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June 11, 2015



That Cascade 220 Superwash is so beautiful and I had no idea there are so many colors to choose from. (I want them all!)


Actually I've been thinking of knitting a larger version of the baby afghan you knit for a few months now. I'd use one of the following combos:
A) 897 Baby Denim, 896 Blue Horizon, 1951 Sapphire Heather & 914A Tahitian Rose (or possibly 807 Raspberry)
B) 902 Soft Pink, 838 Rose Petal, 903 Flamingo Pink, & 850 Lime Sherbet.
Of course. That's today. Tomorrow I could want something entirely different!

Denise Walsh-horowitz

Cascade yarn is great to knit with, especially baby gifts. I would love to knit the ripple afghan you had on your Blog, Allison. With all the beautiful colors it would be magnificent!


Wow! The pix do not do your Poste Yak yarn justice! It is GORGEOUS! The light plays off the silk and yak ... Just. WOW! And it's soft enough to roll in. Thanks SSYCo!

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