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June 20, 2015



What is that red, gray, & black self striping yarn the woman in the green t-shirt is knitting? I have a grandson who loves red & black. I'm sure he's outgrown the last socks I knit him & I'd rather not use more than one ball of yarn at a time. Looks like a blast! Have you ever thought of selling store T-shirts?

Susan Hill

Love the Knitting Community. I feel so fortunate that I entered this group of people when I was only 16 years old and it has remained a lifetime passion. Congratulations to you. You and your team deserve accolades and thanks for bringing us together and offering such quality yarns and accessories. Look forward to many, many more years of joyful knitting.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Are there any of the CDs left? Were they free and I somehow missed them?


Woohoo I'm famous! :D Well it's all because of my cute kid, but I will take it.


What pattern and yarn is the Orange top? I love it love it love it.


Cute kid AND cute Baby Surprise Jacket!


Stop teasing us! Where's the MVP?!

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