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July 14, 2015


Anne R.

In the car on long road trips--with someone else driving, of course.

Karin Norvell

My favorite spot to knit is on the couch in front of the tv. I also like to knit in the shade by the pool with a gentle breeze going.☺


My favorite place to knit is on the porch while I watch my kids play with their friends. :) Thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite spot is on my front porch, listening to the birds.

Geraldine Scott

On the sofa in a corner of my office/play room. Usually with my iPad listening to knitting podcasts, or watching something on Hulu!


My favorite place to knit is in my bed listening to audiobooks. Thanks for another fun giveaway.


I love to knit in the sun room with the windows open listening to the birds...or with the windows closed during a gentle rain...or watching a lightening display during a storm. I think I just like knitting in that sunroom! Thanks for a great Regia opportunity.

Linda Sutherland

I like to knit in the living room, in my favorite chair with Netflix to keep me company


My favorite spot to knit is my sofa ,in the cool basement ,watchingBritishMysteries on Netflix. Thanks and congratulations for 10 years!!


I usually have a knitting bag with me wherever I go but my favorite place usually is the spare room in my condo that has a comfy bed and I curl up and watch tv at the same time.


Knitting at summer, outdoor concerts is the best with good music, warm weather, and a sense of community.

Tammy goodwin

I mostly knit and crochet on my bed. I have a lot of room to spread out. I have my tv and a computer. I try to join a weekly knit night when I can, but I do tend to craft mostly by myself.

Jeanne Tufano

I like to knit with my friend Roni. We meet every Wednesday for 2 hours for just girl time and some serious knitting.

Andrea Sandahl

My favorite place to knit is Caribou Coffee. We have a weekly knitting group that meets there once a week. It began with 2 people, and has grown to at least 25, likely more. We have a core group that comes every week, and the group changes size each week. It has been great to see so many friendships that have come from knitting group!

Carol Daley

My favourite spot is sitting on my porch with my two dogs,love it


My favorite spot is my corner of the couch with the tv playing in the background. Kind of boring, I know, but it works for me. Lol


My favorite spot is Wed knit night with my friends.


I like knitting outside by the pond, watching all the little critters. When it's too hot, there is nothing like my favorite chair, a good movie and a cup of tea to add to my knitting enjoyment.


My favorite place to knit is in my bed after a hard day of work - watching public television.

Yvonne Mimms

I like to knit in my school bus,when the kids are in class and I'm waiting for them to come out.


My favorite knitting spot is the recliner late at night when all of my children are in bed and I can knit and watch podcast in complete silence.


My favorite spot is in front of the TV, or outside on a cool day in the rocker under the tree.

Carol P

My favorite knitting place is at the recliner while watching PBS shows. Second favorite place is at my friend's house in her living room with another knitting friend. But my friends live 2 hours away, so we don't get to have a sit and knit very often. When we do, it's wonderful and boy, does the time fly! Thanks for the giveaway chance!


I love to knit outside, sitting in my hammock and watching my kids run around our massive yard 😍


My favorite knitting spot is on the couch in the family room with my dog beside me and my family watching tv.

Kay Popelka

My favorite place to knit is in waiting rooms. People are always interested and kids are fascinated!

Julie V.

My favorite place to knit is curled up in a comfy chair in our living room. Usually with Pandora on in the background.

Colleen Ferber

I enjoy knitting while sitting on my deck in the peace of early evening amidst birds having conversations and the green of nature!


I have a chair in the family room. On the left side is a side table with OTT light, my notions, folders in magazine rack with patterns and my current year of project notes with yarn samples. My laptop is stored between my chair and this table. A big Longenberger basket hold my current projects on the floor. On my right side is a small table with extra notions and another spot for hot tea. While sitting in this chair I can look across the room to my IKEA cabinets full of beautiful stash. Perfect!!


Anywhere where I'm with my knitting friends!

Barb G

In warmer weather, on the deck with a cold drink and other times on the sun porch, often listening to audio books or music.


My favorite place to knit is at the local coffee shop with a friend....

Teri P

I just moved, so I'm still auditioning knitting spots. So far it's a toss-up between a comfy chair in the living room or my front porch.


My favorite place is my couch with the a/c blasting and my kitties "helping"

Jody Huey

My favorite place to knit is on the patio swing in the evening with my DH and dog, enjoying the beautiful summer weather.


My spot on the couch is my favorite place to knit. It's basically a knitting nest, surrounded by projects and cozy blankets.


Friday night is knit night at my LYS. Always a good group of knitters and professional help to solve all problems.

Jill L

I have 2. My BFF and I have knit on Sunday's for years at a local Indy coffee places and there is a weekly group that meets at Starbucks evey Thursday. It's such a great way to meet to new knitters!


I love to knit at my LYS. It's so nice to sit quietly with good friends learning and sharing with each other all things knitting, crocheting, and spinning; and, laughing a great deal as well.

Martha Anne

My favorite place is many. I like to be in the corner of a cozy sofa with my feet up and with a window to look out of.

Linda Armstrong

My favorite spot to knit is my local yarn shop. It is so relaxing and fun with my fellow knitters. The local yarn shop owner designed the yarn with a great spot to just sit and knit.

Mary Jo

Wherever I am with my needles and yarn!


I have 2 favorite places - sitting in my Mom's old rocker in my "crafts" room in the sunshine, or in the car, long or short trips, with my husband driving.


I have a knitting chair, it is big and comfortable! The perfect place for knitting.

Leann Demeduk

I love to knit in the RV on long road trips. It's my own little "guiet" spot since the RV is so noisy we can't talk easily or listen to the radio - so it's just me, my knitting, and my thoughts! I love it!!

Meg Caulmare

The best knitting spot in the world is in the side yard of my little house in the woods. I can see down through the trees to the brook, there's always a breeze, and every so often I can see the Quabbin Bald Eagles soaring in a family group. It's peaceful, restful, energizing, and I can get great knitting and spinning done there. When winter comes on, I move indoors by the wood stove.

Carolyn niceforo

I love to knit outside on the porch swing ( while sipping white wine)


I knit on the bus during my long commute - it's a good place to work on complicated stitch patterns because there's no distractions (unless the person next to me falls asleep and snores!)

Joyce Betz

I have two favs, hope that's OK. One at home in the living room/den on an old old chair (first chair we bought when we got married)early in the morning before my hubby is up....Second is with a wonderful group, we meet on Tuesday's from 12p to 4p. I have learned so much from this group.


I love to knit on the back porch with iced tea, my puppy and a cool breeze!


As a 911 operator I enjoy taking my projects to work with and knit in between calls.


In bed while watching podcasts! :)


My favorite spot is an old chair that my husband refinished-- it reminds me of when we were first together!!!!


I love to knit on my porch swing durning my kids' nap time or while they play outside.


Sitting on the dock of the bay....That's Outlet Bay, in Haliburton, Ontario!!


I like to knit while watching TV with my puppies on the couch beside me. I also knit while my husband is driving us to visit both my kids, who are attending the same university, about an hours drive away. Thank you!


My favorite spot to knit it on the couch in front of Netflix with a nice cup of tea or at the kitchen table while I'm cooking dinner with a nice audio book on the radio


My favorite used to be at knit night on a small island's sushi restaurant but since I have moved my favorite is a coffee shop, listening to a podcast while having a bit of one time.

Jamie McSherry

I love to knit in my comfy, oversized chair in the living room with my feet propped up on the ottman. It's super comfy and I can knit so much!

Myrna Pouyatt

I bought a Mother's nursing chair (I'm 65) and set it in the corner of my bedroom. It's a nice quiet place to knit. I knit a lot of sock yarn lace shawls. I love giving them to people who need a little warmth around their shoulders.

Cheryl Scarpelli

My fave knitting spot is my computer chair in front of my tv.

Kerith St. Louis

My favorite place to knit is my couch which has a great view of my bird feeders!


In a little reading/knitting nook that looks out over my front yard.

Denise Clare

I like to sit on the sofa while watching TV or at my LYS which is less than a mile away.

Sandy in Ohio

In the car while my husband drives! :)


I have a rocking/glider chair that is so comfortable that I get my best knitting time in


My favorite spot is upstairs in a studio I created for knitting. I have a couch, skylight and am surrounded by my happy chaos of stash!


Daytime- on my patio, listening to the birds.
Nighttime- living room with tv on!
Thank you!

Joyce McCartney

On my balcony in the morning, sitting in my outdoor rocking chair, or on a friend's couch with other knitting friends

Maria R

Outside on the deck or while watching soccer practice.

Cindy  Billadeau

My favorite place to knit is on road trips in the car !!


My favorite knitting spot is my recliner in the living room. I can put my feet up and knit while listening to TV. I have an end table on either side, and an Ott lamp for good lighting.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love sitting in my rocking chair with my legs up (dog lying at my feet) watching movies or listening to my Kindle read to me. Of course with coffee!

Cindy Smith

My favorite place to knit is on the recliner by the TV, but I always have something I can take on the road.


In front of Netflix binge watching period movies or series, usually with a purring cat draped across my feet.

Sue Dial

I love sitting in my chair in the bedroom with an audiobook and knitting away. Also with my knitting group.

Barbara Russo

My fav spot is around the table at my LYS. Every other Tuesday evening we meet for dinner then go back to the shop to knit. It's great sharing ideas an helping each other.

Cathy Goldman

Any spot where I can knit....but especially in the car as my DH our drives to Florida...two whole days in the car


On my porch.


I knit most evenings, in front of the TV, with my feet up in my comfy lazyboy chair.

Susan Ritchie

My favorite knitting spot? Right here on my corner of the loveseat! The other corner has needles, crochet hooks, the 2nd. pair of socks that I'm working on, and anything else I think I need for knitting!


My favorite spot is the bench in front of my LYS with my knitting buddies.

Kathleen Howe

My favorite summer/fall knitting spot is on the front porch sitting on our glider. My favorite winter/spring knitting spot is on the sofa in the family room.

Annette Triner

Anywhere my 9 month old beagle puppy can't get into my yarn!

renee evans

Any the car on short and long trips, at work, in the bed, watching tv and or reading...if i could, in the rest room...some days it is like a complusion i have to knit...I just love watching the patterns, colors come together...


My living room couch. The lighting is perfect, there's a nice breeze in the spring and I can watch the kiddos if they are home from my perch.

Barb Craik

In my living room at night is my favourite spot and where I accomplish the most.


The family room couch, usually with the tv on.


When there's excellent weather and no mosquitos, my back deck. Failing that, the Wednesday night knitting group - good times, good people.


In the quiet of my guest room in a cozy rocker where lighting is perfect and I'm surrounded by pretty floral prints and Antique furniture.

Cindy Putnam

My favorite place to knit is in my recliner when everyone else is gone or sleeping, and it is peaceful and quiet.


My favorite place to knit is anywhere up at the cabin - on the dock, the pontoon, the couch. Preferably with a cold pop too!

Renee Anne

I miss my knitting group back in Wisconsin and would happily join them again. But, here in California......well, it's the Kid-Friendly Mamas that I used to knit with when we lived on the other side of The Bay. Now that I live on the other side, we don't get over there as often and the bigger kids started school so time is even more precious.

So, mostly, I knit by myself on my couch :(

Ginny Turner

My favorite spot ever was while hiking Machu Picchu in Peru. My everyday favorite spot is sitting outside on the deck.

Vicki C

My favorite place to knit is on my couch, after the kids are asleep, listening to an audiobook.


In my comfy chair with my cat on my lap.

Sandy Dunmire

My favorite place to knit is with three granddaughters all age 10, they delight in learning. Two, twins, put posters up at their elementary school and have had 12-20 students at lunch time learning to knit along with their teacher. I have volunteered to assist and makes my heart glad to see young ones continue in a hobby I have had for 60 years. I am never not knitting and anywhere is my favorite place to knit.

Vickie Litterell

My favorite spot to knit is anywhere my knit friends are, so we can chat too! :-)


My favorite place to knit is with my friend Natalie at her lake cottage on a beautiful day. Other than that, in my favorite chair with great movies playing and a hot cup of coffee by my side.

Deborah Graham

My fav place to knit is in the truck on long car rides (or even short ones). I love long trips where I can knit while my hubbie drives and our beagle sits in her bed on the arm rest between us. Life is good. Thanks!

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