts and a hat, or I try for a scarf knit in the round with double points.

Amy S.

I've made simple beanie hats (The Swirl Hat) from size premie to adult in solids as well as stripes. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

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